Christ is Elect Jews Second Coming, Not Trump

Donald Trump is ungodly in his acknowledgement of a tweet that claimed Trump was the Second Coming of God for Israel.

That Donald Trump would seek to claim he is Israel's king is terrible unbelief. It should repel Jewish people and real Christians. Pray for this deluded buffoon.

The elect Jews and other descendants of Jacob, like Latinos and other ethnic groups, who are called to be Christians, will rejoice that the True Christ will triumph over Trump. The secular and religious nations (all national governments) are not the governments of God. The Apostles are the government of God.

We are in the last hours when jokers like Trump delude themselves.

Christ is the King of Israel and is ruling on the throne of David now. Acts 13:33 and other scriptures are clearly teaching the truth of Christ's kingship.

But this Israel Christ is king of is spiritual Israel, the New Covenant believers. Once He comes back with a shout, the elect will rise and the dead in Christ will be reunited with their bodies.

The Second Coming is not for the nation of Israel but for the chosen in Christ who have descended from Jacob from the world over. It is for the elect in Christ according to Roman's 11.

There may not be many, but the elect will hear and believe with predetermined gospel faith, not of the free will or efforts of man.

 Believe in Christ!

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