Rand Paul Lies by Omission Regarding the Killing of Christians by Muslims

Rand Paul is lying by omission regarding the killing of Christians by Muslims. No one condones these killings, but we have to understand that the policy of the United States, the policy of regime change, is at fault for much of this behavior.

Regime Change is a Yinon Zionist plan for weakening the Muslim States. It is a plan put together as policy for Israel in the 1980's. This policy was adopted by the neoconservatives in the United States and that implementation when W took power is still the goal of our foreign policy.

Rand Paul was on Fox News on 10/28/2013, and basically didn't give this background regarding the killing of Christians. That is what was wrong with his presentation.

Then Rand Paul, who I believe is one of the biggest liars on the face of the earth, says that we should not give aid to the secular nations who have these murders taking place. But that would weaken these nations more, make the Muslims determined to kill Christians even more determined, and play into the hands of the Zionists who want regime change!

This is an extremely sick world we live in and Rand Paul is one of the sicker Americans on many crucial issues.

I want regime change stopped, peace restored, and aid resumed and continued to secular Muslim states that seek to protect all  religions. 


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