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The False Gospel and False Heroes of the 1689 London Confession

New Covenant Theology has been taught by many others in a way that allows men to remain Protestants, to remain within the historical "mainstream" of religious thought. I believe this view is not correct. I view New Covenant Theology as being gospel centered, that is founded on the power of the gospel in the lives of men. I therefore reject the notion that the law of Moses can convict of sin in a saving way. Most so called New covenant teachers retain the covenant theology doctrine that the law can convict the elect savingly.  I have parted ways with these fellows, namely John Reisinger and others of his camp, and W.R Downing and others who follow his teachings. I certainly am not here to make a final judgement on these folks, but do believe that the elect are not going to carry a false gospel to their graves. And law preaching is a false gospel! 

Covenant Theology has always held to conviction by law. This is a quote from John Owens: "What is necessary to be found in us antecedaneously to our believing unto the justification of life?there is supposed in them in whom this faith is wrought the work of the law in conviction of sin that which any man hath first to deal withalis the law. Without this the gospel cannot be understood, nor the grace of it duly valued the faith which we treat of being evangelical cannot be acted by us, but on a supposition of the work and effect of the law. And that faith which hath not respect hereunto, we absolutely deny to be that faith whereby we are justified," Gal. 3:22-24; Rom. 10:4 Jon Zens has said in the work Justification, pp. 74-76, "Will the N. T. sustain such a strict opinion? In light of the truth claims made by Owen, we need to be clear in this matter." Too bad Jon has not come to my aid in the onslaught against me mounted by Cliff Bjork, his best buddy. He just keeps silent, and my emails have gone unanswered.

While John Owen believed that the preaching of the law was necessary in every case to the salvation of the elect, many such as Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, and John Reisinger believed that in many cases is the power of the law necessary to do what the gospel cannot do. But I have rejected this position as well. I believe that Jon Zens has rejected this position as well. However it remains to be seen if Jon will come out and embrace my view that the law preachers are apostate.
 I have rejected the mainstream of the so called New Covenant movement that has embraced this so called power of law. Of course, the scripture is clearly on my side: the elect are CUT TO THE HEART by the gospel, not by the law. The elect are saved by the conviction of the Spirit because they BELIEVE NOT in the Savior. We are not saved or brought closer to salvation by the guilt generated from violation of law. (Acts 2:36-38, John 16:8-9, Rom 8:3, Phil 3:2-9)
I view Spurgeon's position as being against the true gospel. Indeed, if any of you hear the true gospel and are convicted by the same, you will understand that law is not necessary for salvation at all in even one case! Paul was determined to know nothing but the gospel as he went preaching to the Gentiles. Paul understood the power of the gospel and the weakness of the law. And so it has always been, even in Old Covenant times. (Heb 4:2, Heb Ch 11, Nu 21:9, Isa 7:14 and 9:6, Dan 9:23-27, Hos 6:2, Psalms Chapters 2, 16 and 22, Mt 16:21)

While Jon Zens and his associate Cliff Bjork agree with me regarding the preaching of the law what now remains to be seen is whether they will ever possess the discernment that I believe is necessary to separate from the Puritans, Protestants, Papists, and the current crop of So Called New Covenant Theologians such as Reisinger and Downing and Zaspel, etc, etc. I suppose it boils down to whether their hearts are with me or not. They aren't with me as of this writing.
Even John MacArthur [who correctly interpreted the doctrine of Lordship salvation, that the elect will do good works, rooted in faith, to the end, as proof God works in them, not out of legalism] sells the gospel! Yet 2 Cor 2:17 clearly states that you don't sell, or peddle the gospel. Selling books about the gospel is selling the gospel, an act Paul viewed as false religion!
MacArthur also believes that some kind of law work must precede gospel salvation. This is a false gospel and he is void of understanding. All men, even those without the law of Moses have a conscience and it does nothing to save them.
Back to law preaching: this Neo Circumcision, ie the teachers of Covenant Theology and law preachers, are false apostles, disguised as servants of righteousness. (2 Cor. 11:1-23.)Many of you view these men of Covenant Theology as being heroes, but you are accepting a gospel that you did not receive if indeed you are truly saved. You are accepting a different spirit than you received, if indeed you were saved. (2 Cor 11:4)
Therefore, you MUST reject this Neo Circumcision as Paul commanded the Corinthians to reject the original circumcision party! This is a command of the Apostle Paul.If a man claims to be delivered by law conviction,and has never experienced true gospel conviction, then he remains among the lost and his profession of faith is for nothing. Many, many people are so deceived! They will cast themselves upon the mercy of God at the Last Day and be rejected. Who of you will escape their fate!

The 1689 London confession was a capitulation to Protestant false doctrine including the eternal subordination of the Son (see my belief statement) and a capitulation to law preaching and a Sunday sabbath. On the other hand, the 1646 London Baptist confession is a testament to faith. Regarding law preaching the 1646 Confession teaches that the preaching of the gospel in no way requires the terrors of the law in preparation to gospel proclamation.
Benjamin Cox authored the Appendix to the 1646 confession of faith. I have listed part of his appendix here, although you can also google it. The most striking aspect of this appendix is the determination he had to stand by scriptures to say that Christians must believe to the end, that they must not be lawless just because they are freed from the Law of Moses, but that they must be obedient to the law of Christ, the law of faith, which will set them free in a true holiness. For Cox, the gospel of Christ was a law. He affirms that no one is made perfect through sanctification. But he maintains that the law of Christ can be fulfilled. My notion of continuing justification is implied in Cox's writings.


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