Here Is My Facebook Post Explaining My Opposition to Zionism and Stand for the Bible

So, you know I post a lot about Zionism and why it is no good. You ask, why bother? Well, the issue is important, because the essence of Zionism is at odds with the prophets. Zionism is a man made, fake, Zion. It is not established according to the prophets. 

So, even many Jews, who are not Christians, understand this and millions of people who think they are Christians have no clue about this because they are deceived by Dispensationalism, a religious doctrine that seems to validate Zionism. But, Dispensationalism is man made as well. 

CI Scofield and his buddies did not see the importance of the New Covenant age. [The New Covenant age is eternal, beginning with the Resurrection of Christ and ending with His Second Coming, and subsequent eternal fulfillment.] They misinterpreted many things in the Bible for their own ends. 

Therefore, Christian Zionism, an offshoot of Zionism, is also without merit. It is plain wrong and evil. And it has done evil to the Palestinians, who have now been occupied for over 60 years.

That is not Christian to occupy a people for over 60 years with no relief. And that occupation is just a small issue with Zionism. Zionism, as written by Oded Yinon, has advocated regime change, murder and dislocation of children, mothers, peaceful men, all to attain the goal of total dominance of the middle east. 

The Zionists have no authorization from God to do these things. Israel is a sign to the elect Jews called to Christ that the end is near and that those without any Hebrew or Jewish heritage wi)l be saved. And it is a spiritual lie which means two things. First, God hates Zionism. The USA has suffered attacks by Israel in the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty and as the president of Italy said, 9/11/2001!. 

The truth will win in the end even if it looks like the Zionists are winning. But God will one day speak and the lies will be exposed. I believe that Christ will subdue the Zionists, and truth will prevail. 

But it is wrong for Christians to consider overthrowing Israel by force.


I want people also to know that I do not advocate the destruction of Israel, although the Israelis who hate Zionism could always leave if they had the means. But no, I don't advocate the destruction of Israel, but rather an accounting in history, and believe me, God Almighty has this history and will act on it soon. We can watch the events unfold, and take no pleasure in the death and pain that will befall the wicked, for all eternity!


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