At My Other Blog, Exposing the Zionists who Believed Jews Under Hitler to be "Unsuitable"

This is a must read for New Covenant Theology Believers. This shows the wickedness of Zionists who believed that Jews in Eastern Europe, ie Poland, etc., were "unsuitable" for transport to the newly created Israel.

Now don't get me wrong, the idea of creating Israel by these self avowed atheistic Zionists was wrong from the start. Herzl's desire to create a nation where the natives would be paid to leave in 1895, (like Lieberman offered the Arab Israeli citizens recently), was evil to the core. The Old Testament, the Torah, clearly said the New Zion would be created by the Messiah. We know that is Christ. But even those who didn't have this understanding given to them by divine power could read. And the Old Testament was clear, the Messiah would found the New Zion.

But then, once the plan was in force, the Zionists escaped Hitler, and left the poor and "unsuitable" Jews to suffer.

God has tolerated the establishment of Israel as a sign for the elect Jews. But that is all that Israel is, a sign. It has no holiness or power. The hope is elect Jews in Christ live there and throughout the world. But I am alone at the time of this writing, having reached out to many in futility.

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