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This timeline of the Book of Revelation, written after the destruction of the temple in 70 AD, was originally posted at this static page on this blog entitled Essential Articles/END TIMES:


Here is a brief timeline regarding the Book of Revelation. Clearly, the book of Revelation was written after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The real destruction was to follow.

And clearly also, most of the prophets who were killed were killed in Jerusalem. The Great City clearly refers to Jerusalem multiple times. However, the destruction of the beast does not. I am putting this timeline out there. I believe it has merit and makes more sense than other timelines, especially Dispensationalist timelines which are created out of thin air:

1. Rev chapter 18 speaks to the destruction of Jerusalem but was written after the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. It could speak to the completed destruction after 70 AD, in 135 AD, when Jerusalem was literally ploughed under. In 70 AD, 30,000 Hebrews were killed. In 135 AD, over 500 thousand Hebrews were slaughtered.

2. Rev 19 also refers to the Babylon, Jerusalem, being totally destroyed and 666, beast government domination of the city through the ages culminated in 135 AD.
609 – 605 BCE Egypt rules Judah                           4 years
Babylon rules scattered Israel with
capture of Assyrians Jer 50:17
605 – 539 BCE Babylon rules                                 66 years
539 – 332 BCE Medes/Persians                           207 years
332 – 140 BCE Greeks                                            192 years
63BCE – 135 CE Romans                                        197 years (Adjustment for no year zero)
                                                                                  TOTAL     666 years

The Heavenly Warrior Defeats the Beast

This part of Revelation 19 is open to interpretation. The Beast refers to man made government. There have been beasts all throughout history, empires that ruled the earth. The beast in Rev. 19 would likely refer to the Roman Empire. I believe that Constantine, who persecuted the Jews mercilessly, was the false prophet, or perhaps his theologian, Augustine. The Protestants were Augustinians. 

3. Rev 20 speaks to the time between the destruction of the Roman Empire and the creation of the new Roman Empire which is the British Empire. This is the 1000 years. The British Empire is where Gog and Magog, the statues of the Square Mile, dressed in Roman Uniforms are. And after the devil is loosed, with the British Empire and colonialism, and war taking over the earth, the end is soon. 

During this time, Romans 11 is fulfilled, with the Gentiles being hardened and the Jews being called to be in the church. This is not Dispensationalism or a different way of salvation for the Jews. Israel is a sign of the finality of the Times of the Gentiles (Luke 21:24), but Israel is not holy. It is a fake Zion. It is not a nation to be saved, since in the New Covenant, individuals are saved, Jews and Gentiles, but not nations. 

I testify that though my Jewish DNA tests and my election to faith, that my witness is to the beginning of the fulfillment of Romans 11. The hardening of the Gentiles and the salvation of the Jews is beginning in these last hours. This is not through a false Dispensationalist second way of salvation, but through the power of the gospel, just like salvation came to the Gentiles. 

4. Rev 21 is when the sun and moon is no longer needed. This is the end of time and the advent of the New Jerusalem.  

I believe this is my best interpretation of these events. 


Update: I posted the following to "Also Written, Robin's Blog". She provided this information on the 666, Mark of the Beast. But her interpretation of current times is wrong:

     You have many things in the past right. However, Romans 11 is not fulfilled by the physical Israel. The reason is, that Israel did not come in peace nor by the Messiah. The physical Israel is a fake Zion, and even the True Torah Jews understood it has nothing to do with the prophets speaking to the real, invisible Zion. You need to understand this, Robin. The Gentiles are hardened after the number God wanted were saved, and the elect Jews are grafted in to that church. There is one new man in Christ. There is not a separate way of salvation for the Jews. My DNA tests out Jewish. And Romans 11 is happening now. But Israel is Zionism, a fake Zion. Real Christians must expose that evil nation, who has oppressed the Palestinians who have as much Hebrew DNA as they do. And the Zionists stole their land. Just like the Americans stole Indian land and the Australians stole Aborigine land and Cecil Rhodes stole African lands. Rhodes and Herzl communicated.

It is time for Jews to be saved, but not time for any physical nation, including Israel to ever be considered holy, again.


Update: Revelations 11 and 12 are difficult to interpret, but remember, the immediate audience to John's vision was the early church that was still filled with some believers. The interpretation of these must be taken in context. There is nothing left in prophesy but the salvation of the elect Jews though faith in Christ and not through Dispensationalist mumbo jumbo, and the destruction of this world by fire, through the return of Jesus Christ.

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