I Posted This at Yahoo about Zionism and Its Evil Doings

I posted this at Yahoo:

Knowing this is fact (that fringe private military groups and hate groups are on the decline in the USA), the Sandy Hook Hoax makes no sense unless you are a crazed Zionist wanting to disarm Americans. The first bill that became the 1968 Gun Control Act was introduced by a known Zionist. Over the years Zionist have lead the fight for gun control. Wake Up America.

You can hurt Zionism as a political movement by not borrowing, by multigenerational living, by thumbing your nose at the central banks and by seeking peace and not war. Zionism is not a race, because there is no race that completely supports Zionism. It is not a religion, because the father of Israel, Ben-Gurion, was an avowed atheist.

The Zionists in America, including Dick Cheney, made 9/11 happen. I believe they made Sandy Hook happen, but I don't believe anyone died. Study it for yourselves, under fake deaths at Sandy Hook. The SS registry of deaths shows no deaths. The parents were tearless actors. Look it up. America, you need to know the enemy of your rights. My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted and I reject Zionism as a political movement because it is much more than just the existence of Israel. Much more.

Here is a new article showing My Christian View of Israel's Purpose. It has a purpose, but it is very limited.

When will Americans wake up? Christians need to wake up the most because they have to discern the spirits. Zionism is a spirit of domination and is not godly at all. By the way, the Zionist who introduced the gun control bill that became law in 1968 was Emanuel Celler. 


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