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Beware of CNN and Christiane Amanpour and Others Promoting Zionism and Dispensationalism

I think Christiane Amanpour promotes Dispensationalism on CNN. Of course this belief in a future physical temple is one that is not Christian. Christians believe that the temple of the New Covenant are the believers.

CNN has a motive for getting into this doctrine. They have to establish a justification for Israel's existence. They are Zionists. The Zionism is a doctrine of nationalism that is in no way connected to religion. In fact, Zionists were self avowed atheists who established their fake Zion by violence, not by right.

The real Zion, the New Zion, is established by peace, and by the Messiah. And certainly, that will not happen in a physical nation. It happens in a spiritual nation of believers, both Jew and Gentile, but with few of either.

CNN also is for Israel more than it is for the USA, IMO. I believe it is pro war, pro regime change, which is what the fake Zion is all about.

Christ hates Zionism and Dispensationalism. People who believe the Lord and their savior must …

At My Other Blog, Exposing the Zionists who Believed Jews Under Hitler to be "Unsuitable"

This is a must read for New Covenant Theology Believers. This shows the wickedness of Zionists who believed that Jews in Eastern Europe, ie Poland, etc., were "unsuitable" for transport to the newly created Israel.

Now don't get me wrong, the idea of creating Israel by these self avowed atheistic Zionists was wrong from the start. Herzl's desire to create a nation where the natives would be paid to leave in 1895, (like Lieberman offered the Arab Israeli citizens recently), was evil to the core. The Old Testament, the Torah, clearly said the New Zion would be created by the Messiah. We know that is Christ. But even those who didn't have this understanding given to them by divine power could read. And the Old Testament was clear, the Messiah would found the New Zion.

But then, once the plan was in force, the Zionists escaped Hitler, and left the poor and "unsuitable&quo…

Zionism as Opposed to the Truth.

The following is the body of an email I sent recently. I am not saying Chuck Hagel is a Christian, and certainly wealthy people are not likely called according to the Apostle Paul. The point about Hagel is that a guy who wants a sovereign nation functioning without control by the globalist cannot last in our government. He was the last patriotic American, wanting a sovereign America. The rest are sold out to the globalists.

We know from the Tower of Babel, that God hates globalization, that is, the subjection of nations to a super sovereign globalist cabal. Nothing has changed. God still hates the idea of a global empire, the exact thing that the Zionist globalist cabal wants. I mention Sarah Palin as one who is a Zionist. Yes, she was originally sponsored by two Rothschilds, including Lady Lynn Rothschild. She appears to be a Dominionist Zionist. One of a kind but potentially very evil with political power: 

Some victims of the Holocaust had money available to escape Germany. But …

So, If You Agree with My Theology and Are Blessed by the Truth, Contact me!

If any of you are blessed by the truth of my teaching, please contact me. I would love to hear from you. I realize you will have to walk against the Dispensationalists, and if you are Jewish, you will have to pretty much walk alone since the Messianic Jews are all for elevating the nation that is Israel.

The Messiah establishes the New Zion. For the Torah Jews, that means they are following the prophets. Yet, the end of the prophets is Christ, who has established a spiritual New Zion already! We pray for the True Torah Jews who see that Israel is not a true Zion!

Please be bold and contact me and walk away from subjugation by the false teachers and by those who exalt Israel, which is not the true Zion and was established by self avowed atheists called Zionists. This separation is crucial to your spiritual health. Contact me at bgamall4 at Yahoo dot com or at bgamall at gmail dot com.

I believe there is a New World Order, a Zionist Evil Order. But David Icke and Illuminati Researchers Are a Waste of Time

I believe there is a New World Order. But I believe Illuminati research is a waste of time. For one thing, tracking geneology back to ancient times is problematic. And I don't have time for it. There may be some facts about powerful families that emerge from the research, but nothing that adds to our understanding of the World Order that we see today.

We know enough to condemn the order. We know that the Zionist project is at the center of the Order. We know it was sponsored by the Rothschilds, the richest family in the world. We know non Jews are Zionists, and look to the Rockefellers, Cecil Rhodes and others as being Zionists.

We know that David Icke, who does not necessarily represent all Illuminati researchers, is wrong when he says Jesus was created by the illuminati. I repudiate that, even though he has some non religious articles about the current New World Order that are informative. I put no trust in David Icke.

He is a hater of God no less than the Zionist cabal, when …

Wicked Zionist Injustice as Palestinians Were Driven from the Land over Six Decades Ago

It is a shameful episode, yet one of many, as the Palestinians were raped, tortured, stoned and murdered. Women and Children were subject to horrific crimes not just at Deir Yassin, but also at the 500 other Palestinian villages destroyed in the late 1940's. Therefore, the occupation of the Palestinians is a crime, and Israel is not the New Zion and is not in any way Zion, the Old having passed away. Israel is a rogue state, and the elect Jews and Gentiles will speak out for the gospel and against this fake Israel, the enemy of God.

Palestinians are like Druze and Bedouins, closer to Hebrew DNA than Ishmael. They cluster with Ashkenazi Jews. Therefore they should be treated better!

Please Read:

My Christian View of Israel's Purpose

Israel, You Did Not Wait for Isaiah, and So You Live Under a Curse

Isaiah 9 said that the New Zion would come in peace. Isaiah said the New Zion would be established by God. The Israel that exists now is not holy, nor is it the New Zion spoken of by Isaiah. So, Israel is now afraid the entire nation could be hit by Hamas. I posted this to my Facebook site and it is the truth. Here this Israel:

When are you Israelis going to realize that you are living under a curse? Isaiah said the New Zion would come in peace. Did you Zionists wait for Isaiah? No you didn't. You aren't a Zion. You are, as a nation, a fraud. At least drop the Zion concept and a flag for David. So it won't ever get better for you. You have taken the word of God into your own hands. Your prophet, David Ben-Gurion, was an avowed atheist. You are blind being led by the blind. Even those who do not believe in New Covenant Theology and Christ as Messiah, can see plainly that Isaiah speaks of a peaceful Zion coming in the future with a messiah that brings peace and estab…

The Election of Grace to Eternal Life

There is an election of grace that transforms a few chosen ones, from Jew and Gentile, into the new man revealed by Paul the Apostle. This new man means that in Christ there is not Jew or Greek, barbarian or Scythian, etc. Colossians 3:9-11

Scythians were Iranian equestrian tribes inhabiting large areas of the central Eurasian steppes from 7th century BC to the 4th century AD.

The barbarians of Paul were likely those foreigners who did not speak Greek.

Election of grace is blessed to those chosen, though it causes anguish in them because their loved ones are not chosen. It is not the place of the elect to convince God regarding the non elect. We can only hope that mercy will show itself to the unsaved family members in due time.

Election by grace is a blessing, though silently we suffer as the chosen while the wealthy and the powerful and the wicked have their rewards already. Finding other new men in Christ at this late time proves difficult. The wicked deeds of the non elect, espe…

Zionism, According to Isaiah, Comes in Peace. Israel Is Not Zion.

Israel is not the new Zion. Whatever Israel is, it is not the old Zion because God ended that regime and it is not new Zion because the New Zion spoken of in Isaiah comes in peace.

What Israel is is a spiritual pretender, with its father, David Ben-Gurion, adopting atheism. He was an avowed atheist.

You cannot expect authorization from God when your prophet is an atheist, and folks, this is a no brainer.

No one should be fooled about the spiritual status of Israel as a nation, because it has no status. It is only a sign of the elect Jews. It is without spiritual power. Some elect Jews in Christ may live there. I don't know them personally but pray for them.

Read also: Dispensationalism/Messianic Judaism/Yinon Zionism and the New David

The Torah Is Not Racist as Rahab Is Proof, but Top Israeli Rabbis Think It Is

What a shame, and typical of the racism of the Talmud, that top rabbis in Israel would say that racism is good and that the Torah, the Old Testament, is racist.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Gentiles were saved in the Torah age. And some were defeated because it was God's will to establish a physical nation that did his will, though rarely did it do God's will.

But clearly, the Gentiles that were saved were so saved to show God's future plan and prove that God was not a racist. Those saved included Ruth, Rahab, and the men of Ninevah.

Rahab was in the genealogy of Christ, and therefore, purity of race was simply not an issue for God!

Marshall Beeber, Messianic Jew is a Closet Dispensationalist.

Marshall Beeber, a Messianic Jew, is actually a closet Dispensationalist. He says he is a historic premillenialist. But he believes that Romans 12 talks about Israel as a government, a nation, being holy. That is not what Romans 12 is about. Romans 12 is about individual Jews becoming Christians, the elect, all the elect Israel, being saved. All the elect Israel is made up of Jewish and Gentile believers.

So Beeber, who says he is not a Dispensationalist, is a sneaky pro Israeli Dispensationalist who chided me for believing that 9/11 and other conspiracies show Israeli involvement.

But clearly, read up about the Lavon Affair, where Israelis attacked US government property in Egypt. Israel admitted to it in 2005, 51 years after it happened. No one died, but that is not the point. It was a false flag attack on the USA.

I am a citizen of the USA. I put the USA first except for a spiritual citizenship in the new Zion, a spiritual Zion of peace, not one that is physical (Israel) of war li…

Here Is My Email to Marshall Beeber, a Messianic Jew. This Is Important for Those of Us who are Called

Keep in mind that the real Zionism, the spiritual Zionism relates to individuals, not to any nation. No nation in the New Covenant has any authority in the New Kingdom of Zion, the spiritual abode of Jesus Christ. 

Hi Marshall,  I appreciate your response. However, I need to discuss something with you of vital importance. Before I do I am relieved that you are not a Dispensationalist. I was Amil. However, I have changed my views and have a unique perspective. I do not hold anyone to fellowship issues over this, but I believe the thousand years occurred between the destruction of the Roman Empire and the establishment of the New Roman Empire, the British Empire. I believe it was 1000 years.  God hates empire, and yet, the original City of London, now the center of world finance, was guarded and still is guarded by Gog and Magog, two statues that are dressed in Roman garb. You can see the video of the parade at YouTube. The four corners of the earth can be described as the Brit…

Christian Zionism is a Form of Satanic Deception

Christian Zionism is deception. I believe it is a Satanic deception. I would hope everyone would read this link. I disagree with the author regarding multiculturalism. I believe multiculturalism is a strength and it is not evil. But the author gets it right about Christian Zionism. It is important to read his view on this: Goodbye America

I hope we don't meet the demise he predicts. Let us be aware and speak our truth that the elect in Christ will reject Christian Zionism entirely.

I Posted This to Janna Brock at About Israel and Zionism

I Posted This to Janna Brock at About Israel and Zionism:

Janna, I am a Christian. I support freedom of religion and separation of church and state. On the article above, where you defend the love of Israel, you don't really understand Israel. Israel leaders are part of a political cabal known as Zionism. It is more than securing the borders of Israel. It is bent on world domination. Real Christians cannot support this New World Order cabal. It includes the neocons, like Cheney, the banksters, like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, the media, like Murdoch. The regime change you see going on in the world is fomented by the neocons, themost militant arm of this cabal. This cabal is against gun rights. It is against all sorts of rights and has influence over both political parties.

Most American Jewish people do not support the cabal. They do not support violence in the establishment of the Davidic throne. I believe Christ is already on the Davidic th…

New World Order Yahoo Has Couric and Bloomberg Linked to Sandy Hook Hoax

New World Order Yahoo Has Couric and Bloomberg Linked to Sandy Hook Hoax

I wrote this article on Here is an excerpt:

The last thing that the New World Order Zionists want is strength in
diversity. So, the Democrats take away gun rights while the Republicans
try to take away the rest of your rights. This is worthy of a curse on
both parties.

God hates empire, and certainly, the New World Order empire is an
exclusive club of power. But whether you believe in God or not,
separation of church and state is crucial to American freedom from the
sacralism that has plagued government for centuries. I stand for
separation of church and state, and so should all Americans.

The New World Order is a militant Zionism, which is not a race, not a
religion, but rather is a militant political movement for regime change
throughout the world. We see attempts at regime change in the Ukraine,
in Libya, in Iraq, in Syria, in Egypt, etc. The list goes on and on and
has also taken ef…

I Posted the Difference Between Anti Semitism and Anti Zionism at in the Comments

Hope this helps define the correct use of anti-Zionism politics:

Here is the problem. It is obvious that there is a new world order. It is obvious that the banksters are trying to buy up everything and control the world. The most powerful ones have bankrolled Israel. Zionism then is a political movement that seeks to make Israel into a world power and give the Zionists in Europe and the US massive power. However, Zionism is not a race, and not a religion. Therefore, stating Jewish people do this or that, when Zionism is made up of many races including a portion of Jewish people, is wrong. My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. I hate anti-Semitism. As Noam Chomsky correctly says, anti-Zionism is not always anti-Semitism. If people understand this they can criticize banksters, regime change and occuption and all that without being racist or targeting one race, which is hateful and evil. Don't target all Jews with your criticisms!

I Posted This at Yahoo about Zionism and Its Evil Doings

I posted this at Yahoo:

Knowing this is fact (that fringe private military groups and hate groups are on the decline in the USA), the Sandy Hook Hoax makes no sense unless you are a crazed Zionist wanting to disarm Americans. The first bill that became the 1968 Gun Control Act was introduced by a known Zionist. Over the years Zionist have lead the fight for gun control. Wake Up America.
You can hurt Zionism as a political movement by not borrowing, by multigenerational living, by thumbing your nose at the central banks and by seeking peace and not war. Zionism is not a race, because there is no race that completely supports Zionism. It is not a religion, because the father of Israel, Ben-Gurion, was an avowed atheist.
The Zionists in America, including Dick Cheney, made 9/11 happen. I believe they made Sandy Hook happen, but I don't believe anyone died. Study it for yourselves, under fake deaths at Sandy Hook. The SS registry of deaths shows no deaths. The parents w…

Zionism on the March-- HR4009 Seeks to Forbid Government Money for Those Boycotting Israel

BSD is the new worldwide boycott of Israel, an attempt to make Israel make peace with the Palestinians. This would foster a two state solution and end the terrible occupation of the Palestinians who are now prisoners in their own land.

HR4009 seeks to prevent institutions connected to Universities in the USA from getting federal money if they join in the BSD protest! This Zionist bill is evil, and is against all that the USA stands for.

As of this writing, the bill has been sent to committee. But it could emerge at any time and hurt America and our national interest, which is to see peace in the middle east.

The name of the bill is a lie and the odious Zionists who produced the bill should be called out for this lie. Their names are Representatives Roskam and Lipinski. The bill is entitled: Protect Academic Freedom Act, but of course it does the exact opposite.

If this bill becomes law, the traitors who make that happen should be looked upon as traitors to the American Way. Our politi…

I Posted This in the Talk Section of the New World Order Article at the pro Zionist Wikipedia Blog

I posted this on the talk area behind the actual article. I will be interested to see if it is removed or if someone will comment:

Clearly Sandy Hook Hoax was a conspiracy. You need only know that Robbie Parker was an actor. This attempt on the part of the US government to influence the gun control debate by a massive hoax with fake crying, hyperventilation before crying, no real tears, no real red eyes, hence, no real emotion, is simply Zionist evil. Zionism is a political movement at the heart of the New World Order. Ben-Gurion, as Wiki says, a Jewish atheist, wanted his vision of a world court established in Jerusalem to be completed. The first national gun law was introduced by a Zionist prior to the assassinations, and signed by a Texan after the government killed JFK and MLK. LBJ was clearly involved in the JFK assassination as he was quoted by his mistress who interviewed about the statement Johnson made prior to …

Caitlin Dickson's gun control article was such a scam. You are the thought police aren't you?

Here is what I was going to post, but I don't want an account with you. I prefer disqus sites. Less censorship. Anyway, editor, how do you live with yourself? This big Zionist lie that includes gun control, will be undone and God will come back and stuff all of you. I don't advocate the use of guns to overthrow the government, but I do advocate the rights of Americans to own guns as an offset to government out of control. I am moderate to liberal on most issues. I am concerned about weapons that act like machine guns resulting in mass murders. But gun rights are defended by the Constitution.

Sandy Hook is an example of government totally out of control.
My natural father was part Sephardic Jewish (Ramirez) and I am adopted. So I speak and write about Zionism and the goal to make Israel into a super power. Zionism already controls the UK and almost controls the USA. And you let it happen and are partly responsible for aiding and abetting this crime, as is all mainstrea…

Ultimatum: Bennett Must 'Apologize or Quit' - Inside Israel - News

Ultimatum: Bennett Must 'Apologize or Quit' - Inside Israel - News - Israel National News

Well, Bennett said that Jews could live under the Palestinian authority. But Netanyahu said no and threatened to fire him. And we know that Netanyahu said that he would make no settler leave. So with almost half of the land of the Palestinians firmly under Israeli control, the Zionists are will on their way to confiscating most of the Palestinian land, making a two state, just soltion, impossible.

The Power of the Gospel Saves. OT Law Does Not Save. Noahide Laws Do Not Save

Noahide laws, not given from scripture, as well as scriptural Old Testament laws do not save man. Only the Gospel of Christ saves a man and makes a new man in Christ from a Gentile or Jewish person.

Noahide laws have no place in the legal framework of the United States of America, because laws are for an imposed morality, while guidance is not. If a certain sect of Judaism tries to impose laws upon the world, and from that establish a worldwide court, which David Ben-Gurion wanted, then they are acting in an unconstitutional manner as far as the US is concerned. And the law of Christ does not need this teaching. The gospel accounts and the entire New Testament teaches Christians all they need to know about the law of Christ.

We are not under, as Christians, a Noahide legal system, period.

The Lavon Affair: When Israel Firebombed U.S. Installations

WRMEA | Telling the truth for more than 30 years - The Lavon Affair: When Israel Firebombed U.S. Installations 

Ben-Gurion was a violent man. All hopes of peace were thrown out the window because of the false flag, the Lavon Affair, that was an attack on US installations and Egyptian targets by Israeli agents. Ben-Gurion used the attacks, which did damage and got some agents hanged, to make more war on Egypt. This Zionism that was militant and evil is not to be supported by true Christians.

Israel Admitted the False Flag Lavon Affair but the US Press Didn't Report It!

I posted this on the comment section of an article at Yahoo:

How many people know that in 1954, Israel attacked US property in Egypt and then admitted it in 2005. But our press didn't even bother to report the Lavon Affair. Every American should know that Israel has too much influence, though not complete influence, over the affairs of the United States. Look up the Lavon Affair for yourselves. Then think about the USS Liberty, 9/11, Sandy Hook Hoax and most likely Aurora with fake blood. But don't trust any of these events by listening to media who would not report the first false flag of Israel against the US when that country was 6 years old! My concern is that we have a press, a mainstream media, MSM, that does not care about the concerns and aspirations of the citizens of the USA as they should. They put Israel first, and often.

This is undermining our nation, and our national leaders are not fighting for our political rights as they should be doing. Our friendshi…

I Wrote This About Government Deception at & Want to Share It With You

I wrote this at I believe that the ideas below are true, but that Christians must seek peace in the face of this manifest injustice and fraud by our national leaders.
Look, on most issues I am liberal. I like helping the poor. I think the richest are hiding their money offshore. I think Putin should come in and clean house.
But, Sandy Hook was an obvious hoax. It isn't like it is close. It is obvious that Robbie Parker, Gene Rosen, Kaitlin Roig, and the Soto sister were actors. There is no doubt about it.
And even Obama wiped a tear that did not exist when talking about Sandy Hook. The entire thing was fabricated. They redacted all pictures of the "victims". In other hoaxes they can make you look like you lost an arm or it is hanging in pieces. Research it!
So, what I am saying is that the Republicans are unfit to rule because of their role in 9/11, but the Democrats are destroying trust in government too because now we don't really know if…

Zionists, You cannot Fight Your Way to Heaven. Acknowledge Your Savior!

Zionists, you cannot fight your way to heaven. The one to replace David lives and your fighting will not put him on a physical throne. He is far above the physical throne. The Christ you reject will judge you for your murders based upon your unbelief.

Your world court that Ben Gurion sought will not bring justice to the world. Justice for you is killing the Gentiles and regime change. You seek to disarm the Americans to finish your quest for world domination.

You are leading us to World War 3, but Christ will return and you will want the rocks to fall on you. But for the elect in Christ, from both Jew and Gentile, there will be salvation and an escape from the destruction that will befall you Zionists and your justice.

Repent of your unbelief, you Zionist men of evil. Repent now.

You can contact me at bgamall4 at Yahoo dot com

Gary Anderson

Christian Zionists Disgust Me for Pushing Palestinians off Their Land

Christian Zionists, who seek to push the Zionist agenda have even helped Israelis settle on Palestinian land. This is just spiritually wrong and unethical as well.

Netanyahu says that the settlements are not responsible for the continuing conflict. But stealing land is second only to genocide. Israel should understand this above all nations. All nations ! What are they trying to get away with here!

This manifest destiny is see in the new Jewish News Service, whose leaders "vacation" in Palestinian territories. But the occupation is not what is wanted by Jews in the US. They loathe this occupation.

It seems that the Zionists are getting more and more bold, and I wrote about their Sandy Hook boldness.

We are being inundated and overwhelmed by Zionist encroachments upon the US national interest and upon the rights of US citizens.

I do not advocate the use of guns against our government at all. But I do advocate the buffer that gun control may provide against government abuse.…