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My Time with Jon Zens Was Without Blessing

This is a difficult think to write, because my disappointment in one who I learned much doctrine from, is incalculably great. I never got a blessing being around Jon Zens (Searching Together magazine). And it isn't just Jon Zens. It is also all those who are in the New Covenant Theology movement, John Reisinger (Sound of Grace website) and the rest who are associated with them. You can Google to find out who they are.

So, I need to list for you the reasons that these guys offer no blessing to the elect. And of course, there are very, very few elect, more invisible than visible in this world. I did not spend time with Reisinger although I spoke to him by phone. But Zens and all the rest fall into these failings:

1. They sell the gospel. I have not tried to sell the gospel. I don't believe it should be sold, ever. I have sold books exposing Zionism, but, that is partly in the political realm. I have always attempted to keep my articles and books on Zionism secular. That does not mean I have not occasionally failed. But even non Christians, the True Torah Jews, know Zionism is not of the prophets. I have sold books where I have pointed that out, and I think that is legitimate. But selling of the core gospel, selling scriptures, biblical works, etc, is simply wrong. Paul said he was approved by God for not selling the gospel. 

2. They fail to repudiate Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism as being false doctrine. Yes, they reject the doctrines, but they don't reject the people who teach them as being non Christian. People who teach those doctrines are lost. And those who can't see it are carnal and may not know Christ. Like I say, I have never had a blessing being around any of these so-called New Covenant teachers, including in conferences. I don't hold out much spiritual hope for any of them. 

3. Speaking mostly of Jon Zens, and maybe the others, what has been learned has been learned in academia. Jon Zens learned about the gospel by being educated in a theological setting. He went on to get a divinity degree. This sort of thing is not biblical. People learn lots in some bible schools, but bible schools were never meant to be and never condoned by the Early Church. The local church was the school for the believers.

4. I helped Jon Zens with a book, looking into the teaching of the Puritans. I think I was reading John Flavel, the noted Puritan. He said off the wall non biblical stuff like, you can put yourselves in the way of grace. Of course, that is not true. You cannot put yourself in the way of grace. That is an absurd doctrine, close to free will in its meaning. The Puritans were no different than Augustine and the Protestants, who were Augustinians. Repentance was not a function of God, but rather a function of their continual self abasement, putting themselves in the way of grace, so to speak.

The absurdity of Protestantism is not just this, but also that there is one covenant, two different administrations. All of Covenant Theology is, frankly, a joke, and a very bad joke. Dispensationalism is as well. These are not saving doctrines, nor is playing with the power of the gospel, by placing oneself in the way of grace a proper understanding of truth!

So, then, without drawing this out I would just say, if you are not happy with New Covenant Theology as expressed by the popular leaders, and if you are elect, you just have to flee them. You cannot continue to go without blessings, the blessings of standing outside the gate with Jesus Christ. 

If you come across any of these men and women who have or if you, yourselves, have rejected the falsehoods mentioned above, email me at bgamall4 at Yahoo dot com and let me know. Best wishes for all who read this.

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