The Law of Moses Is a Curse

Yes it is true. The law of Moses is a curse. The law is good, but it is external to the heart. It is a curse to mankind because it condemns mankind to failure.

But Christ kept the law and offered the perfect sacrifice to free the chosen from the curse! Galatians 3:13.

The law of Christ is a law of freedom and faith reckoned to the accounts of the elect til the end of life is a law which will result in spiritual success. Those in Christ are freed from the law of sin and death.

Scriptures for study: Eph 2:15 (law is abolished), Heb 8:13 (Old Covenant is abolished), 2 Cor 3:6 (the letter kills), Heb 7:11,12,18,19 9 (Change of priesthood brings change of law.)

The New Covenant shows that they laws of the heart are closer to the soul (Sermon on the Mount), than the Old Testament external law. But we are justified by faith, not by sinless perfection!

Since the law of Moses has no power, being external, it cannot save, and cannot even cause initial movement toward salvation at all. Romans 8:3 And the elect Christian is justified by faith, not through the works of the law. Rom 3:28 Also, no one is justified by the law! Gal 3:11

All the Protestants and Catholics who elevate the law of Moses in any way above the gospel or equal to the gospel are lost. Their gospel is a false one!!

If you do as the Covenant Theologians and rebuild that which Christ torn down by His death and resurrection, then you are a transgressor. Gal 2:18 paul is clear, if the Gentiles submitted to circumcision (as a means of obeying God according to the legalists), Christ did not benefit them. Gal 5:2-3

If so called Jewish Christians think there is an added blessing in keeping Sabbaths, that is false religion as well. Hebrews chapter 4 is clear. The New Covenant Sabbath is faith, not a day!

Dispensationalists also misuse the law of Moses by saying the book of Revelation belongs to the nation of Israel and not the believers, the body of Christ. Do not be deceived. Those who seek to reestablish that Covenant that Christ destroyed with His death and resurrection are transgressors of Christ's law of faith! They cannot be saved while chasing after Dispensationalism.

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