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Zionism on the March-- HR4009 Seeks to Forbid Government Money for Those Boycotting Israel

BSD is the new worldwide boycott of Israel, an attempt to make Israel make peace with the Palestinians. This would foster a two state solution and end the terrible occupation of the Palestinians who are now prisoners in their own land.

HR4009 seeks to prevent institutions connected to Universities in the USA from getting federal money if they join in the BSD protest! This Zionist bill is evil, and is against all that the USA stands for.

As of this writing, the bill has been sent to committee. But it could emerge at any time and hurt America and our national interest, which is to see peace in the middle east.

The name of the bill is a lie and the odious Zionists who produced the bill should be called out for this lie. Their names are Representatives Roskam and Lipinski. The bill is entitled: Protect Academic Freedom Act, but of course it does the exact opposite.

If this bill becomes law, the traitors who make that happen should be looked upon as traitors to the American Way. Our political freedoms are in jeopardy with the passage of this bill. And no real Christian can support this bill once they understand the true intent of Zionism, which is not a religion, and not a race, but rather is a racist and fascistic political movement.

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