CIA Was Responsible for JFK Assassination and More

 The destruction of our nation and the establishment of empire was boosted by the assassination of JFK. This led to the globalist cabal gaining control of the government of the USA. This cabal is still in charge, with Trump or Clinton as president. Trump won, but it is unlikely that a man of his capacity would buck the cabal. From the link above some very disturbing truths about America. I wrote:

JFK had something to say about the CIA and these quotes together represent strong evidence that the CIA does what it wants, and that no one can stop it, well, until God almighty destroys America with a vengeance. Fighting the CIA is futile, but knowing what goes on in the world is important. Empires always end, always. JFK wanted to stop the empire and failed. But not even the Roman Empire survived. This new Roman Empire won't last either.

The CIA is the deep state, that rules American foreign policy. It also controls the course of events in the USA as well. We are to, as Christians, live peaceably with this reality, knowing that God will exact vengeance against his enemies.

The outworking, unbeknown to the CIA and governments the world over, has been preplanned from before the foundation of the world, and the outcome already determined. Christians can live in peace and rejoice that this truth remains eternal, that God will make His enemies his footstool.

The assassination of JFK was not the assassination of a Christian. JFK was a wealthy man. He saw injustice, but lots of people see injustice who are not called to be Christians. I feel a certain sorrow that a benevolent leader would be sacrificed in order to do Satan's will, but I also know and rejoice that his will will be defeated and he will be banished to the darkest hell. Come soon, Lord Jesus!


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