Beware, Martin Beeber and Chosen Ministries are Fake!

Please beware, the Chosen Ministries and Martin Beeber are fake. And here is the hard part. They know a lot of correct theology. They know about predestination, about the new law of Christ, about people chosing to follow the holy days or not. They understand a lot.

But they sell the gospel. Their books are everywhere According to Paul he was approved by God because he did not sell the gospel. This is a warning to separate, and walk alone if need be. If you want to fellowship by email, contact me. I will not sell you anything. I have some political books but they are about the failings of world government and they are not focused on the gospel except to direct those interested to  

But Marshall Beeber has titles speaking to guarding the gospel, and about grace. This is not acceptable.

I am at bgamall at gmail dot com or bgamall4 at yahoo dot com. Please walk out of this selling of the gospel and walk alone if you must. Find fellowship if you can but under your rules and your requirements according to the gospel.

It is time for Jewish believers. The Times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. There is one gospel for Jew and Gentile, and all people are saved by grace, none by law. But the Gentiles are all saved if we are to believe Luke and Romans 11.

I stand by that truth. We are in the last hours. Separate to save your blessing as elect in Christ.

There is one Second Coming. We await the return of Christ. The elect will escape the doom of the world. There is no secret rapture and future tribulation. Tribulation happened to the Jews at 70 AD and 135 AD at the hands of the Romans.

If you have just a little Jewish DNA you are a descendant of Jacob. Unbelief is the greatest sin. Believe in Christ, and that remains the command to the end! And the end is near! 


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