My Autosomal DNA Reveals Jewish

Update: We know that DNA washes out. So, many could have connections to the Middle East, or North Africa, or the Mediterranean, show no Jewish DNA, and still be Jacob's descendants according to Romans 11. This is an important fact of DNA. Sometimes you may not inherit DNA from distant grandparents. Perhaps research in the future will somehow change this science to help us see better into the past.

Therefore, if any are called to be Christians, know that my example of having Jewish DNA, Ashkenazi and Sephardic, is an example of the truth of Romans 11 given for your faith, and Luke's passage concerning the fullness of the Gentiles being completed has been proven.

I relate, through Admixture and also with triangulation with known Ashkenazi and Sephardic cousins, in trace amounts, bearing witness to the natural grafting of branches as revealed in Romans chapter 11, but does not define the DNA of all Christians. 

The fullness of the Gentiles has been fulfilled as seen in Luke chapter 21. Physical Israel is a sign of this according to Jesus Christ, but physical Israel is not the new Zion. It is not authorized by God to be a Zion. It was founded by atheists.

Keep in mind that the Gedrosia K3 test at Gedmatch does show ancient Jewish DNA. I have results down this page for you from that test. For those of you who cannot find much current Jewish DNA, sometimes you can find ancient Jewish DNA for a Diaspora that could have been from Babylonian and Assyrian times.

Most Ashkenazi Jews have this ancient DNA, but they likely returned to Israel, while my ancients did not return to Israel!


While disputing endless genealogies has nothing to do with the gospel and the power of God, the Scripture says that the blood descendants of the Hebrews would be grafted back into the olive tree.

Note that Gedmatch is where the test results show below were taken. Gedmatch does not accept Y tests but accepts autosomal tests from Family Tree DNA, 23andme, and Ancestry, as well as a few lesser brands.  Y tests are good for the projects on FTDNA, however. But Y testing is expensive.

I tested with all three major autosomal companies. Ancestry found my nephews. 23andme found the exact chromsomes where my Ashkenazi Jewish DNA resides. That helped me in going to the free  Gedmatch and finding triangulated cousins on those chromosomes and the overlapping segments that prove we are all related to each other.

Gedmatch has a tier one program you could pay for one time if you want. 10 bucks as of this writing for tier one for a month. You can run each chromosome and I ran the triangulation for chromosome 6 and chromosome 22, where my Ashkenazi Jewish relatives were found!

Paul viewed descendants of Israel as a race, a line of people by blood. He spoke in terms of physical descendants of Jacob. In Romans 11 the Apostle did not put a religious test upon the descendants. That was revealed to him before any DNA testing existed by a couple of thousand years! The prophesy of Paul is being fulfilled at this very time in history! 

The elect are Christians, not followers of Judaism or they turn from Judaism to Christ, hence the emphasis by Paul of blood lineage. The natural branches are being grafted onto the olive tree!

If you know you are chosen, and Christ is revealed in you, no test is required. There is desire of some Christians for the salvation of some Gentiles, as Paul held out hope for the Jews who had been hardened, that some of them would be saved. But that is Paul speaking as a man, wishing the best for his people. God hardened the Jews in his lifetime, for almost 2000 years!

 But if you think you are Jacob by blood, it is not necessary to test to find out as I have done it here. If you cannot afford it you have nothing to worry about. The time has come, and the prophesy is being fulfilled! Your passage from unbelief to faith is the essence of gospel power. No testing is ever required!

In Romans 11, the Apostle Paul is not talking about this or that individual being cut off, as the elect will continue in belief to the end of life. He is talking about Jews being hardened as a race, and then Gentiles as a whole being hardened, with physical Israel being a sign only of this hardening, while Jews start to be called at the very end of time.

We pray some Gentiles can still be saved by election but the focus of God is now upon those descendants by blood or by religion from the natural root. And it clearly appears that Paul is talking about a gene pool, not trying to pin down specific family tree relationships:

Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in, 26and in this waye all Israel will be saved. As it is written:
“The deliverer will come from Zion;
he will turn godlessness away from Jacob.
27And this isf my covenant with them
when I take away their sins.”g
Jacob is Israel regarding this prophecy, although the invisible Church is the New Israel. He was the patriarch of all 12 tribes. His descendants, according to the vision of Jacob's ladder, would live to see redemption. The Apostle Paul says the elect from Israel, ie from Jacob, would be grafted in to the olive tree in the very last days.

Paul said in other places that all the world would be saved, meaning all the elect throughout the world. All Israel being saved is all the elect from the descendants of Jacob would be saved.

And here we are in the last days, just happening to have DNA as a way of verifying genetic roots. It is almost as if Paul anticipated this ability, or at least God certainly did when he told Paul to write the inspired revelation in the book of Romans.

That means if you find yourself called to be a Christian by the grace and power of God apart from free will, you may be interested in finding out your DNA roots, not by endless dispute, but by science. It is not a test of faith. It is simply for your knowledgeThe Y test with STR's is valuable for the projects, but Family Finder and/or Ancestry and/or 23 And Me Tests with SNPs are better to start, and can be uploaded for free to Gedmatch. 

Upload those tests to Gedmatch, and they give easy directions, and you can run the tests like you see below.

Males in the family can take the Y. Do not let these results shake your faith. True Christians will not have their faith shaken and endure in faith to the end of life. DNA washes out. 

Males in the family can take the Y. Do not let these results shake your faith. True Christians will not have their faith shaken and endure in faith to the end of life.

There are multiple charts of tests below. My mother was English and Jewish DNA connection is through my father who was Iberian and was named Ramirez. I have mostly 1. northern European and 2. East and West Mediterranean roots. More tests follow.

This is HarrapaWorld by Chromosomes at

HarappaWorld Admixture Proportions

This utility uses the HarappaWorld model, created by Zack. Questions and comments about this model
should be directed to him at or to his HarappaWorld blog.
We appreciate him making this excellent tool available here. 

Kit Number: T047843   Iteration: 209   Delta-Q: 6.271785e-08   Elapsed Time: 22.88 seconds

PopulationChr--> 1    2345678910111213141516171819202122
S-Indian1.30.82.1-    -    -    -    -    -    -    1.3-    -    
Baloch2.79.912.    3.318.83.2
Caucasian9.312.920.    4.9
SE-Asian-    -    0.9-    -    -    3.24.2-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    
Siberian-    -    3.4-    -    1.7-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    0.5-    1.4-    -    -    
NE-Asian0.3-    -    -    -    2.0-    -    -    2.0-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    
Papuan-    -    0.12.9-    -    -    -    1.10.8-    3.4-    -    -    -    -    1.7-    1.3-    -    
American-    -    -    3.7-    0.40.1-    -    2.7-    -    -    -    0.20.2-    -    0.7-    -    4.3
Beringian-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    2.31.1-    -    -    -    2.7-    0.60.3
San0.5-    -    -    -    1.30.4-    -    1.10.3-    0.4-    -    -    -    -    -    0.5-    -    
E-African4.2-    -    0.1-    0.50.1-    -    -    0.3-    1.4
Pygmy-    1.4-    2.72.3-    -    -    -    2.61.6-    -    -    3.6-    -    
W-African4.9-    -    -    2.3-    1.8-    10.70.6-    5.82.9-    2.2-    -    -
Number of SNPs eval:1496114946126301098811458122231020010504926510207924692687058641659506187544059803833527930273107

Jtest is just a guide. The author has said it is not that useful.  But scroll down for more of my results. I cannot show you the Jews I triangulate with because they are confidential. But they number close to 200.

Someone who is fully Ashkenazi is going to show only about 29%, Jewish on the J test. The rest of my Jewishness is going to be included in Eastern Mediterranean, or Middle Eastern, or possibly other areas. I tested Yemenite Jewish, North African Jewish, Romanian Jewish, Mozabite, Moroccan Jewish, and Ethiopian Jewish. When Paul said that the descendants of Jacob would be called he made no attempt to indicate a threashhold for how much DNA was necessary to be a descendant. I assume it is any amount DNA which proves the line from Jacob.

I also tested strongly Sephardic/Moroccan Jewish.

See also my Belmonte connection:

Wikipedia has this to say about these Jews that were outside Israel prior to the Diaspora:

Additionally, four Yemenite Jewish Y haplogroups (E3b1, E3b1b, J1, and R1b10) are also shared with other Jewish populations (including Ashkenazi, Iraqi, Libyan, and Moroccan Jews), as well as Druze and Palestinians. This paternal similarity across Jewish populations is consistent with the theory that most Jewish Diaspora populations share more paternal ancestry than maternal ancestry (Thomas et al., 2002)......In contrast, molecular genetic data support descent from ancient Israeli exiles due to haplotypes shared with other Jewish populations (as seen in the Y chromosome) in addition to shared East African and more generalized Middle Eastern ancestry (supported by both mtDNA and Y). [94]
Regarding Israel and  Zionism, it a colonial project funded by the Rothschilds that was established only 200 years ago. It is a project that is not authorized by God other than as a sign, as the real New Zion is established by divine action, ie, the perfect sacrifice.

Israel should live peacefully with the Palestinians, many  of whom have Ashkenzi and North African Jewish DNA from ancient times. They deserve respect that they are not getting. Their land was stolen from them by the colonists.

The end that many Zionists have for the Levitical descendants including the Cohens is to service a new Israeli temple. This does NOT have the authority of God, and is a great deception if it is ever permitted to come to pass.

The Old Covenant and inferior sacrifices are done, for good. Christ, who offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for the elect in Christ, is not after the order of the Levites.

So, those who know they are of the tribe of Levi have no authority to establish the priesthood, although it is amazing to contemplate that you were tied by the Y test to the patriarchs. This is awe inspiring.

My Y test is not Cohenic.

But DNA does not make a Christian superior to another Christian. The power of the gospel as the only way of salvation for Jews and Gentiles is equal for all. There is one new man in Christ, as the Apostle Paul says, made up of Jew and Gentile. It is just that the Gentiles (meaning those with no ancient or modern Jewish DNA) have all been saved.

In closing, please keep in mind that the nation of Israel is not a true Zion. Paul would never have considered a true Zion without Christ. And since Jesus Christ said that His Kingdom is not of this world in the New Covenant age, Israel or Mormon Utah or any other Zion that is physical in nature is not a true Zion. Paul was concerned that out the blood lines of Jews at the very end of time would arise believers in Christ since the hardening is over. But this is not Paul condoning fake physical Zions. Christians live in peace with all men and women, and even do not seek to harm those Zions which are not the true, spiritual Zion. God will judge them, not mankind.


Here is a list that is not exhaustive, of some names that may be linked to Jewish heritage, some more than others on a regular basis. If you are adopted as I am, or do not have a family tree or want to verify your family tree some of these surnames may have Jewish descendants carrying these surnames. Your DNA test will connect you to many relatives from second cousins outward, who have these last names. You can at least verify your roots on places like Gedmatch, if you cannot verify your parents. See also the list for Sephardic Jewish names:

Ackerman, Acosta, Adamczyk, Adame, Adams, Adcock, Adler, Agafonova, Alhasov, Allen, Alomar, Altif, Ames, Anadell, Anderson, Aravena, Arday, Ardmore, Arevalo, Ashby, Augustine, Axelrod, Ayala, Barelkowski, Becker, Behnke, Beizaee, Bell, Benzicron, Berchansky, Berger, Bergmann, Beurskens, Biberstein, Biebers, Blackman, Blumstein, Bobbitt, Bobrowski, Bolton, Bonet, Bonner, Brandt, Bratter, Breeden, Breitkopf, Bronson, Brooks, Brown, Burdette, Bush, Call, Callicott, Campbell, Carnes, Carrera, Cavett, Chapman, Chekroun, Christian, Clary, Clement, Cobarrubias, Cohen, Cole, Collins, Connell, Conner, Consolaro, Contreras, Copeland, Corey, Correl, Costa, Crow, Crowder, Dane, Daniels, Davey, Davis, Dawson, de Kruppa, de Lima, de Luz, Dean, Dehmlow, Del Tor, Delgardo, Denning, Diamind, Diaz, Dresp, Drori, Duffey, Duke, Dunlap, Dunnagan, Edwards, Eisenstein, Elkatip, Emmanuel, Erdei, Eshelman, Espinosa, Eubank, Faernandes, Falcon, Faust, Ferrari, Fink, Fischbein, Fish, Fitzpatrick, Fleenor, Fleischer, Flowe, Folloder, Fort, Fruchtenbaum, Furlaw, Furman, Gallant, Galva, Galyuk, Gamaldi, Gaonzalez, Garner, Gertler, Gingerich, Glozic, Glud, Goldberg, Goldman, Gomez, Gordon, Goren, Graffman, Grausbard, Greenfield, Greer, Grillo, Grindler, Guerrero, Haas, Haikonen, Hanshew, Hargis, Harris, Harvey, Hawkins, Hayes, Haynes, Heffler, Heft, Helms, Herbort, Herbst, Herrera, Herzfield, Hill, Hofer, Holland, Holmes, Holt, Horton, Housman, Howard, Hubbard, Hucul, Hudson, Huether, Hulbert, Hunt, Ikonen, Ingargiola, Isaac, Jackson, Jaklinski, Jenkins, Jimenez, Johnsen, Johnson, Johnston, Jokitalo, Jones, Judd, Kaiser, Kammer, Katz, Kelly, Kennedy, Kenny, Khenokh, Kifflak, Killebrew, King, Kiss, Kitces, Kobryn, Konttinen, Kovacs, Kowalski, Krause, Krupa, Kull, Lacilento, Lahav, Landers, Landry, Lankford, Lapidus, Latre, Laurendeau, Lazo, Lefebvre, Legrady, Lerner, Lerych, Levi, Lictenstein, Liebau, Lillemo, Lipman, Lohman, Loud, Lovelady, Lozins, Luojus, Luz, Lykins, Lynch, Mackuliak, MacQueen, Madden, Madruga, Malcom, Male, Mandell, Mann, Marhiv, Mars, Marteling, Martin, Martinez, Mashore, Mattila, May, Mayers, McCowen, McEvey, McKnew, McVey, Meader, Medeiros, Medina, Meier, Menges, Meyer, Miller, Milliron, Mills, Mixon-Sheltiel, Mizrahi, Moore, Morash, Morgenstern, Morris, Moss, Murphy, Myers, Neal, Nieglos, Norwitz, Nottingham, Nugent, Nurmi, Nyman, Oakes, Oaks, Ocasio, Ojanen, Oliveira, Oppenheim, Ortiz, Paradise, Parman, Paskhina, Pastorkovich, Peddicord, Pennington, Peres, Perez, Phelps, Phillips, Pickle, Pierce, Ping, Platz, Pollaci, Premock, Pujol, Pundak, Querry, Quijano, Radin, Rahmati, Ramirez, Reaume, Reed, Resnick, Rittgers, Robinson, Rodina, Rohlik, Roth, Rouleau, Ruderman, Russo, Saadiq-Saoud, Salomon, Samson-Constantine, Sandhu, Schaffer, Schall, Scherrer/Sims, Schorr, Scott, Searfoss, Self, Selman, Shaham, Shanafelt, Sharee, Shelp, Shephers, Shimoni, Shoresman, Shuma, Shykova, Silva, Simonds, Simpson, Sims, Sinclair, Skrna, Smith, Sobieszczanska, Sotela, Soza, Spyropoulos, Stamper, Steubinger, Stockton, Stoddard, Strang, Stryhal, Sundberg, Swietek, Sydow, Tabba, Tait, Tassi, Taylor, Terregrossa, Theiss, Thornton, Thugut, Tiainen, Tiernan, Toivakka, Tribaudini, Troupp, Tsedaka, Twohey, Usry, Vance, Vargas, Walker, Wallbridge, Wasserman, Watts, Weeks, Weinstock, Wells, Weyant, Wheeler, Whitt, Williams, Wilson, Winik, Winslow, Wiseman, Wolfe, Wood, Wraley, Yancey, Yanetsky, Yashon, Yoho, Zaccard, Zayden, Zucker, Zur


This is my Sephardic test result:

While the link above showing the test that proves the Sephardic connection, the test below shows much more. It is interesting that this test likely shows the connection to Assyrian diaspora, and then links to literally all over the Mediterranean Sea, including Cyprus and Sicily, as well as Kurdish and Iraqi Jewish, Iranian Jewish, and Georgian Jewish connections that stem from historical migrations of Jewish people. This is ancient DNA:

Personal data has been read. 20 approximations mode.


Gedrosia K3 4-Ancestors Oracle

This program is based on 4-Ancestors Oracle Version 0.96 by Alexandr Burnashev.
Questions about results should be sent to him at:
Original concept proposed by Sergey Kozlov.
Many thanks to Alexandr for helping us get this web version developed.

Eurasia K3 Oracle

Admix Results (sorted):


Finished reading population data. 129 populations found.
3 components mode.


Least-squares method.

Using 1 population approximation:
1 Kurd_N @ 3.066745
2 Georgian_Jew @ 3.220461
3 Iranian_Jew @ 3.334937
4 Kurd_C @ 3.680508
5 Iraqi_Jew @ 4.128402
6 Assyrian @ 4.227173
7 Ashkenazi_Jew @ 4.284501
8 Lebanese @ 4.631180
9 Armenian @ 4.832723
10 Abkhasian @ 4.850287
11 Chechen @ 5.232047
12 Loschbour @ 5.374396
13 Georgian @ 5.617571
14 Estonian @ 5.664995
15 Sicilian @ 5.887237
16 Belarusian @ 5.937463
17 Adygei @ 5.987811
18 Cypriot @ 6.143424
19 Syrian @ 6.307633
20 Ukrainian @ 6.372659

Using 2 populations approximation:
1 50% Loschbour +50% Syrian @ 0.487984
2 50% Estonian +50% Syrian @ 0.499963
3 50% Lebanese +50% Loschbour @ 0.724245
4 50% Belarusian +50% Syrian @ 0.733100
5 50% Kurd_N +50% Lebanese @ 0.765438
6 50% Abkhasian +50% Syrian @ 0.768292
7 50% Chechen +50% Lebanese @ 0.768939
8 50% Chechen +50% Saudi @ 0.887481
9 50% Abkhasian +50% Lebanese @ 0.917757
10 50% Iraqi_Jew +50% Kurd_C @ 1.068744
11 50% Syrian +50% Ukrainian @ 1.152591
12 50% Estonian +50% Lebanese @ 1.202702
13 50% Chechen +50% Yemenite_Jew @ 1.204484
14 50% Cypriot +50% Iranian @ 1.236768
15 50% Estonian +50% Jordanian @ 1.270605
16 50% Jordanian +50% Loschbour @ 1.305862
17 50% Belarusian +50% Jordanian @ 1.344749
18 50% Adygei +50% Saudi @ 1.386293
19 50% Iranian +50% Sicilian @ 1.387875
20 50% Iranian +50% Iraqi_Jew @ 1.431550

Using 3 populations approximation:
1 50% Abkhasian +25% BedouinA +25% Chechen @ 0.000000


Elapsed time 0.0042 seconds.


For those interested in understanding DNA relationships, here is the following:

First Cousin 
Your first cousin is a child of your aunt or uncle. You share one set of grandparents with your first cousin, but you do not have the same parents. 

Second Cousin 
Your second cousin is the grandchild of your great-aunt or great-uncle. You share one set of great-grandparents with your second cousin, but you do not have the same grandparents. 

Third Cousin
Your third cousin is the great-grandchild of your great-great-aunt or great-great-uncle. You share a set of great-great-grandparents with your third cousin, but do not have the same great-grandparents. 

Fourth Cousin
Fourth cousins have one set of great-great-great-grandparents, but not the same great-great-grandparents.

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