Comment Posted to Council on Foreign Relations

I posted this comment at the Council on Foreign Relations, yet another arm of Zionist globalist control over the USA, to an article about our government somehow not knowing what is going on in Iraq:

Of course they know what is going on in Iraq. Stalemate. That is what Yinon Zionism and other like plans wanted for Iraq over 30 years ago, stalemate. The Yinon plan called for a breakup of Iraq into Sunni, Shiite and Kurd and our wonderful neocon murderers made it happen.
God will so judge the Council on Foreign Relations and Neocons and people who believe in Yinon Zionism on the last day.
On that day when we are all judged, the most hated group is the one who ignored the command of God and built a Zion in Israel with no godly authorization to do so.
Those people are, spiritually speaking, toast.
Something to think about Steven.
Zionism, the globalist multiracial cabal that wants to own the world, is running out of time just as its boss, Lucifer (Satan) is running out of time. Those of us who believe in tolerance, even tolerate the existence of Zionists, because the ultimate winner will be the almighty God and His Son, Jesus Christ.
We wait patiently for the ultimate demise of Zionist globalism.

 The comment has not been allowed and likely will not be allowed. But that doesn't hurt my feelings as someone read it.

Well, it has been hours and the comment was not posted. I added this one to help them to the truth, but it will likely be shunned as well:

Oh, and I forgot to mention, only the most uncritical thinker could ever believe that Zionism is Judaism. The cannot be the same because of that pesky Messiah-building-the-New-Zion thing.

So after two hours and 57 minutes, I realized they may not post my posts, or are pondering very slowly. Here is the truth about the Council on Foreign Relations, they are small, cowardly men and women, who fear a free exchange of ideas. That bodes ill for America, but they are exposed for the evil cabal that they are:

 So what is the almost almighty Council on Foreign Relations afraid of, a free exchange of ideas? You guys are smaller than I thought.


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