Trump Versus Perry, A Brief History

I posted this at Business Insider:

While Trump lied about the criminal activity of illegal immigrants, Trump knows that the globalists want an open border. Perry has been described by the Washington Post in an article by Jennifer Rubin on Aug 1, 2014 this way: "Yesterday he [Perry] appeared in Dallas at a unity rally for Israel. He has long been a strong Zionist and has traveled to Israel multiple times."

Perry is also a Dominionist. In no way is Dominionism real Christian doctrine. Dominionism is painfully close to sacralism,and Perry is like Sarah Palin in that regard. Both are Dominionists. Dominionism is a denial of the spiritual nature of the Kingdom of Christ. It seeks physical control over governments.

The same Washington Post said this in an article by Elizabeth Flock dated August 15, 2011 abut Perry's Dominionism:

"Dominionism is defined as the tendency of politically active conservative Christians to try to control government. Writer Michelle Goldberg simplifies the definition down to: “a movement ... which says Christians should rule the world.”

Goldberg is the author of “Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism” and she makes her case for applying the controversial term to both candidates by listing the ways Dominionism has supposedly influenced them."
I do not support Trump because he slandered illegals when he said they were mostly rapists. That is a lie as the crime rate for illegals is very low based on numerous research papers. 
But I do support sealing up the borders and giving the illegals here a path to citizenship. Trump is not the guy that will make this happen, but he got the conversation started. Are we going to be a sovereign nation or just a nation that bows to the globalists?

My political views are my own, but Perry is a Zionist/Dominionist and he should be exposed as being a dangerous political operative.


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