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KELLNER: Warren driven by a new purpose — religious freedom - Washington Times

KELLNER: Warren driven by a new purpose — religious freedom - Washington Times

I subscribe to religious tolerance. This article is mostly about that and I agree with that. But Rick Warren is making big bucks selling religious horsecrap. This guy is selling his version of the gospel. The true gospel is not for sale as the NIV clearly interprets:

" Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, like men sent from God."

So, Rick Warren is violating this command of Paul every day, every hour, every minute of his life. And he claims to be a Christian? He deals in large numbers. Christ asked if there would be faith on the earth at His return. Of course, He knew the answer, but it is a warning that there would be very few believers, not the numbers that Rick Warren has around him.

Of course, we know that the Southern Baptist church was founded upon the apostate 1689 Second London Baptist Confession as opposed to the truthful 1646 First London Baptist Convention. It has been all down hill from there. The Southern Baptists are lost. They don't have the gospel.

The elect must flee the Southern Baptist and General Baptist Conferences! (Rick Warren is a Southern Baptist and John Piper is a General Baptist. They sell their "gospels" in large quantities!)

You have to reject the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession. Here is the true confession and there is little of this in the world today. Law preaching and belief in free will of man is central to the doctrinal error of today. Political free will is important. But spiritual free will does not exist as God changes the hearts of those who He elects, so that they believe in the Savior.

I won't get weighed down by social issues. But I, like all American citizens, have my opinions There are many opinions. If you believe in the wall of separation of church and state, as I do, then you can avoid many errors of the right wing so called evangelists. 


Here is my personal view of politics now, which I do not make a requirement for fellowship:

The worst political party for peace in the world and for the rule of law is the Republican Party. There, now you know where I stand. I don't make that a condition of fellowship, but people should understand the damage that party has done to America, and know it is not the party of a great Republican, Dwight David Eisenhower, who was a benevolent leader. The Democrats, as of today, are the lesser of two parties that are evil. The lesser of two evils is how we should make our decisions regarding our vote if we choose to vote.

But again, being a citizen of the United States has little importance now, and ultimately has zero importance when standing beside the privilege to be a citizen of the Spiritual Nation of believers in Christ. There aren't many of those. However, I do blog about the evil deeds of the bankers who caused the housing bubble, as that spoken judgement will be heard as they stand before their judgement for their evil deeds.

I do not sell the gospel like Rick Warren. If you choose to support my work, then please buy a book about my political views.  My ebook and book, Dirty Dirty Republicans, is on sale at I will never sell the gospel, ever!


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