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New Covenant Theology doctrine is essential to understanding the truth of Christ. Just learned: Israel was a beast. Micah 4:13 shows this trait.

Most of the prophesies of the Apostles concerning soon to happen events took place soon after those prophesies. That should the the general rule in any attempt to interpret the Apostles' prophesies and the book of Revelation.

This timeline of the Book of Revelation, was originally posted at this static page on this blog entitled Essential Articles/END TIMES.

Please note that this is subject to change. The more I learn the more I will pass along. I have already made changes. For example, I now believe that the code 666 is certainly up for interpretation. Second, the physical teaches of the spiritual. Third, the beast is often spoken of in the Old Testament as being an unbelieving Israel. Any effort to identify the beasts in Revelation should at least consider that fact. Fourth, the time period of the writing of the book of Revelation is open for debate and I do not consider it a test of faith. I do consider postponing most of the historical events of the Revelation until current time to be a crucial mistake and that mistake must be avoided.


  1. I am a Partial Preterist, meaning that I believe most events in the book of Revelation likely took place prior to 70 AD or soon after. I reject the full Preterist doctrine that the resurrection is past. The Romans 11 grafting in the natural branches is now happening as the Times of the Gentiles is fulfilled per Luke 21:24. All the above is required faith for believers to continue in the faith.

And clearly also, most of the prophets who were killed were killed in Jerusalem. The Great City clearly refers to Jerusalem multiple times. I have come to believe that Israel was the beast that rejected Christ. All but the elect of course. However, I do not believe anyone has a complete handle on the book of Revelation!

 I am putting this timeline out there. I believe it has merit and makes more sense than other timelines, especially Dispensationalist timelines which are created out of thin air.

But the details like who was the man of perdition is not a required test of faith. But these activities took place soon after prophesied by the Apostles. All that is left is those who descended from Jacob to be brought into the elect according to Romans Chapter 11. 

1. Rev chapter 18 speaks to the destruction of Jerusalem but was it written after the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD? It could speak to the completed destruction after 70 AD, in 135 AD, when Jerusalem was literally ploughed under. In 70 AD, 30,000 Hebrews were killed. In 135 AD, over 500 thousand Hebrews were slaughtered. But the prophesy of the destruction of Jerusalem that surprised the city was the destruction of the temple. I cannot be dogmatic about the time this Revelation was created.

2. Rev 19 also refers to the Mystery Babylon, Jerusalem, being totally destroyed and one interpretation of 666, beast government domination of the city through the ages culminated in 135 AD, although 70 AD was also a destruction of the City.

Here is one interpretation of 666, and while plausible is by no means the only plausible interpretation. There are more.
609 – 605 BCE Egypt rules Judah                           4 years
Babylon rules scattered Israel with
capture of Assyrians Jer 50:17
605 – 539 BCE Babylon rules                                 66 years
539 – 332 BCE Medes/Persians                           207 years
332 – 140 BCE Greeks                                            192 years
63BCE – 135 CE Romans                                        197 years (Adjustment for no year zero)
                                                                                  TOTAL     666 years
The evil man could have been Hadrian. But Hadrian was not immediate. Some have said that 666 refers to Solomon as a prototype of the Zealots who had the AntiChrist. Some have said it refers to Nero or Domitian or Caligula. No one could buy and sell under Domitian (81AD-96AD). I lean toward Domitian.This cannot be a test of faith. It happened, and the saints alive at the time were warned. That is all we have to be concerned about.

The Heavenly Warrior Defeats the Beast

Again, this part of Revelation 19 is open to interpretation. The Beast refers to man made government and or men, and certainly to the unbelieving Israel that rejected Christ. There have been beasts all throughout history, empires that ruled the earth. The beast in Rev. 19 could likely refer to the Roman Empire but it is more likely a reference to Israel, the wife God divorced as spoken of by Jeremiah 3:8. 

It is possible that Constantine, who persecuted the Jews mercilessly, was the false prophet, or perhaps his theologian, Augustine. The Protestants were Augustinians. But those men came long after the prophetic words of letter to the Thessalonians. The man of perdition was likely related to Zealots in 66 AD or to one of the immediate Roman Emperors (Domitian or Nero) or to a High Priest of the Temple.

But I am not making that a test of faith. These are difficult passages. It is best to be silent than to be sure and be wrong. 

3. The man of perdition may have been a Zealot or the last high priest who was an imposter, or less likely, maybe Hadrian or perhaps bishops who led to Constantine and Popes. Hadrian, destroyed the city in 135 AD by ploughing it under. Prior to that he built a temple to Jupiter and himself so he could be worshipped in Jerusalem. But is this a fulfillment of 2 Thessalonian 2:4? 

We would have to understand what Paul was referring to when he spoke of the Temple of God. In the New Covenant the Temple of God are the believers. Hadrian parked his temple to himself in Jerusalem, which, by that time, was the territorial center of a covenant that had been rolled away. So, I can't be sure it is Hadrian. It may have something to do with Rome which is the empire God hated. It could refer to Israel who rejected Christ and his apostles. Certainly the last high priest was a fraudulent person leading up to 70 AD. 

4. Rev 20 This passage may refer to right after the Resurrection (or to the time between the destruction of the Roman Empire) to the creation of the new Roman Empire which is the British Empire. This is the 1000 years. Could be literal, maybe not.

The British Empire is where Gog and Magog, the statues of the Square Mile, dressed in Roman Uniforms are. And after the devil is loosed, with the British Empire and colonialism, and war taking over the earth, the end is soon. Gog and Magog are statures paraded out yearly in Roman uniforms and they "protect" the Square Mile, Londinium, the seat of world finance. 

Now please understand, ruling with Christ started with the deaths of the saints. So, thousand years may be more symbolic, but clearly Gog and Magog and the abuses of world finance, the massive world wars, are a result of Satan being loosed. 

During this time, Romans 11 is fulfilled, with the Gentiles being hardened and the Jews being called to be in the church. This is not Dispensationalism or a different way of salvation for the Jews. Israel is a sign of the finality of the Times of the Gentiles (Luke 21:24), but Israel is not holy. It is a fake Zion. It is not a nation to be saved, since in the New Covenant, individuals are saved, Jews and Gentiles, but not nations. 

I testify that through my Jewish DNA tests and my election to faith, that my witness is to the beginning of the fulfillment of Romans 11. The hardening of the Gentiles and the salvation of the Jews is beginning in these last hours. This is not through a false Dispensationalist second way of salvation, but through the power of the gospel, just like salvation came to the Gentiles. 

5. Rev 21 is when the sun and moon is no longer needed. This is the end of time and the advent of the New Jerusalem. Or it could refer to the Great Tribulation of 70 AD. This destruction of Jerusalem was dreadful as prophesied by Christ. 

I believe this is my best interpretation of these events. 



A. Revelations 11 and 12 are difficult to interpret, but remember, the immediate audience to John's vision was the early church that was still filled with some believers. The interpretation of these must be taken in context. There is nothing left in prophesy but the salvation of the elect Jews though faith in Christ [not through Dispensationalist mumbo jumbo], and the destruction of this world by fire, through the return of Jesus Christ.

Clearly the Temple that is measured in Revelation 11 is difficult to interpret. If Revelation was written prior to 70 AD, then the temple described could be the physical temple not destroyed until 70 AD. This is speculation. Some say the book was written later. 

B. The Full Preterists are wrong in using Revelation and particularly the Temple as proof Christ has returned in his second coming, during those days of tribulation. Christ through the saints did come with the gospel at that time to judge the Old Covenant. 

C. The beast governments, 8 of them listed, are fairly understandable as to the first 6. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome. But past that it is better to be silent than wrong. Israel is a beast. Micah 4:13 describes beastly qualities of Israel! What is important is that we know that symbolic Babylon was Jerusalem, where the blood of the prophets was. It is also Sodom and Egypt, where the Lord was crucified.

We need to know that this tribulation happened in the past, and that we await the salvation of the elect Jews, with a process that has already started, through the New Covenant, not through Dispensationalism.

The Sixth seal was the Great Tribulation against Jerusalem culminating in destruction of the temple of the Hebrews in 70 AD.

The current Israel is not holy. You cannot be a Christian and a Zionist although you could be a Christian and a resident of Israel or with the Palestinians.  The elect will escape false doctrines and come to see that in Christ are all the promises fulfilled.

D. Revelation 7 and 8 have passed. The elect Jews, 144 thousand, were saved. Satan fell from the sky. Christ said He saw this. The Great tribulation in Mt 24 was likely 70 AD as Jesus warns to flee Judea. Compare 2 Thes 2: 2-3 which speaks to the rebellion when the temple was destroyed, a final rolling away of all pertaining to the Old Covenant. The First Jewish War, the Rebellion, was 66 to 73 AD. The man of perdition was revealed then!

But the Great Tribulation of Rev ch 7:14 may be all that the Gentile elect went through. It is not the same as the Great Tribulation that required fleeing from Judea.

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