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While I Cannot Guarantee When the End Will Come, I Look for It Daily

No one can guarantee when Jesus Christ will return. No one knows. It is not revealed. However, there may be some physical signs. These should give Christians the hope that they will see the end in their lifetimes. It isn't a matter of eternal life. But wouldn't it be great to be caught up with the Lord just before the end of the world?

Here are some issues that show we may be getting close to the end:

1. We have nuclear weapons capable of destroying the world and angry and contentious policy between the Russians and the Americans, the two most powerful nations in terms of nuclear strength.

2. We have the Zionists establishing Israel by force. This is not the fig tree Christ speaks of, which is actually the New Covenant Fig Tree, the fruition of the church, from Pentacost on. But Zionists clearly have established a fake, unbiblical Zion, even rejected by True Torah Jews and other non Christians, who can, at least understand some of the prophets' messages. The message of the prophets is that the Messiah would establish the New Zion in peace. And Christians admit it is Jesus Christ being spoke of by those prophets. We pray for those non Christian folks that God will call some of them.

3. We have Zionists taking over the United States, through the coup by LBJ, and known Zionist, against the lawful president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This allowed Israel to establish its nuclear program.  We have the Democrats wanting to take away guns and the Republicans dedicated to the other Zionist goal, to make the USA hate all Muslims and all foreigners and even black people at home. These are even opposed to the goals and purposes of the United States of America, to oppose bigotry and encourage tolerance.

4. We have the internet, which has warned us all of what was going on behind our backs for years. Media consolidated around Zionism and had the evil authorization of government to establish lies about JFK's assassination and the 9/11/2001 conspiracy and efforts to stop the legitimate ownership of guns and established hatred of peaceful Muslims and other non Christians. These wicked actions by our government oppose the peace of the gospel. Christians seek peace, but support the bearing of arms by those who wish to in order to act to deter the state from action against the citizenry. It isn't that the citizenry could ward off the government, but that it could stop the government from doing anything to hurt business.

5. We have either empire or Xenophobic nationalism existing in the world these days. We don't have the Peace of Westphalia, an effort to afford respect among the sovereign nations.

6. We have efforts to do away with cash and go to electronic, digital money only, which is a totalitarian effort by the globalist Zionists to establish complete control over the populace. One could say the effort to ban manual cars, as told to us twice by Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, is another effort at absolute totalitarianism rarely seen in Rome itself!  The exception was the time when one could not buy or sell because of the mark of the Beast, a particularly nasty emperor of Rome.

7. We have horrendous murderers who have killed millions of people in our time such as Hitler, Cheney, Pol Pot, and numerous others.

8. We have God being very angry at the empire of the UK/USA/Israel doing so much killing and destruction and regime change in the middle east and elsewhere. God hates empire and the UK Square Mile fancies itself the heir to the Roman Empire. God has been patient as that empire has brought in the United States and Israel and other colonial nations to its fold. That patience may be nearing an end.

9. We have Zionists undermining the soundness of family, although they have been quite unsuccessful at doing so. Hardship due to bad central bank policy has brought families closer together.

10. We have Zionist central bankers failing to save the middle class ownership of housing, as they fiddled, economically, while the New Rome burned with house price decimation.

It is my hope that the elect will remain faithful to the end as that is how we fulfill the Law of Christ. Faith to the end is proof of initial justification and eternal redemption. We wait upon you Lord Jesus, and for your promised return for us and for the judgement upon this raging world!


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