Biden Attacks Christians Who Hate Zionism Love Tolerance

VP Joe Biden just attacked Christians for being intolerant merely for having an opinion. It matters not to him if they are tolerant or not while keeping that opinion. In the meantime, he tolerates the fellow Zionist bigot, Pamela Geller. He pulled an Obama, who also made an intolerant speech. So I wrote Biden a letter:

Mr VP, you need to understand a couple of things that you evidently don't. First, I am a Christian. However, my best friend is my cousin who is gay. I tolerate her views and she mine. We go past those views and have fun together. We are family! Real Christians must tolerate all people. That is taught in the Bible. But you, a Zionist keep your mouth shut when another Zionist, Pamela Geller, says she hates all Muslims, even peaceful Muslims. She is a bigot and you have nothing to say because you are a Zionist too.

But do you understand what a Zionist is? POTUS doesn't. He thinks it is a religion. He thinks Israel has a right to exist when the Bible says it doesn't. Zionism is NOT JUDAISM. So, Joe, Christians oppose Zionism. You cannot be saved if you are a Zionist. But Zionism is a multiracial cabal of the elite, and is not a religion. The existence of Israel is unauthorized by God. Even the True Torah Jews understand this. Now, do the Christians or True Torah Jews advocate the destruction of Israel? No. Not unless the US does it. Lol. Come on Joe, gear up your intellect and quit putting your foot into your mouth.

I noticed your son got a cushy oil job in the Ukraine. Is that going to be the Second Israel? Is the US government going to risk WW3 to please a bunch of murdering Khazars who may or may not have a little Hebrew in them? Israeli research shows that the Israelis are Khazars, and more study is needed to prove they have any Hebrew in them! So, why do you support these people who violated God when in the OT Torah, Isaiah 9:6, it is said that the Messiah would establish the New Zion? The Zion we have now is fake, and it is a curse around our necks. America is screwed by the Zionist globalists.

But I am sure this discussion is above your pay grade. But think about it.

Biden has a history of putting his foot in his mouth. Apparently it is genetic because he can't stop doing it. Hence the ridicule in the above quote is easy to spot. 


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