Yinon Zionism Is a False Pseudo Religious and Imperial Plan for the Middle East

Yinon Militant Zionism As a Political Movement and Pseudo Religion:

Zionism is the reason that many Jews and Gentiles (like Richard Cheney), seek war in the middle east. These Zionists (from both Jewish and Gentile backgrounds) do not want to live in peace with the Arab neighbors. No, these Zionists want to dominate those neighbors and most likely the entire world. The father of Israel was an atheist. Yes, David Ben-Gurion was an atheist. Therefore, Zionism is a political movement, not a religion. It passes for a religion at times but it is not.

[From a religious point of view, the elect Jews will come into the fold of believers in Christ. But they will come in as individuals, not as physical nation. My natural father was Jewish. I am a descendent of the Jews. I was adopted at age 3 months. I have been called to Christ at age 21.]

So, therefore, the policy that makes Israel always willing to fight or get the USA, my nation, to fight, regardless of the risk and danger, regardless of the imprudence, is a false religious doctrine to return to the glory of Old Israel. Yet atheists are at the forefront of this doctrine! Zionism is not a race, not a religion, but rather is a political movement. And many Jewish people do not support the movement, believing that the Messiah will come in peace.

Zionism is much more than Jewish nationalism. It is a fake Zion, and was determined from the start to kill and banish Palestinians from the land. The Zionism that seeks to establish dominance over Arab neighbors is a false political force that has Zionist supporters from every race, the world over.

And we have to understand that many religious Jews are not Zionists at all! These Jews have been persecuted by the Zionists in the past. Many Jews have believed that Zionism is thuggish and destructive and aggressive. We see the dangers of that aggression in the Middle East as the neocons have embraced the most forceful of the Zionist models, Yinon. Clean Break Zionism supported by the neocons in 2006 is the same virtually as Yinon.

Here is my statement from a religious point of view:

[From a religious point of view, the elect Jews will come into the fold of believers in Christ. But they will come in as individuals, not as physical nation. My natural father was Jewish. I am a descendent of the Jews. I was adopted at age 3 months. I have been called to Christ at age 21. Real Zionism is the establishment of a spiritual nation by peace, by the Prince of Peace, as stated in Isaiah 9:6. Real Zionism, the New Zionism, establishes the New David on His Throne. Christians interpret this to be Christ reigning as seen in Acts 2:32-34. A Zionism that seeks to establish a Davidic Kingdom, in any form, by force is a fraud. Yinon militant Zionism is a spiritual fraud.]

Yinon is a dangerous form of a manifest destiny doctrine adopted by the neocons

Israel is a nation like any other, subject to the limitations and frailty that other nations have in the New Covenant age. The need to dominate the middle east is a religious and political doctrine. It is a militant Zionist doctrine. It corresponds to the neocon political doctrine seen on CNN and on Fox News.

Some have said that this militant and dominant Zionism seeks to stretch the Israeli state to Syria, including part of Egypt, part of Iraq and Jordan. Control of the Sinai to the Euphrates is included in this "Greater Israel". This Yinon Plan was an historic British plan for Israel.

There is some proof that militant Zionism was established by Zionists who weren't even practicing Jews. They weren't even believers in God as Paul had said about his Jewish Brethren. Paul said that they had a zeal for God but not according to knowledge. They had not been called but had a national zeal for Israel as religious patriots. But even that was not a saving zeal!

But many original Zionists were Bolsheviks, and didn't practice Judaism at all. They had no misplaced zeal for God. They had only a zeal for nationalism and a return to Old Testament power and dominance. 

So these militant Zionists who seek to dominate the middle east and who continually occupy Palestinian lands out of a religious and imperial fervency, are actually teaching false religion that has no place in the New Covenant age and that has no place in the community of nations!

I have asked Abraham Foxman of ADL, by email numerous times, if it is moral to kill Americans in a false flag attack that would protect Israel or get America in a war with Israel's enemies. He has never answered the question!

I believe that could mean he does not think that is immoral! If that is the case this is what America is up against when looking at a militant Zionism!

Believers pray for peace, but we know that the USA does not even follow her national interests. She spends much time as a nation trying to carry out regime change and other acts that the Israelis think are in their national interest, but of course are not. These particular Jews do not care about the America people. These Yinon Zionists are willing to kill Americans to get their way, and believe it is moral!

It is evident that the Yinon Zionists want to establish Israel as a world power, and ultimately dominate the United States and every nation on the face of the earth! That is something we all should ponder.

Many middle east states have Jihad. But Israel's goals for her holy war is world domination!

So far Russia, a power who can destroy the world, has shown restraint, in Iraq, in Libya, etc. But this restraint may come to an end one day. This is something that men of faith and those without faith or with pretend faith should seek to make known to our leaders. Our leaders must be restrained from doing all that Israel mistakenly asks of us in a world with so much risk. Yinon is a dangerous game.

But no matter how it turns out, it is the will of God. And the end of the earth is surely near. In that, the elect can rejoice.  

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From the Yinon Thesis Vindicated:

In 1996, the neoconservatives presented to incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu their study “A Clean Break” (produced under the auspices of an Israeli think tank, the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies), which described how Israel could enhance its regional security by toppling enemy regimes.

Although this work did not explicitly focus on the fragmentation of states, such was implied in regard to Syria when it stated that “Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria.

This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq ~ an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right ~ as a means of foiling Syria’s regional ambitions.”

That, of course, is proof that the neocons were well aware of Yinon Zionism call for weakened regimes in the middle east, and presented the thesis to Netanyahu in 1996. 


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