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Gospel Preaching

Gospel preaching is so incredibly misunderstood by people who claim to be preachers. These folks are phony preachers, without the understanding to know what they are doing. Charles Spurgeon was one of those men, who required that people give up their sins before being able to accept the gospel.

It never occurred to Charles Spurgeon that if you could break the bounds of sin before needing the gospel, that you were not in need of a savior at all! And how absurd is that?

Spurgeon said you had to give up sin, like drinking, before you could receive the gospel. This is an abomination, and yet Spurgeon is the idol of preachers everywhere who are making the same fatal error.

The gospel cuts the sinner, as in Acts 2, as Peter preaches the truth of the murder and ressurrection of Jesus Christ. The gospel preaching with the Spirit of God is the Sword of the Spirit and is that which compells repentance. Yes, the gospel compells repentance in the elect.

Problem is, there are few to be saved in the very end of time, where I believe we are now. Christ asked if He would find faith on the earth when he returned? As it turns out, He was not wondering as if it was not His plan, but was giving us an insight to the fact that few would be in Christ, cut by that gospel preaching, at His return.

Gospel preaching convicts of unbelief. The man cut by this preaching has no choice but to repudiate his sinful self, his unbelief, upon which all sins stand and fall. Unbelief, then is the greatest sin, the sin that only is solved by God changing the hearts and wills of the elect, and compelling them to enter the kingdom with a new heart.

The elect are occasionally saved if hearing the things of Christ, maybe even in an imperfect manner, and being called apart from preaching. That happened, for example, to Paul on the road to Damascus. It happened to me. I was not looking for Christ when he cut me and forced me to acknowledge my unbelief, and need of a savior. That compelling was not against my will. My will no longer wanted to look into the abyss of falling. I was lost, and my soul knew it, so that I had to acknowledge my unbelief and call upon the savior.

A few days after that massive joy of the Spirit overtook my as my belief was exercised. After that came confession publically, and then, quite a while later, baptism. It does not matter if a false preacher baptizes you, because who it is is irrelevant.

Because I was taught these things on my own, it took a long time for me to figure out, by God's grace, what was true and what was false, as to churches and teachings.

Even if there is no fellowship, the elect must separate from all things protestant and all things dispensation. The blessing comes by reaching out like I am doing now to the elect if any read this.

If you are elect and if you are being robbed of your blessing, email me at bgamall4 at yahoo dot com or bgamall at gmail dot com, and we can discuss and rejoice online. 

Don't keep being robbed of your blessing once you have been repudiated by the Protestants, Dispensationalists, Free Will people, and Messianic Jewish fellowships. Walk away from them, because they have nothing for you. Your joy will not be complete until you walk away from them, even if it means no fellowship physically, with people in your community. It takes faith, a gift of God, to walk away and join Christ outside the gate.


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