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The Four Horsemen of the Legalists (Misuse of the Law of Moses)

Here are the four horsemen of the legalists in preaching their false gospels centered on the law of Moses having power that it does not have. My assumption is you already understand that salvation is by grace, by the will of God, and not by the will of man: 

1. Law Preaching. 

Preaching the law means that the preacher expects the guilt coming from failed deeds to count as gospel conviction. Yet, we know that gospel conviction relates to turning from unbelief (one manifestion is false religion but no religion is also a manifestation). Unbelief is the greatest sin, the one that keeps the non elect from hearing the gospel.

2. Outward Reformation before receiving the gospel.

This evil doctrine was taught by Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon. It is similar to law preaching. Spurgeon believed that people need to stop a sin, such as drinking, adultery, etc, before they could receive the gospel. But Paul was assenting to murder and on the way to condemn more Christians when the gospel worked with the Spirit to strike him down from his passion against Christians. Spurgeon would have said that he had to stop his way to Damascus before receiving the gospel but we know it was the other way around. The gospel is the power of God and Charles Spurgeon was a fraud.

3. Keeping the Law of Moses.

This is what some so called Christians want people to do. This is obviously not going to save people, as the Law of Moses was kept by one man, Jesus Christ. It was a law of condemnation, when the new law of love and faith, the Law of Christ, is kept by faith and love to the end. Both are gifts from a sovereign God.

4. Dispensationalism/Covenant Theology.

These are two elemental doctrines that destroy the glory of the current New Covenant age. They are two sides of the same evil coin.

Dispensationalism breaks up the word of God in an unbiblical way by making the path of salvation for the Jews and Gentiles different. This is absolutely false. There is one new man in Christ. The glory of the Jews is the elect Jews being transformed by the Spirit as His work makes them new men in Christ. This is no different than the Gentiles' transformation. Dispensationalism wants a postponed legalism with an Old Testament temple and a holy physical Israel in the future. That is false religion.

Covenant Theology makes the law of Moses, where people could only be saved by works, into a law of grace. The Law of Moses is not the law of Grace. The law of Grace is the Law of Christ, which can be fulfilled, not by perfect sanctification, but by perfect justification as the just live by faith to the end. It is false religion to lower the New Covenant that started on Pentecost to a covenant equal with the Old Covenant. It is not equal. The NC is superior and the OT elect were saved by looking to the Savior who established this New and Everlasting Covenant.


The problem is, not only do Dispensationalists and Covenant Theologians teach these dreadful legalistic doctrines, but most New Covenant Theologians prove their fraud by teaching one or more of these false gospels! I teach something different according to the Word of God, and not the legalism of man.

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