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My DNAJewish Connection

I sent this to my family: 

So, we know that the Cohen relationship I sent you in the last email had the largest centimorgan of 4.9. But there were 9 genetic connections to me on 5 chromosomes with Mr Whipp. This is what it means:

These relationships took place too long ago to create a tree connection. That is what is called a false positive. That does not mean there is no genetic link. What it means is these relationships took place, as we know by history, prior to 1492 when Mr Whipp's ancestor, Cohen de Lara, and most everyone Jewish, were booted out of Spain!

The relationships are real, just not tree worthy. Well, that is not what is important in my mind regarding this. I have currently 90 Ashkenazi relationships that are over 7 centimorgans at 23 and me and who say they are Ashkenazi. Lots of these folks who were Jewish either converted to Catholicism, forgot their being Jewish, or practiced their religion in secret as Crypto Jews. Genetically, we are connected to many people who have no idea they have Ashkenazi and Sephardic Judaism in their lines. They have no clue. 

So, because we don't fit a Jewish cluster with my Y111 test does not mean that we don't have many Jewish people in our line. We do in fact have many Jewish people in our line. 

And speaking of Cohen, many of my cousins are Levites. Cohens were a part of the Levitical priesthood, while the Levites were also, being the administratiors of the Temple of God, and musicians and organizers of stuff. There were other tribes, like Judah. 

Here are a few of my cousins names on Gedmatch above 7 cM in my M kit, many Jewish names with multiple kits. Lewis, Lear, Lyon (possibly tribe of Judah), Lefkowitz (possibly tribe of Judah), Leov, Zenker, Trammel, Colberg, Mandel, Solish, Sparks, Burns, Roper, Wynn, Abrahams, Hitchcock (Yitzchok), Bolton, Stiglitz, Marx, Martin, Schlesinger (this is also German, which Jews adopted, but with the list of Jews in my cousin base, it is likely Jewish), Sowry, Harris, Sader, Gombash (Hungarian Jewish),  Jakoweiczuk (Romanian Jewish also related to Mandel above), Wangsness, Sills (Silverman, IE Beverly Sills), and the list is only a little more than half done. And many Spanish, likely Sephardic names are in my list. Hope this helps!

Gary Anderson (Ramirez)

And here are more likely Jewish cousins:

 Abramson, Berzin, Bickel, Lambert, Lewandowski, Rosenstengal, Rivers, Smiseck, Walters, Pearl, Engle, Sandbergs, Schnier and Levitsky.


The transition from the times of the Gentiles to the times of Jewish people being saved is in full mode. Not many are saved but those who are are saved by the power of the gospel, not by the power of Old Covenant law, which never could save anyone. 


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My Gedmatch Sephardic and Moroccan Jewish DNA

Here is my Sephardic and Moroccan Jewish connection on Gedmatch, clearly defined:

l data has been read. 20 approximations mode.
Gedmatch.Com HarappaWorld 4-Ancestors OracleThis program is based on 4-Ancestors Oracle Version 0.96 by Alexandr Burnashev.
Questions about results should be sent to him at:
Original concept proposed by Sergey Kozlov.
Many thanks to Alexandr for helping us get this web version developed.

23 April 2013 - Oracle reference population percentages revised.

Admix Results (sorted):


Finished reading population data. 377 populations found.
16 components mode.


Least-squares method.

Using 1 population approximation:
1 french @ 7.677426
2 spaniard @ 10.572488
3 spaniard @ 11.531779
4 italian @ 14.496882
5 utahn-white @ 16.649788
6 hungarian @ 17.595961
7 british @ 17.715258
8 n-european @ 18.111269
9 …