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Australian gay rights advocate Alex Greenwich compared to Stalin |

Australian gay rights advocate Alex Greenwich compared to Stalin |

Here is the deal. This article is hard to follow, but there are, apparently, words being thrown around by both sides. This is the way I look at it. Yes, being gay is not being Christian. That is obvious from reading the bible. But, the early Christians were tolerant. They lived side by side with people who did not agree with them.

Jesus advocated separation of church and state when he said that His Kingdom was not of this world. His Kingdom is not the same as a civil government!

Therefore, tolerance, opposition to sacralism, dominionism, theocracy and all the other words to describe fusion of church and state must be the only true Christian position.

True Christians tolerate. False Christians hurl angry words and insults against lifestyles they don't agree with. They become worse than the gay folks, who just want to be left alone. Leave them alone! 


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