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Ancient DNA Reveals Descendant of Jacob

I am a descendant of Jacob, fulfilling the prophesy of Paul in Romans 11. Here is an ancient DNA test that shows my strong ancient diaspora Jewish ties.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to find out if they have certain DNA. Ancient Gedrosia K3 test helps find that DNA, a middle east DNA. Mine shows Assyrian Empire and Jewish, from a diaspora long ago, before 70 AD. Likely the Babylonian and or earlier Assyrian Empire diaspora! It is not the same as current autosomal analysis but the results come from autosomal testing. I thought this was cool for people to see what they have and it is necessary to test your DNA and put your kit on Gedmatch in order to run this sort of Admixture Test. I have very little modern Jewish, just a little. But in the ancient world, my ancestors were Jewish on my father's side. His last name was Ramirez and was Iberian:
So, here is my understanding. I have a little diaspora with triangulation with some AJ's over 10 cM. I have triangulation with some…