Formulas for 666: Mark of the Beast

All human empire is referred to as "beast". I do believe that the Beast destroyed Jerusalem, the Great City. It could refer to 666 and therefore Hadrian! That beast was destroyed, and ultimately, this destruction of Jerusalem lead to the fall of the Roman empire, a beast of a government, three centuries later.

1. The Mark of the Beast is the years of domination by the beast governments of the Holy Ancient nation of Israel:

 Rev 19 also refers to the Babylon, Jerusalem, being totally destroyed and 666, beast government domination of the city through the ages culminted in 135 AD.
609 – 605 BCE Egypt rules Judah                           4 years
Babylon rules scattered Israel with
capture of Assyrians Jer 50:17
605 – 539 BCE Babylon rules                                 66 years
539 – 332 BCE Medes/Persians                           207 years
332 – 140 BCE Greeks                                            192 years
63BCE – 135 CE Romans                                        197 years (Adjustment for no year zero)
                                                                                  TOTAL     666 years

Nero, a beast if there ever was one, was likely the man referred to in 2 Thess. 2. Mark of the Beast is based upon the short Greek forms of the names of the emperors. Nero reigned 42 months, so he was likely the beast of the ocean. 


Resh 200 Samekh 60 Qoph 100 Nun 50 Vav 6 Resh 200 Nun 50 = 666

(From D R Hillers through Wikipedia)

Domitian was a beast:

A. K A I. Δ O M E T. Σ E B. Γ E.
1+ 20+1+10+4+70+40+5+300+200+5+2+ 3+5 = 666

(From Ethelbert Stauffer)

It is likely that both are a beast, but the 666 for Anti-Christ was likely all the beasts who controlled Israel over time. 

As for the Roman Beasts, Nero from the ocean and Domitian from the earth. Domitian was the beast of the earth who set up worship of Nero and was to come to power later and continue the persecutions of the Christians. He did not allow Christians to buy or sell and was possibly the man of perdition, the most evil emperor. Yet Hadrian was the beast who completed the 666 years of foreign conquest of Israel by ploughing the city under. 

Update: I have added this Revelation Timeline for help in understanding some of the prophesy.


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