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Donald Trump Is Still a Racist Opposed to the Gospel

Donald Trump is still a racist. He is opposed to the gospel on that account. He never apologized for his racist campaign, and although he has rolled back extremism on some issues, he is still a racist and dangerous man.

We are to respect the president. We are not to condone the racism, ever. It is buried beneath the surface, now, but it has not gone away:

1. His lack of respect for the Native Americans is racism.

2. His wholesale effort to ban Muslims but not other religious people from a certain number of nations is racist.

3. His efforts to build a wall to keep Mexican illegal aliens out has the support of the letter of the law in the USA. However, Trump has shown he is a racist and he is disrespectful of Mexico, a nation that has the ability to create nuclear weapons. This is not the kind of sovereignty of nations that God expected when he dispersed the peoples at the Tower of Babel. Nations should respect nations. When sovereignty becomes disrespectful, it becomes as dangerous as ex…

Mormon Zionist Mountain Meadows Massacre

The Mormon Zionist violence showed the theocracy of Mormonism to be a fake Zion. Mormonism and Brigham Young, either authorized or covered up this barbaric massacre that occurred in 1857. What a shameful and wicked and cowardly deed. And Young tried to blame the deed on the Paiute Indians when it was planned and carried out with their help, but the Mormons devised it.

From the account:

An early investigation was conducted by Brigham Young,[11] who interviewed John D. Lee on September 29, 1857. In 1858, Young sent a report to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs stating that the massacre was the work of Native Americans. The Utah War delayed any investigation by the U.S. federal government until 1859, when Jacob Forney,[17] and U.S. Army Brevet Major James Henry Carleton conducted investigations. In Carleton's investigation, at Mountain Meadows he found women's hair tangled in sage brush and the bones of children still in the…

Wikipedia, Fenley and SGM Fail to Uncover Gospel Truth

I will cover Wikipedia failings as well as the failings of Sovereign Grace Ministries (SG), and Ward Fenley, the preterist at eschatology dot com.

Wikipedia Fail

1. If you think you will find biblical truth on Wikipedia you will fail. First of all, the faithless website says this about the discussion of the Apostle Paul:

This article improperly uses one or more religious texts as primary sources without referring to secondary sources that critically analyze them. 
The bible needs no secondary analysis! All other writings must be analyzed by the Word of God. Sorry, Wikipedia you get a great big fail. The above sentence is faith destroying.

Now, the articles about the Apostle Paul and the New Covenant are a joke as well. Only it really isn't that funny. An entire article, which I won't link to, speaks about Paul without even bothering to speak to Romans 11. Romans 11 is clear. The genetic descendants of Jacob will be saved when there is a hardening of the Gentiles. That is not in…

Muslims Must Band with Jews to Stop Bannon White Supremacists

Muslims and Jews must band together* to stop the Steve Bannon/Donald Trump/Ihor Kolomoyskyi efforts to fuse Jews and Nazis to hate Muslims.

It is encouraging to see Jews work with Muslims to restore graves. Jews are restoring damaged Mosques. The tolerance boils down to a common humanity. It is the right thing to do.

The sick efforts of Steve Bannon to meld Jewish people and Nazi White Supremacists to do the will of the Zionists (a small subset of Jews and Gentiles in power), is nauseating to civilized human beings. We do not, as humans, have to agree in order to tolerate each other. The opposite of bigotry is tolerance, not agreement. 

It is time that the world reject the haters, the bigots. It is necessary because the alternative is world destruction. If you are for peace, you have to be for cooperation.

There is no other way. It is time that those who claim to be Christians, step up. But in reality, most bible belt Christians are white supremacist phonies. They won't step up to…

My Gedmatch Jewish Roots Force AntiIsrael Stance: Palestinian DNA

From the link above:

My Gedmatch Jewish roots are verified. It wasn't like I didn't already know. But when you are adopted, you want something concrete to back you up. I will list some charts below, but first, I want to tell you two things about Israel.

First, the African 9 test towards the end of this article shows that I am Yemeni Jewish and Ethiopian Jewish. Both of these groups made their way in recent times to Israel. Turns out they were mistreated. The Ethiopian Jews were mistreated by the racism they faced and still face in Israel. The Yemeni Jews had their babies stolen by a cruel nation.

Second, Israel, a colonial power, took away Palestinian land. But as you get into DNA, you realize that the Zionists stole the land from their biological brothers. Many Palestinians have ancient Hebrew DNA. It is true that they are not practicing Judaism, but neither do I. I am a New Covenant Christian.


Sent the Gospel and DNA Tests to Jewish Foundation

I sent the gospel and my DNA tests to a Jewish Foundation that had rejected the testing years before. But the testing is more specific now. All the Jewish strains can be located, from Yemeni to Ethiopian to Sephardic:
Hi *******,When I was in college, my Jewish roommate asked me, are you Jewish? I said, I don't know, I am adopted. He said I looked like his best friend in LA, an identical twin he said. So, I carried it around for years. I had my DNA tested this year. I have strong Sephardic and Ashkenazi roots, and Romanian Jew, Yemini Jew, Moroccan Jew, Ethiopian Jew and North African Jew. I am strongly both North Atlantic and Mediterranean. 
Here is a sample of one of the tests:Using 4 populations approximation:
1 Finn + Romanian_Jew + Spanish_Aragon_IBS + Spanish_Canarias_IBS @ 3.…

Here Are a Couple of MDLP Project DNA Results

Here are my Jewish root tests from the:
Magnus Ducatus Lituaniae Project
Threshold of components set to 1.000
Threshold of method set to 0.25%
Personal data has been read. 20 approximations mode.
Gedmatch.Com MDLP K16 Modern 4-Ancestors OracleThis program is based on 4-Ancestors Oracle Version 0.96 by Alexandr Burnashev.
Questions about results should be sent to him at:
Original concept proposed by Sergey Kozlov.
Many thanks to Alexandr for helping us get this web version developed.

MDLP K16 2xOracle and OracleX4

Admix Results (sorted):


Finished reading population data. 516 populations found.
16 components mode.


Least-squares method.

Using 1 population approximation:
1 Provencal @ 4.208039
2 French @ 4.661723
3 French @ 4.701299
4 German @ 6.130372
5 Portuguese @ 6.491543
6 Spanish @ 6.569108
7 Welsh @ 6.716729
8 Frenc…

My Gedmatch Sephardic and Moroccan Jewish DNA

Here is my Sephardic and Moroccan Jewish connection on Gedmatch, clearly defined:

l data has been read. 20 approximations mode.
Gedmatch.Com HarappaWorld 4-Ancestors OracleThis program is based on 4-Ancestors Oracle Version 0.96 by Alexandr Burnashev.
Questions about results should be sent to him at:
Original concept proposed by Sergey Kozlov.
Many thanks to Alexandr for helping us get this web version developed.

23 April 2013 - Oracle reference population percentages revised.

Admix Results (sorted):


Finished reading population data. 377 populations found.
16 components mode.


Least-squares method.

Using 1 population approximation:
1 french @ 7.677426
2 spaniard @ 10.572488
3 spaniard @ 11.531779
4 italian @ 14.496882
5 utahn-white @ 16.649788
6 hungarian @ 17.595961
7 british @ 17.715258
8 n-european @ 18.111269
9 …

Blind Faith and Alter Calls Are False Religion

Blind faith, faith not based on internal revelation of Jesus Christ at the time and place God chooses to reveal His Son, is false religion. Faith of the Bible is found in Hebrews, where faith is the evidence of things unseen. It is not blind trust in things unseen, the evidence is placed into the believer by divine power. The gospel message, which could be applied immediately or at a later time, stays with the elect of God to be used by him at the exact time determined for the elect to be transported into the Kingdom of God.

This divine revelation of the Son is a once and for all act of God. Abraham was justified by faith many times, according to the record, but the initial justification brought Abraham into the family of God. The elect from the Old Testament were formally admitted into the New Covenant Kingdom of God at the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as many were spotted among the populace of Jerusalem.

Alter calls have no power. Praying for someone to do steps to be saved has no…

Steve Bannon Is Territorial Warmonger and Is a Fake Christian

Steve Bannon, one of Donald Trump's closest advisers, is a fake Christian, subscribing to the doctrine of territorial religion. Christ was not territorial, as the New Zion is invisible and is not a part of this world's governments.

The government of Christ is the Apostles and Prophets, both Old Covenant and New Covenant, and their inspired words which have been left for us.

Do not be fooled, the idea of a "Christian" west warring against a "Muslim" middle east in a physical war is false religion. It has no place in the Kingdom of God. It is a curse that any of our leaders would think in that way. And Steve Bannon does actually think that way.

He is a dangerous religious fraud, foisted upon the nation by a billionaire who cannot be saved either because of his wealth.  Trump has the same opportunity to be included in the elect calling as a camel has the power to pass through the eye of the needle. That is zero opportunity.

So, we have two people who cannot b…

Phony Christian Donald Trump Muslim Ban Is Fusion of Church/State

Let's be clear, it is harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to be saved. Christ Himself taught us this. This means, Donald Trump, a very rich man, is not a Christian.

He cannot be a Christian, because divine election forbids it. Unbelief can only be overcome by divine intervention. This divine belief is not the same thing as believing your chair will hold you up. That is an everyday belief, and is not what happens to the elect when they are saved.

Donald Trump, the unbeliever, is attempting to fuse church and state by allowing nominal Christians to come into our nation from nations where Muslims are banned from coming. If he would ban everyone, it would not be a fusion of church and state. If he would vette everyone equally, it would not be fusion of church and state.

What he is doing should also be unconstitutional as well as being against Christ, who said His Kingdom was not of this world.

Apparently, the phony Christian did not get the mess…

Wicked Zionism Keeps Palestinian Money. This Is Theft

The wicked Zionists are keeping Palestinian money. This is pure theft. This is because the Palestinians want to act like a real nation they have the right to be. They want to join the International Criminal Court. But the Zionist war criminals won't let them.

Jewish people and descendants of Jews like myself must stand up against this theft. This is wicked, and people are having trouble struggling to make it in Palestinian territory, which, by the way, is also being taken by the Israelis against international law.

The fake Zion must stop doing this wickedness, which is salting away the wrath of God who is certaily more angered daily at this misuse of His name, of the name of His servant David, of the misuse or should I say the ignoring of the prophets, who said the New Zion would come in peace. The fake Zion that is Israel came in war, and that war is against international law and against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

It is time for the world to give Palestinians the right…

US Cursed As a Nation: Israeli Settlers Invited

We are cursed as a nation and now even more, as Donald Trump invites settlers, part of the war criminality of Israel, to attend his inauguration. We are cursed because supporting Israel is wrong, and now we are cursed even more for going against the will of the nations, as Trump wants to embrace settlers.

Clearly, the fake Zion, Israel, has occupied a people for over 60 years. Since I believe in separation of church and state, I don't believe the US should be engaged in a religious effort to uproot the fake Zion. God will do that. But I do believe we should cut off aid until there is a two state solution. Israel is using the tactic made famous by boxer Ali. It is called rope a dope. Israel will never voluntarily accept a two state solution as it talks about a solution, sometimes. The doctrine of Zionism will not permit a two state solution.
When a nation occupies another people as the Palestinians are occupied by Israel, placing settlers is considered a war crime according to inte…