Formulas for 666: Mark of the Beast

All human empire is referred to as "beast". I do believe that the Beast destroyed Jerusalem, the Great City. It could refer to 666 and therefore Hadrian! That beast was destroyed, and ultimately, this destruction of Jerusalem lead to the fall of the Roman empire, a beast of a government, three centuries later. But even Israel and those who oppose the gospel are called beasts. Paul fought with beasts at Ephesus. We cannot deny the possibility that Israel is a central beast of the book of Revelation. The Zealots may have been the beasts who imposed a reign of terror prior to the Roman entrance in 70 AD. 

The early church had the man of perdition revealed. This is not a test of faith for us other than to know that it is in the past and not a future event! There can be rulers who oppose Christ even now. But Paul's prophecy was for the historical time he was in.

1. The Mark of the Beast maybe the years of domination by the beast governments of the Holy Ancient nation of Israel as shown below:

 Rev 19 also refers to the Babylon, Jerusalem, being totally destroyed and 666, beast government domination of the city through the ages culminated in 135 AD. This is one possible scenario, however, it does not take into account the possibility that the Zealots were the beasts and they may have the mark of man. They were considered Gentiles but some were Jewish. This oppression took place before 70 AD, from 66 to 70 AD. 
The beasts may be Domitian or Nero or Hadrian! Or the Beasts could be the Zealots who killed many in Jerusalem between 66 AD and the coming of the Romans in 70 AD. Josephus said these Zealots were beasts. Read Josephus to find out more about this history. 

A. Domitian:

A. K A I. Δ O M E T. Σ E B. Γ E.
1+ 20+1+10+4+70+40+5+300+200+5+2+ 3+5 = 666

(From Ethelbert Stauffer)

But was he the antiChrist? 

B. Nero:

Resh 200 Samekh 60 Qoph 100 Nun 50 Vav 6 Resh 200 Nun 50 = 666 However, you must add Caesar to Nero to get 666. Was Nero the antiChrist?

C. Hadrian could have been the antiChrist, the man of perdition revealed in 2 Thessolonian 2. Hadrian built a temple to Jupiter in Jerusalem and destroyed Jerusalem completely at the end of the 666 years in 135 AD! 

Now, that fulfilled this scripture 2 Thess. 2:4 or did it? The Temple of the man of perdition is built in the Temple of God, not physical Jerusalem. The Temple of God is believers. Could the man of perdition been related to Roman embracing of sacral false Christianity? 

D. Solomon controlled the buying and selling as we see in 1 Kings 10:14. Was this a precursor to the beasts being Gentiles/Israelis/Zealots? Was the antichrist the last high priest who was not qualified brought to power by the Zealots.


The man of perdition will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God. The last high priest was a fraud. Was he the man of perdition?


Beasts generally refer to empires. But also to Roman emperors and to Israel and the Zealots. As for the Roman Beasts, Nero from the ocean (the masses of people) and Domitian from the earth could fit the bill. Domitian could be the beast of the earth who set up worship of Nero and was to come to power later and continue the persecutions of the Christians. He did not allow Christians to buy or sell. 

But Hadrian was the beast who completed the 666 years of foreign conquest of Israel by ploughing the city under. He set himself up as God in a temple built for Jupiter and himself in Jerusalem.

The Zealots destroyed Israel with a fierceness of beasts prior to 70 AD. They must be considered when speaking of the beasts because they were the first danger faced by the followers of Paul! 

Please be advised that I do not know the precise meaning of these prophesies as to who the man of perdition is or who the beasts are in Revelation except for Daniel's prophesy. I simply want to throw out possible scenarios. We know that anyone who exalts himself above God has the spirit of the antiChrist. 

But clearly all interpretation must take into account the beast nature of Israel itself! The harlot is the divorced wife of God, physical Israel. So the beast may arise from Israel as well. 

Update: I have added this Revelation Timeline for help in understanding some of the prophesy. However, all your questions are not going to be answered as mine have not been either.

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