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Christian Zionism is a Form of Satanic Deception

Christian Zionism is deception. I believe it is a Satanic deception. I would hope everyone would read this link. I disagree with the author regarding multiculturalism. I believe multiculturalism is a strength and it is not evil. But the author gets it right about Christian Zionism. It is important to read his view on this: Goodbye America

I hope we don't meet the demise he predicts. Let us be aware and speak our truth that the elect in Christ will reject Christian Zionism entirely.

I Posted This to Janna Brock at About Israel and Zionism

I Posted This to Janna Brock at About Israel and Zionism:

Janna, I am a Christian. I support freedom of religion and separation of church and state. On the article above, where you defend the love of Israel, you don't really understand Israel. Israel leaders are part of a political cabal known as Zionism. It is more than securing the borders of Israel. It is bent on world domination. Real Christians cannot support this New World Order cabal. It includes the neocons, like Cheney, the banksters, like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, the media, like Murdoch. The regime change you see going on in the world is fomented by the neocons, themost militant arm of this cabal. This cabal is against gun rights. It is against all sorts of rights and has influence over both political parties.

Most American Jewish people do not support the cabal. They do not support violence in the establishment of the Davidic throne. I believe Christ is already on the Davidic th…

New World Order Yahoo Has Couric and Bloomberg Linked to Sandy Hook Hoax

New World Order Yahoo Has Couric and Bloomberg Linked to Sandy Hook Hoax

I wrote this article on Here is an excerpt:

The last thing that the New World Order Zionists want is strength in
diversity. So, the Democrats take away gun rights while the Republicans
try to take away the rest of your rights. This is worthy of a curse on
both parties.

God hates empire, and certainly, the New World Order empire is an
exclusive club of power. But whether you believe in God or not,
separation of church and state is crucial to American freedom from the
sacralism that has plagued government for centuries. I stand for
separation of church and state, and so should all Americans.

The New World Order is a militant Zionism, which is not a race, not a
religion, but rather is a militant political movement for regime change
throughout the world. We see attempts at regime change in the Ukraine,
in Libya, in Iraq, in Syria, in Egypt, etc. The list goes on and on and
has also taken ef…

I Posted the Difference Between Anti Semitism and Anti Zionism at in the Comments

Hope this helps define the correct use of anti-Zionism politics:

Here is the problem. It is obvious that there is a new world order. It is obvious that the banksters are trying to buy up everything and control the world. The most powerful ones have bankrolled Israel. Zionism then is a political movement that seeks to make Israel into a world power and give the Zionists in Europe and the US massive power. However, Zionism is not a race, and not a religion. Therefore, stating Jewish people do this or that, when Zionism is made up of many races including a portion of Jewish people, is wrong. My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. I hate anti-Semitism. As Noam Chomsky correctly says, anti-Zionism is not always anti-Semitism. If people understand this they can criticize banksters, regime change and occuption and all that without being racist or targeting one race, which is hateful and evil. Don't target all Jews with your criticisms!