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A Letter to President Obama About His Lies, Hoaxes and False Flags

Mr President,

You blew it this time with this pitiful San Bernardino false flag. 3 shooters, athletic, tall and white, yet you killed 2 Muslims, one a little woman. And not only are many on to your apparent hoaxes and false flags, others are so afraid of the violence under your presidency, thinking it is real, that they are buying guns and ammo like mad. Your plan appears to be backfiring.

Then you want war with ISIS while arming ISIS and keeping them around. Is there anything in your life that is not a lie?

I don't have all the answers, but I wrote this little piece for you. And I have articles against the cashless society:

I would rather that you reject Israel and big finance in the UK and US and apply government force to protect our nation, than continue these shameful false flags and hoaxes. They will be studied until the end of time and you will go down in history as an infamous person. People think you are a Muslim, but we know better.

My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted and I know you are doing wrong with the Zionists. There is nothing good about Zionism, which is not Judaism. [Author note: Torah First Judaism has kept the road map to the truth, the OT, which the Zionists reject. But the election by grace has not yet revealed the Messiah, Jesus Christ, to those people. I pray for them daily.]

God has told me that one day this globalist empire of yours will be judged for its evil deeds. The empire of Gog and Magog will be dealt with in His time.

Personally I am for gun rights, but I oppose violence. If people own guns they should be owned as a deterrent to Zionist advances against constitutional freedoms.

I will publish this letter on my religious blog, so people can see that I am a concerned citizen, but that I know things will have to play out until one stronger than all of us makes His eternal will known.  This is the blog Mr President,

Please stop with the false flags and hoaxes. Please don't continue this massive neocon/Zionist lying.


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