Donald Trump Is Like Pam Geller in Hatred of Muslims. War of Civilizations

Donald Trump incites violence. This is obvious to anyone who has been following his speeches. He deliberately wants confrontation. This is not a part of free speech, in my opinion. Free speech is not yelling fire in the theater, and Trump comes very close to doing that.

Donald Trump shares some attributes of Pamela Geller: they both hate Muslims. Donald Trump may disavow that, but when he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the USA, he is a lot like Pamela Geller, who has stated she hates all religious Muslims.

Both Geller and Trump have ties to Israel. This is unfortunate indeed. Geller has received money from Israeli lobbyists, or so I have read.

Trump has made commercials for Netanyahu and has been long time partner with Israeli businessmen. That business relationship in and of itself is not evil. But Trump is not honest when he comes across as pro sovereign America. He is more pro globalist. He seeks a global war, western civilization versus the Muslim world. I could be wrong about his desire for this. But his hatred of Muslims is pretty potent.

Israel would like America to hate the Muslim world. But we are more tolerant than that. My natural father was par Sephardic Jewish by DNA so, don't accuse me of being anti Semitic. I am anti Zionist, not anti Semitic. All candidates must support Israel these days, but it is how much they support Israel that becomes the issue. And certainly supporting a war against the Muslim world is not something most sane Americans could support, ever.

I would not put it past Trump to make war against Muslims in general. I don't think he could be trusted to keep the peace. It is a real risk for those contemplating voting for such a bigot.

I support tolerance. I believe all religions should tolerate one another. This does not mean we accept the teachings of other religions. I don't even accept most teachings of most people who say they are Christian. But I tolerate all of them as it is the right thing to do.

I don't get involved in politics much. But supporting Donald Trump, in my opinion, is a dangerous venture. Christians would be happier not to support such a hateful person who has offended everyone except white people. White people would do well to see this as a red flag.

I just pray that our nation trends towards peace. We make more war than any nation, especially after 2001. I would like to see that stop.


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