I believe there is a New World Order, a Zionist Evil Order. But David Icke and Illuminati Researchers Are a Waste of Time

I believe there is a New World Order. But I believe Illuminati research is a waste of time. For one thing, tracking geneology back to ancient times is problematic. And I don't have time for it. There may be some facts about powerful families that emerge from the research, but nothing that adds to our understanding of the World Order that we see today.

We know enough to condemn the order. We know that the Zionist project is at the center of the Order. We know it was sponsored by the Rothschilds, the richest family in the world. We know non Jews are Zionists, and look to the Rockefellers, Cecil Rhodes and others as being Zionists.

We know that David Icke, who does not necessarily represent all Illuminati researchers, is wrong when he says Jesus was created by the illuminati. I repudiate that, even though he has some non religious articles about the current New World Order that are informative. I put no trust in David Icke.

He is a hater of God no less than the Zionist cabal, when he says Jesus was just a fictional character created by the Illuminati.

Stay away from that thinking, if you are in Christ. It is wicked thinking and will be judged on the Last Day at Christ's Second Coming.


  1. Well said. I'm looking to connect with other Christians waking up to the New World Order secret societies and Luciferian deception. This is happening and will happen as the Bible prophesies. I'm at holyhacker.com. Email me to connect with me... anyone... gene.laratonda@gmail.com

    People need to know the good news of Jesus Christ. People also need to wake up to the evil that is looking for form a one world government, one world religion, one world currency... a new world order.

    Please reach out to me. Make flyers and print two to a page and put them in the door of every house in your neighborhood. Enlarge your circle of influence. You don't have to convert anyone to the truth, just let them see something and those that have ears will hear the truth. I know it's hard when they're being dumbed down and made apathetic with fluoride in the drinking water and toothpaste (You do know that the fluoride in those things is not the calcium fluoride that is good for your teeth, but the byproduct of corporate industries that don't want to pay to dispose of the poison. Check it out. It's used in rat poison) and aluminum being sprayed (amongst other things) in chemtrails. Note also that fluoride in the human system increases the uptake of aluminum in the brain. Long term effects? Dementia anyone? Dumbed down? Apathetic?

    God bless anyone willing to step out of their comfort zone and speak truth.

    " 'But if the watchman sees the enemy coming and doesn't blow his horn to warn the people and the enemy comes and kills someone, that watchman must die because of his sin. I will hold him responsible for their deaths.' Ezekiel 33:6 GWD (for simplicity sake)



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