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I Write Letters to Faithless Churches

I write letters to faithless churches. Some look to have a lot of truth, but in the final analysis they don't. Here is a recent letter:


I really don't expect much. I write letters to phony Christians all the time. I think you are close to the truth in some issues, but you have not thought it out. The Christ is in the details.

So, I will get to the point. I fellowshipped with Jon Zens for many years. There was no blessing there. It was only fruitful to understand some things about the Protestants.

So, here are a few things I believe.

1. The gospel is the power of God. As stated in the confession of 1646, the terrors of the law are in no way necessary to gospel conviction. Truth is, those convicted by the law are not saved in any way. The gospel alone is the sword of the Spirit.

2. Abraham was justified multiple times. His first justification was when he walked with God. Once a man or woman is justified, he cannot become unjustified. However, faith is reckoned to the account of the elect through life to the end of life. Righteousness of Christ is counted to our account at every exercise of faith! Because of predestination, this should not be confused with the Catholic doctrine from hell saying men can be justified and unjustified and justified again.

3. Covenant theology and Dispensationalism are false doctrines from hell.

4. The 1689 2nd London confession was a falling away.

5. I will fellowship with amils, but truly, the 1000 years was between the end of Rome and the beginning of the New Rome, the British Empire. Gog and Magog are Roman garbed statues who "protect" the seat of world finance, the Square Mile, Londinium.

6. Since the elect could be burned, it is foolish to believe God could not collect the molecules that make up an elect person. The idea that people must be buried and not cremated is simply retarded.

7. Romans 11 is happening now. I am 2 percent Ashkenazi according to and Sephardic (Sephardic with natural father named Ramirez who say they were Sephardic). I have the DNA of Jacob. The Gentiles are being rejected, as you can see by the few who believe the gospel is the power from beginning to the end, the new Law of Christ being faith.

But most Jews or those with Jewish DNA are stuck in Protestantism and are lost. There are more legalistic Jews than Sarah Jews.

8.  Christ was begotten at the Resurrection and sits on the Davidic throne now. He was never begotten eternally, a silly but wicked doctrine no better than teaching that Christ was created.

Thanks for your time.

Gary Anderson (Ramirez)


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