Peaceful Resistance Toward the Fake Zion Is Called For

I posted this at PJ Media at an absolutely dreadful article not respecting the truth about what Israel really is:

So, Historical Judaism rejected the Zionists. They believed the prophets said that the New  
Zion would be established by the Messiah, and come in peace. Israel was established by a 
self avowed atheists and killed innocent women and children to push the Palestinians off  
their lands. Israel is a fake Zion. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is not pleased with 
the fake Zion. True Torah Jews preceded the Zionists into Palestine by 100 years. They  
have been persecuted, and now forced into the army because they do not recognize the 
Zionist state. It has nothing to do with antiSemitism. New Covenant Christians and True 
Torah Jews both believe that Israel exists without authorization, but we reject violence  
against the government. God's wrath will be made known one day in His own way.


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