Is It Possible Donald Trump Used the Racists in Voting?

Is it possible that Donald Trump used the racists to vote him in as president? There is no question that Donald Trump dabbles in racism himself. He says he has good genes (German ones), and has the right genes, implying that others have the wrong genes.

But, is it possible that most of that was just not something he is serious about? Only time will tell. Certainly Donald Trump has two sides to almost every political and economic position under the sun. He is almost a blank slate and has nominated cabinet members who are good and bad. One foreclosed on housing in the housing bubble. One said that immigrants should be nationalized and given citizenship. One wants to tear up free trade agreements. One wants to tear up the agreement with Iran. The guy who foreclosed on houses actually has a good idea, the 100 year bonds.

I wrote about this bond and this idea on Talkmarkets:

That is all just my personal opinion about economics. But my point in writing this article is to show that Trump's nasty campaign for president could have been a deception. It may have fooled the people who voted for Trump.

The problem with American society besides the loss of manufacturing is that labor is losing an ever increasing amount of the profits of the GDP of America. That could put a limit on any recovery and jobs.

But it could be that Donald Trump is really for helping the rich, like himself, and not so much labor. He may be doomed to some failure, no less so than was facing Clinton who had no ideas.

Anyway, whether Trump turns into a hero or a goat as president remains to be seen. He deserves our patience, but we have to monitor him, as he is a very personally corrupt individual, who sometimes harbors grudges against private citizens. He is a little abnormal, and that should be the concern of everyone, unless that was an act too.

Pray for our leaders no matter who they are. God controls their every action through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


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