Who Is in Charge of the World? I believe the Cabal Is Identifiable

I believe the cabal in charge of the world is identifiable. It includes the following groups:

1. Yinon Zionists
2. Neoconservatives
3. The City of London (the Square Mile)
4. UK Bankers
5. Wall Street Bankers 
6. Big Oil in America
7. Central Bankers and the BIS.
8. Main Stream Media

Now some would argue that this cabal is limited in Russia and China, and so could it be, for now.

This cabal is not necessarily listed in the order of power. That can ebb and flow. Some of the cabal are in more than one group. The groups are blurred. None of these groups has absolute power alone.

Here is a crucial article from my other blog that gives a concrete example of the convergence of all of these folks in one cabal moment!


  1. Except for Neoconservatives i think you got it right. The Neoconservatives are just a group just like the Progressives in fact i think the Progressives as a group are a bigger part of this Cabal than the neocons especially when it comes to Globalization and eugenics. I think Bush,Kissinger and that gang including the Clinton's are Progressives not Neocons


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