The Gospel Alone is the Power of God

The central theme of this blog remains this truth, that the Gospel of Christ is the sole power of God in those saved by divine election. This truth destroys the Protestants followers of Augustine. Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, the Puritans, Charles Spurgeon, Billy Graham, all were false preachers of the power of law guilt in salvation.

Flee from their churches and realize that there even among the so called New Covenant Theologians, there is simply no truth regarding the law. They all sell the gospel.

Even Jon Zens, who I helped escape the Puritan falsehood back in 1979-1980, is selling the gospel, and is not standing according to the truth of the gospel. And of course I have never been credited for showing Jon that Flavel saying one must stand in the way of grace was a false teaching opposed to the gospel, yet consistent with Protestantism. And Flavel was not the only Protestant, ie follower of the Reformation, Calvin and Luther, to speak this way:

Joseph Alleine - "Being thus prepared, on some convenient time set apart for the purpose, enter upon the work, and solemnly, as in the presence of the Lord, fall down on your knees and spreading forth your hands towards heaven open your heart to the Lord in these, or the like words: [a prayer three pages long follows]This covenant I advise you to make, not only in heart, but in word; not only in word, but in writing; and that you would with all possible reverence spread the writing before the Lord, as if you would present it to Him as your act and deed. And when you have done this, set your hand to it and sign it. Keep it as a memorial of the solemn transactions that have passed between God and you, that you may have recourse to it in doubts and temptations" (Alarm To The Unconverted [1671; Banner of Truth, 1976], pp. 117-120).
John Flavel - "Objection: But you have told us that no sinner can open his own heart, nor bow his own will to Christ? Answer: True, he cannot convert himself, but he may do many things in order to it, and which have a tendency to it, which he does not doIf it be not in your power to open your heart to Christ, it is in your power to forbear the external acts of sin, which set your heart the more against ChristObjection: [After all our striving] we may be Christless and hopeless when all is done. Answer: But yet remember, God may bless these weak endeavors, and give you his Almighty Spirit with them: nay, it is highly probable that he will do so; and is a strong probability nothing with you?" (Christ Knocking At the Door of Sinners' Hearts, pp. 58, 60).
George Whitefield - "Wait therefore at Wisdom's gates. The bare probability of having a door of mercy opened, is enough to keep you striving . . . You know not but you may be in the number of those few, and that your striving may be the means which God intends to bless, to give you an entrance in . . . For though after you have done all that you can, God may justly cut you off. Yet never was a single person damned who did all that he could" (Memories of George Whitefield, John Gillies [1834], sermon on John 16:8, p. 418).

This is a false gospel. Period.

Truth is, it is not financially helpful to condemn the Protestants like I have. But you can only serve God or Mammon. Not both.

The gospel of Christ is all that is necessary as we see in Acts Chapter two. No law was needed. Same for Paul who took only the Gospel to the Gentiles. This is the doctrine upon which all others stand or fall.

Either you have been called by the gospel from unbelief, or you are still in your sins. There is no other way. The elect are few, fewer than can be imagined.

Keep in mind that Jon Zens understands that the law is both fulfilled by Christ's life and set aside by Christ's death on the cross. He understands that the hope of Israel is Christ. But that is not enough!

You never hear the words, the gospel is the sole power of God coming from him. You don't hear that the gospel convicts of unbelief. And what is missing in Jon is the hatred of selling the gospel! Paul was approved because he did not sell the gospel!

The non elect can understand from scripture that the law is not used for salvation as Protestants claim. They can understand from scripture that the there is a righteousness apart from the law, as Paul says.

However, they cannot understand the conviction of unbelief, the actual intervention of the gospel into the hearts of the elect! They cannot understand that which has not happened to them!

And even in 2018, Zens is promoting a book by another, Frank Viola. This book is ridiculous. It shouldn't be sold. The gospel is not for sale! Paul said so.

By the way, if a person is really called to be a Christian, where he or she is baptized makes no difference and the need to be rebaptized is FALSE. Yet in Viola's book, as a portion was shared by Zens, the need to be rebaptised is approved.

No, a really called person, no matter where he is baptised, is baptised!

Are you looking for a church? Forget it. Fellowshiop with believers, but if you cannot find someone who understands the gospel, do so online. Stand outside the gate with Christ, alone, if necessary.

I am here for you. I do not, purposely, seek out fellowship if fellowship is not to be found. I am 69 years old and have not found fellowship. I tried for years, and years. I hope to find fellowship but I am not holding my breath. This blog is my fellowship to you.

Few believe the truth of the gospel and are content not to sell it. And those few have not contacted me. My email is bgamall4 at yahoo dot com. My email is open for any to contact me with the testimony of Christ.

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