Gog and Magog in the United Kingdom

Gog and Magog in the UK
In the United Kingdom, Gog and Magog are two statues, paraded out as protectors of the British Empire, home of world trade, home of world currency trading, home of Babylon as we know it. Every November, the statues are paraded out in the Square Mile, which even Parliament has no authority over. The UK Big Bang, deregulation of the financial system under Margaret Thatcher, eventually made it's way to the shores of the United States, and liar loans, along with many people getting hurt in real estate and through loss of jobs, was the dreadful result.

While the British Empire never saw a setting sun, one could say that the world financial system that arises from the UK is spread throughout the nations. It is a financial order that holds nations captive. It is not in direct political control of most nations, but facilitated the rise of the technocrats in the Eurozone. This world order is real, and it prefers to wax stronger by lavish financial rewards for politicians in its grasp.

If you look at the statues, Gog and Magog, in the video below, you will see that they are dressed in the garb of Roman Soldiers. It is obvious that the creators of these statues, once paper but now carved, believed that the British empire was an extension of the Roman Empire. That has massive biblical significance.

The 1000 years prior to the time of great deception may relate to the time between the destruction of the western Roman Empire with the sack of Rome taking place in 410, and the establishment of the Gog and Magog protectors in King Henry's reign, circa 1413, or the deposition of the final Roman Emperor in 476 and the establishment of the printing press in England in 1476, allowing unbiblical liturgical prayer books to be produced. 

Now the UK remnant of the Roman Empire is on the rampage once again and has been for the last 6 centuries, subduing nations. The sun never sets on the  British Empire. It is no longer held together by force, but more by finance run amok!I am suggesting this and not being dogmatic about this time period. But clearly, out of the British Empire has come the power and the deceit that has carried us into the modern world:

According to the book of Acts, Christ is on his throne now and is ruling with the original saints of the early church. After the 1000 years many will be deceived by the financial system, centered in the UK, by the libertarians (Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill were British) and in a specifically religious sense, by the Dispensationalists, who gain their false teachings from John Darby, a British subject of the 1800's.

The antichrist clearly arose out of the Roman Empire. He has already exerted his powers over those who were elect in Christ. The AntiChrist was likely Domitian or possibly Nero depending on the date of the book of Revelation. Both were known as "the beast".  Since the majority of prophetic events have already taken place, along with the ongoing spiritual warfare waged against the elite and their governments, the only thing we wait for is Christ's return and the destruction of the enemies of God in a final judgement.

Rome destroyed the temple of Israel in 70 AD, according to the prophesy of Christ, rolling away the authority of the Old Covenant. That was the abomination of desolation. Nero was doomed after having planned this (though he died in 68), although it was in God's plan to roll away the Old Covenant.

Rome is still making war, financial and spiritual,  through the power of the financial system handed down to the British Empire, a remnant of the western Roman Empire.  There are Roman ruins in the original settlement of London, what is now the financial square mile that controls world finance with the help of Wall Street, the Singapore financial center, the Hong Kong financial center and lesser financial centers like the Cayman Islands.

Assisting these financial centers are the central banking powers, like the Fed, the Bank of International Settlements (with its Tower of Basel), the IMF, the IIF, and the World Bank.

Just as Rome crushed the nations and built the strongest empire, so does the financial warfare of the world banking cartel crush the sovereignty of nations. One only has to look at the Eurozone as a major experiment on the part of the cabal to crush sovereignty. But the UK does not submit to this subordination, not because UK sovereignty is important, but because the Square Mile sovereignty must be maintained above all law since this is the seat of financial power.

The financial system acts like Rome, in subjecting the nations. Even the United States subordinated national sovereignty to bail out the multinational banks in the US and in Europe as well! This protected the wealthy but destroyed wealth on main street. This financial cabal will be crushed by the Second Coming of the Almighty Rock, who is stronger than what iron remains in Daniel's fourth Kingdom, the Roman Empire.

In summary, we have in the Square Mile, the original City of London:

1. A Parade of Gog and Magog.
2. Two statues named Gog and Magog which protect the Square Mile
3. The two statues are in Roman uniforms.
4. Actual Roman ruins are found in the Square Mile.
5. The power of historic Rome, the enemy of God, resides in the Square Mile.
6. The power is manifested in the hostile class warfare practices of unlimited rehypothecation and tax avoidance and speculation.

For further study. These financial articles don't go into the conspiracy of Rome against the elect Christians but are helpful to understanding it:

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