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Obama Proves He Is a Zionist by Slandering AntiZionists

Israel exists only as a sign the elect Jews will be called into Christ, that the Times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. See Luke 21:24. But they are called as believers into Christ's body, not as a separate nation with the power of ancient Israel. Remember, the glory of the New Covenant is with us NOW!

Therefore, the Old Covenant or a future establishment of something like the Old Covenant, as taught by the Dispensationalists is a false gospel. The glory of Christ in the eternal New Covenant is with us now!

But since the UN has sanctioned Israel, it will go on existing until it chooses to disband. I do not advocate war against Israel!

But, the concept of modern Israel was created by Theodore Herzl in the 1800's, prior to any Holocaust. The righteousness of that cause, or lack of righteousness of that cause must stand based on scripture. There is nothing in scripture that allows a New Zion established by man, only by the Messiah. Obama said this:

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Pamela Geller Is a Wicked and Racist Zionist

Pamela Geller is an aggressive Zionist globalist who set up the antiMuslim rally in Garland Texas, which was apparently assaulted by gunmen...

Gary here: Christians need to be crystal clear about this. They must repudiate Pamela Geller, who set up the Garland, Texas Muslim cartoon fiasco. It isn't Christian. It isn't even civilized. They say they do it for free speech, but it is done to consolidate Zionist power. You cannot be a Christian and be a Zionist once you understand what Zionism is.

Be clear about one thing, Pamela Geller hates peaceful Muslims in the USA and wants to provoke a religious war. This is opposed by the American tradition of tolerance. Pamela Geller is an Israeli plant, having been sponsored by Israeli lobbyists.

Don't be fooled, tolerance is the American way, and is also the Christian way. America is not a holy nation, but it has been a nation at peace because many groups have learned to live in peace. It is our tradition as a nation. 

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