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Sephardic Jewish Names and Prophesy

I confirm to you that I have Sephardic Jewish roots and Ashkenazi as well. There are many lists on the internet of names of Ashkenazi Jewish people. But there is a list now made available of Sephardic Jews that were banished from Spain in 1492. 

Spain is offering a limited time offer of dual citizenship for those who want to apply. While that is nice, it isn't the main point. The main point is that many Sephardic Jews have no clue regarding their Jewish roots, having either been forced to convert to Catholicism, or who fled without wanting to let others know their roots. Over time, some have known but others have not known.

Finding out your Jewish roots is not an act of faith. It is an act that leads to a personal understanding of ones place in history. However, knowing Jewish roots fulfills certain prophesies of the Bible, and those could prove to be spiritually important to some people. 

***Please read on past the list of names, because this list could be important for some in a way they have not understood:

I am Sephardic in my DNA as this link proves. 

The most cost effective DNA test is the Family Tree DNA Family Finder Test, if you only plan on doing one. No monthly fee and can be uploaded to Gedmatch for a real DNA search.

The list below includes 220 non Sephardic names and 5000 Sephardic names. I do not claim to take responsibility for the veracity of this list although it looks very reasonable:

A. Abad, Abbey, Abarca, Abastos Abaunza, Abbot, Abdallah, Abdallah Abdallah Abdelnour, Abdo, Abea Abel Abela, Abelado, Abella, Abellan, Abendaño, Abou, Abraham, Abrahams, Abraham Abrego, Abreu, Coat, April Abufelo, Abugadba, Aburto, Acabal, Acebal, Acedo, Acevedo, Acosta, Acuña, Adames, Adamis, Adanaque, Adanis, Adis, Aedo, Agababa, Agámez, Agayón, Agrazal, Agreda, Aguayo, Agudelo, Aguero Aguiar, Aguilar, Aguilera, Aguiluz, Aguilve, Aguinaga, Aguirre, Agurto, Augustine, Ahuja, Ahumada, Aiello, Aiza, Aizprúa, Aizpurúa, Alache, Alama, Alan, Alani, Alanis, Alanis, Alaniz, Alarcón, Wings, Alavez, Alayón, Alba, albarello, Albarracin, Albelo, Albenda, Alburola, Alcaíno Reaching Alcazar, Alcazar, Alcibar, Alcócer, ALCOSER, Alcóver, Alcozer, Aldana Aldana, Aldapa, Aldecoba, Alderrama Joy Alejos, German, Alexander, Alexandre, Alfaro, Alfonso, Algaba Alguera, Aliaga, Alicama, Alier, Alizaga, Allan, Allon, Alluin, Almanza, Almanzar, Almanzo, Almaraz, Almazan, Almeida, Almendares, Almendarez, Almendáriz, Almengor, Almonte, Aloisio, Aloma, Alomar, Alonso, Alonzo, Alpírez, Alpizar, Altamirano, Altenor, Alternate, Altino, Altonor, Alva, Alvarado, Alvarenga, Alvares, Alvarez, Alvaro, Alvear, Alverde, Alvergue, Alvir, Alzate, Amado, Amador, Amalla, Amaris, Amaya, Love, Amora, Amores, Amoros, Ampie, Ampié, Ampiée, Ampiee, Anaya, Anchetta, ánchez, Anchía, Anchieta, Andia, Andino, Andrade, André, Andres Andujar Andújar, Andujo, Angele, Angelini, Anglada, Angulo, Anice, Anjos, Ansorena, Antelo, Antero, Antezana, Antich, Antillon, Anton, Antunez, Anzora, Aparicio, Apolinar, Apollonio, Aponte, Achilles, Aquino, Aragon, Aragon, Aragon, Araica, Arana, Arancibia, Aranda, Ploughing, Arango, Aranjo, Araque, Arata, Araujo, Araujo, Arauz, Araya, Arbaugh, Arballo, Arbelo, Arbizu, Arbizú, Grove, Arburola, Arca, Arcarate, Maple, Arceyudh, Arceyut, Arceyuth, Arcia, Arcia, Arciniegas, Ardila, Ardin, Ardon, Ardonnix, Areas, Arellano, Arena, Arenas, Arévalo, Argudo, Arguedas, Argüelles, Argüello, Argueta, Arguijo, Arias, Ariasdes, Arica, Arie, Arino, Arispe, Arista, Ariza, Arjona, Navy, Armas Armenta, Armento, armeras, Armesto, Armijo, Arnáez, Arnau, Arnesto, Anuelo, Arnuero, Arone, Arosemena, ARQUIN, Arrazola, Arrea, Arredondo, Arreola Arriaga, Arriagada, Arrieta, Arriola, Arrocha, Arroliga, Stream, arrone, Arrones, ARRONES, Arronez, Arronis, Arroniz, Arroyave, Arroyo, Arrubla, Artavia, Arteaga, Artecona, Artiaga, Artiga, Artiles, Artiñano, Artola, Artolozaga, Aruch, Aruizu, Arze, Arzola, Ascante, Ascencio, Asch, Asencio, Asero, thus Assisi Aspirita, Astacio, Astete, Astorga, Astorquiza, Astúa, Asturias Asunción Asusema, Atehortúa, Atein, Atencio, Atensio, Atiensa, Atienza, Augusto, Avalos, Avelar, Avellan, Avendano Avila Avilés, Avilez, Ayala, Ayales, Ayara, Ayarza, Aybar, Aycinena Ayerdis, Aymerich, Azar, Azaria, Asofeifa, Azqueta, Azua, Azua, Azuar, Azucena Blue Azuola, Azurdia.

B. Babb, Babar, Baca, Bacca, Bacigalupo, Badilla, Bado, Baez, Baeza, Baidal, Bairnales, Baizan, Bajarano, Balarezo Baldares, Balday, Baldelomar, Balderas, Balderrama, Balderramos, Baldi, Baldi, Baldioceda, Baldivia, Baldizon, Balladares, Ballard, Ballard, Ballester, Ballestero, Ballesteros, Ballon, Balma, Balmaceda, Balmacera, Balon, Balser, Baltodano, Banegas, Banet, Banilla, Bathrooms, Banuelos, 
Baquedano, Baquero, Baradin, Baraen, Barahoma, Barahona, Barajas, Baraquiso, Barat, Beard, Barbagallo, Barbagebra, Barbara Barbena, Barben, Barberena, Barbosa, Barboza, Barcelas, Barcelata, Barcenas, Barcia, Bardayan, Barguil, Barillas, Barletta, Baro, Baron, Barquedano, Barquero, Barquette, Barra, Barracosa, Barrante, Barrantes, Barraza, Barreda, Barrenechea, Barrera, Barrero, Barreto, Barrias, Barrientos, Barriga, Neighborhood, Barrionuevo, Barrios, Barroso, Barrot, Barrott, Barrundia, Barsallo, Bart, Bartal, Barteles, Bartels, Barth, Barvas, Baruch, Basadre, Bashan, Basil, Basti, Bastida, Bastos, Bastti, Battle, Batan, Batista, Batres, Bautista, Bauzid, Bavaria, Bayo, Bazan, Bazo, Beatriz, Becancur, Becerra Becerril, Bedolla, Bedoya, Beecher, Beecher, Beingolea, Beita, Bejarano, Bejos, Bel, Belette, Belgrave, Bellanero, Bellido, Bello, Belloso, Belmonte Beltran, Beltre, Benach, Benambourg, Benambugr, Benambur, Benavente, Benavides, Benavides, Benda, Benda, Bendig, Bendij, Benedictis, Beneditt, Benevides, Bengoechea, Benites, Benitez Benito, Benzon, Berasaluce, Berciano, Berdasco, Berdugo, Berenzon, Bermejo, Bermeo, Bermudez, Bermudez, Bernadas, Bernal, Bernardo, Bernat, Berrios, Berrios, Berrocal, Berrón, Bertel, Bertran, Betancort, Betancourt, Betancourt, Betancourt, Betancourt, Beter, Beteta, Bethancourt, Betrano, Better, Biamonte, Binda, White, Blandino, Soft, Blandon, Blau, Blum, Bobadilla, Bodan, Bogan, Bogantes, Bogarín, Bohorguez, Bohorquez, Bojorge, Bolaños, Bolívar, Bonice, Boniche, Bonichi, Bonilla, Borbas, Bourbon, Borda, Bordallo, Borge, Borges, Borja, Borjas, Borjes, Borloz, Borras, Borrase, Borredo, Borrero, Forest, Botero, Boza, Bran, Bravia, Bravo, Brenes, Brief, Briceño, Twinkle, Briones, Brito, Brizeño, Brizuela, Buencamino, Buendia, Good, Bueso, Buezo, Buga, Bugarín, Bugat, Bugria, Burgos, Burguera, Burges, Burillo, Busano, Bustamante Bustillo, Bustillos, Busto, Bustos, Buzano, Buzeta, Buzo.

C. Caamano, Caamano, Cabada, Cabadianes, Cabal, Cabalceta, Caballero, Cabana, Cabana, Head, Heads, Cabistán, Cabral, Cabrera, Cabrerizo, Cáceres, Chains, Cadet, Cageao, Caicedo, Cairol boxes Cajiao, Cajina, Cala, Calatayud, Calazan, Calcaneus, Caldas, Caldera, Calderon, Calero, Caliva, Calix, Street, Calleja, Callejas, Callejo, Streets, Calvo Calzada, Camacho, Camano, Camarena, Camareno, Camarillo, Cambronero, Camona, Campabadal, Campabadall, Campodónico, Golf, Gutters, Canalias, Canas, Candamo, Candelaria, Candelario, Canejo, Canessa, Canet, Canetta, Canizales, Canizález, Canizares, Canno, Cano, Canossa, Cantarero, Cantero, Cantillano, Boulder, Canton, Cañas, Cañizales Cañizález, Capon, Carabaguias, Carabaguíaz, Caranza, Caravaca, Carazo, Carbalda, Carballo, Carbonell, Carbonero, Carcache, Carcachi, Carcamo, Carcedo, Carcía Cardenas, Cárdenes, Cardona, Thistles, Cardoso, Cardoza, Cardoze, Cares, Carias, Charity, Cherith, Carlos, Carmiol, Carmona, Carnero, Caro, Carpio, Carranza, Carrasco, Carrasquilla, Carreño, Race, Racing, Carrillo, Carrion, Reed, CART, Cartagena, Cartago, Cartín, Carvajal, Carvalho, Carvallo, Home, jacket, Casafont, Casal, Casanova, Casañas, Casares, houses, Casanovas, Casasola, Cascante Helmet Casorla, Casasola, Cásseres, Castaneda, Castaneda Castañedas, Brown, Castanon, Hazel, Castelán, Castilian, Castellanos, Castellón, Casteñeda, Castiblanco, Castilla, Castillo, Castro, Catania, Cateres, Cato Cavalceta, Cavaller, Cavallo, Cavanillas, Cavazos, Cavero, Cazanga, Priming, Ceballos, Ceciliano, Cedeño, Cejudo, Celada, Celedon, Celis, Centella, Rye, Cepeda, severed, Bristle, Bristles, Cerna, cernas, Ceron, Cerpas, Cerros, Cervantes, Cervilla, Céspedes, Cevallos, Cevedo, Cevilla, Chabrol, Chacón, Chamorro, Chamorro, Chanquín, Chanta, 84 Charito C, Chavarria, Chavera, Chaverri, Chaves, Chavez, Chavira, Cheves, Chévez, Girl, Chicaiza, Girls, Chilquillo, Chinchilla, Chinchillo, Chirino, Chirinos, Chocano, Shack, Cid, Cifuentes, Cintron, Cisar, Swan, Cisnero, Cisneros, Tanks, Clear, Cleves, Cobaleda, Coe Coello, Coen, Cohen, Coles Hill Colindres, Collado, Collina, Colom, Coloma, Colombo, Colomer, Concepción, Shell, Conde, Condega, Counts, Conedo, Rabbit, Congosto, Conte, Contreras, Corals, Corao, Cordeiro, Lamb, Cordido, Córdoba, Lace, Cordonero Cordova, Cordoze, Korea, Corella, Cornavaca, Cornejo, Corona, Coronado, Coronas, Coronel, Corrales, Correa, Log, Run, Walking, Cortaberría, Cortés, Cortez, Cortinez, Cortissoz, Corvera, Cosio, Cosiol, Cosme, Cossio, Costa, Cotera, Coto, Crespo, Crispin, Crispino, Crosses, Cruz, Cuadra, Square, Cuan, Lent Cuarezma, Fourth, Cubas, Cubenas, Cubero, Cubías, Cubias, Cubilla, Cubillo, Cubillos, Cubria, Cuebas, Cuellar, Cuellar, Neck, Cuenca, Cuendis, Cuernavaca, Cuervo, Cuesta, Cave, Caves, Cuevillas, Cunill, Cunillera, Curbelo, Curco, Curdelo.

D. Da Costa, Da Silva, Dacosta, D'Acosta, Dalorso, Dalorzo, Dalsaso, Damaceno, Damito, Daniel, Daniels, Dapuerto, Dapueto, Darce, Darche, Darcia Darius Dasadre, Dasilva, Davalos, David Davila, Davis, D'Avola, De Abate, De Aguilar, De Alba, De Alvarado, De Benedictis, De Briones, De Camino, De Castro, De Céspedes, De Espelette, De Ezpeleta, De Falco, De Faria, De Franco, De Jesus , De Jorge, De Juana De La Cruz, De La Cuesta, De La Espriella, De La Fuente, De La Garza, De La Guardia, De La Herran, De La Hormaza, De La Jara, De La Mata, De La Nuez , De La O, De La Osa, De La Ossa, De La Paz, De La Peña, De La Rocha, De La Rosa, De La Selva, De La Teja, De La Torre, De La Trava, De La Vega, De Largaespada, De Las Casas, De Las Cuevas, De Las Heras, De Lemos, De Leon, De Lev, De Lima, De Lopez, De Luz, De Miguel, De Miranda, De Moya, hateful, Oil, De Ona, Ona, De Paco De Paredes De Pass, De Paz, De Pazos, De Pedro, De Pinedo, De Prado, De Ray, De Sárraga, De Sa, From Trinidad, De Ureña, De Vega, De Yglesias, Boat , Del Barrio, Del Bello, Del Busto, Del Carmen, Del Castillo, Del Cid, Del Pilar, Del Pimo, Del Rio, Del Risco, Del Socorro, Del Solar, Del Valle, Delatolla, Delgadillo, Delgado, Deliyore, Dellale, Dellanoce, Delso, Delvo, Dengo, Denis, Dennis, Detrinidad, Devanda, Devandas, Devoto, Dias, Diaz, Diez, thou say, Díjerez, Dimas, Dinars, Dinarte, Discua, Bending, Double, Dodero, Dalmus, Dalmuz, Sunday, Dominguez, Donated, Donaire, Donato, Doña, Donas, Donzón Gold Dormos, Dormuz, Doryan, Duarte, Duares, Duarte, Duartes, Duenas, Duenas, Duke, Duke Estrada, Durall, Duran Durante, Duval, Duvall, Duverrán .

E. Echandi Echavarria, Echeverri, Echeverría, Eduarte, Egea, Elijah, Eligia, Elizalde, Elizonda, Elizondo, Elmaleh, Emanuel, Enrique Enriques, Enriquez, Eras, Erazo, Escabar, Escalante, Escamilla, Escarré, Escobar, Escobedo, Scotland Escorriola, Scotland a Scotus, Escovar, Escribano, Escude, Escudero, Spain, asparagus, Espelerta, Espelette, Espinach, Spinal, Spinal, Espinar, Espino, Espinosa, Espinoza, Espitia, Esquivel, Stephen, Esteves, Estévez, Estrada, Estrella.

F. Faba, Fabara, Fabian, Fabrega, Fabregat, Fabres, Facio, Faerrón Faeth, Faiges, Fait, Faith, Fajardo, Falco, Falcon, Fail, Failure, Farach, Farah, Fargas, Farias, Farias, Faries, Fariña, Fariñas, Farrach, Farrer, Farrera, Farrier, Fatjo, Fatjó, Faundez, Faune, Fava, Fazio, Fermández, Ferman, Fernandes, Fernandez, Fernando, Ferrada, Ferran Ferrando, Ferraro, Ferreira, Ferreiro, Ferrer, Ferrero, Ferris, Ferro, Ferros, Fiallos Fictoria, Fidalgo, Fierro, Figueiredo, Figuer, Figueras, Figueres, Figueroa, Filomena, Freight, Fletis, Flores Fonseca, Font, Forero, Formoso, Fornaguera, Fraga, Fraguela, French, French, French, France, Francis, Franco, Fray, Frayle, Freer, Freira, Fresno, Freyre, Cold, Fruit, Fuentes, Fumero, Funes, Funez, Fúnez, Fuscaldo Fusco.

G. Gabriel, Gadea, Gaete, Gago, Gainza, Gaitán, Galatia, Galagarza, Galán, Galarza, Galaviz, Galba, Galcerán, Galeano, Galeas, Galen, Galera, Galiana, Galiano, Galindo, Galino, Galiñanes, Gallardo, Galician, Gallegos, Gallo, Galo, Galtés Galvan, Gálvez, Galvis, Gamarra, Gamazo, Gambo, Gamboa, Gamez, Garay, Garayar, Garbanzo, Garcés, Garcia Gardela, Gargollo, Garino, Garita, Garmendia, Garner, Garnier, Garreta, Garrido, Garro, Garron, Garza, Garzel, Garzon Garzona, Gaspar, Gateño, Gateño, Gavarrete, Sparrowhawk, Gaviria, Gavosto, Gayoso, Gaytan, Gazel, Gazo, Geoyenaga, Gil, Gillén, Gilles, Giral, Giraldo, Giraldt, Giralt, Money, Pigs, Gladis, Goches, Góchez, Godinez, Godinez, Godoy, Goic, Goicoechea, Goicuria, Goldenberg, Golfín, Gomar Gomez, Gomis, Gondres, Góndrez Gongora, Gonzaga, Gonzales, Gonzalez, Gonzalo Goñi, Gordon, Gorgon, Goyenaga, Gracía, Thanks, Gradis, Grajal, Grajales, Grajeda, Grana, Granada, Granados, Granda, Grandoso, Granera, Hail, Farm, Grana, Gras, Grau, Greco, Greñas, Gridalva, Grigoyen, Grijalva, Grijalda, Grijalva, Grillo, Guadamuz, Guadrón, Guajardo, Guardado, Watching Us, Guard, Guardian, Guardiola, Guarin, Guasch, Gudino, Gudino, Güel, Güell, Güendel, Güendell, Guerra, Guerrero, Guevara, Guido, Guie, Guier, Guifarro, Guila, Guillarte Guillen, Guillermet, Guillermo, Gilles, Güillies, Guillies, Guillis, Guilloch, Guiménez, Guindos, Guitiérrez, Guitta, Guix, Gulubay, Gunera, Guntanis, Gurdian, Gurrero, Gurrola, Guastavino, Gutierrez Guzman.

H. Haba, Habibe, Haenz, Harrah, HENCHOZ Henriquez, Henrriquez, Herdocia, Heredia, Heritage Heríquez, Hermann, Hermosilla, Hernandez, Hernando, Hernánez, Herra, farrier, Herran, Herrera, Herrero, Hevia, Hidalgo Iron Hincapie, Hinojosa, Horna, Hornedo, Orchard, Orchards, Huete, Huezo, Hurtado, Hurtecho.

I. Ibáñez, Ibarra, Ibarras, Icaza, Churches Ilama, incapié, Incer, Incera, Inceras, Inces, Infante, Iracheta, Iraheta, Irastorza, Irias, Iribar, Irigaray, Irola, Isaac Isaacs, Israel, Ivañez, Izabal, Izaguirre, Izandra, Iznardo, Izquierdo, Izrael, Izurieta

J. Jacamo, Jacobo, Jacome Jácomo, Jaen, Jaenz, Jara, Jaramillo, Jarquín, Jarrin, Jerano, Jerez, Jimenez Jimera, Jinesta, Jiron, Joseph, Jovel, Juarez, Junco, Juncos, Jurado.

K. Kaminsky, Klein, Kuadra.

L. La Barca, Labra, Lacarez, Lacayo, Lafuente, Lake, Lakes, Laguardia, Laguna, Lain, Laine, Lainez, Laitano, Lamas, Lamela, Lamicq, Lamugue, Lamuza, Lancho, Lanco, Landazuri, Landez, Lanuza, Lanza , Spears, Lapeira, Laporte, Laprade, Lara, Lares, Largaespada Long Larios, Larrabure, Larrad, Larragan, Larragán, Larraguivel, Lhasa, Lasantas, Lascars, Láscarez, Lascaris, Lasso, Lastra, Lastreto, Latiff, Latino, Latorraca , Laurito, Laverde, Lazarus, Lazarus, Lázcares, Bow, Lazzo, L'Calleja, Leal, Leandra, Leandro, Ledezma, Ledo, Leitón, Leiva, Lejarza, Lemmens, Lemos, Lemus, Lemuz, Wood Store, Leo, Lépiz, Levi , Leyton, Leyva, Lezama, Lezana, Lezcano, Lhamas, Lieberman, Lima, Linares, Linarte, Cute, Lines, Trouble, Lira, Lizama, Lizana, Lizano, Lizarme, Llabona, Llach, Llado, Llamazares, Llamosas, Llano, Lanos , Plantain, Llaurado, Llerena, Llibre, Llinas, Llobet, Llobeth, Llorca, Llorella, Llorens Llorente, Llosent, Lloser, Llovera, Llubere, Loáciga, Loaiciga, Loáisiga, Loaissa, Loaiza, Lobo, Loeb, Loew, Loinaz, Lombardo Londono, Lope, Lopes, Lopera, Lopez Lopezlage, Loprete, Lora, Loredo, Lorente, Lorenz, Lorenzana, Lorenzen, Lorenzo, Loria, Lorio, Lorio, Lorz, Losada, Losi, Louk, Louzao, Loynaz, Loza Lozano , Luarca, Lucas, Lucena, Lucero, Lucke, Lugo, Luis Lujan, Luna, Lunaza, Luque, Luquez.

M. Macaya, Macedo Maceo Machado Machin, Machuca, Macia, Macias Macias, Macís, Macre, Macrea, Madariaga, Reno, Madinagoitia, Madrano, Madrid, Madriga, Madrigal, Madril, Madriz, Mature, Magalhaes, Magallon, Magaña, Magdalena, Maguiña, Mahomar, Maikut, Maingot, Mairena, Maisonave, Maita, Majano, Majarres, Malaga, Maldonado, Male, Malespín, Malestín, Maltese, Maltez, Malvarez, Manavella Mancheno, Mancia, Mancía, Mandas, mangana, Mangas, Mangel, Manjarres, Mans, Mansalvo, Mansilla, Manso, Mantanero, Mantica, Mantilla, Manuel, Apple orchard, Manzanares, Manzano, Manzur, Marabiaga, Maradiaga Marbes, Marbis, Marcenaro, March, Marchena, Marcia, marcias, Marcillo, Marcos, Mardones, Marenco, Margules, Mary, Marichal, Marin, Sailor, Marine, Marinas, Mariño, Marot, Maroto, Marquis, Marquez, Marreco, Marrero, Marroquín, Marsell, Mars Martell, Marten, Martens Marti Martin, Martinez, Martins, Marvez, Mas, Mas, Masis, Maso, Mason, Massuh, Mastache, Mata, Matamoros, Matarrita, Matt, Matthew, Matera, Mateus, Matthias, Matos, Mattus, Mattuz, Matul, Matus, Matute, Maurel, Maurer, Mauritius, Mauro, Maynard, Maynaro, Maynart, Mayo, Mayor, Mayorga, Mayorquín, Mayre, Mayrena, Maza, Mazariegos, Maces, Mazin, Mazon, Mazuque, Mazure, Medal, Mederano, Mederas, Medeiros, Medina, Medinilla, Medoza, Medrano, Meira, Mejia, Mejias, Melara, Melendez, Melgar, Melgarrejo, Mellado, Melo, Membreño, Mena, Menayo, Menchaca, Mendea Mendez, Mendiantuba, Mendieta, Mendiola, Mendives, Mendivil, Mendoza, Mendreño Menendez, Meneses, Menjibar, Menjivar, Menocal, Meono, Meoño, Merayo, Meraz, Merazo, Merazzo, Market, MERCELINA, Mercer, Mergarejo, Mérida, Merino, Merizalde, Merlo, Mesa, countertops, Mesalles, Meseguer, Mesén, Messeguer, M 95 Mestayer, Meszaros, Meza, Michelena, Michelino, Micillo, Miguez, Mijangos, Mijares, Milanese, Milano, Millet, Mine, Mine, Miner, Minho, Miqueo, looked, Miralles, Mirambell, Miramontes, Miranda, Miro, Mirquez, Mitja, Mitjavila, Mizrachi, Mojarro, Mojica, Molestina, grinding, Molín, Molina, Miller, Molleda, Mollinedo, Mollo, Moncada, Mondol, Mondragón, Money, Moneiro, Monestel, Monga, Mongalo, Mongalo, Monge, Mongillo, Monguillo, Monjarres, Monjarrez, Monjica, Monserrat, Montagné, Montalban, montalbert, Montalto, Montalvan, Montalvo, Montana, Montanaro, Montandón, Montano, Montealegre, Montealto, Montecino, Montecinos, Monteil, Montejo, Montenaro, Montenegro, Montero, Monterosa, Monteroza, Monterrey, Monterrosa, Monterroso, Montes, Monterinos, Monteverde, Montiel, Montier, Montoya, Monturiol, Mora, Moraes, Moraga, Morales, Moran, Morazán, Moreira, Morejon, Morena, Moreno, Morera, Moriano, Morice, Morillo, Morin, Moris, morise, Moro, Morote, Moroto, Morraz, Monia, Morun, Morux, Morvillo, Moscarella, Moscoa, Moscoso, Mosquera, Motta, Moxi, Moya, Mozquera, Mugica, Muiña, Muir, Mulato, Munera, Mungía, Munguia, Munive, Munizaga Muñante, Muñiz, Muñoz, Murcia, Murgado, Lees, Murias, Murillo, Murilo, Muro, Mussap, Mussapp, Mussio, Mustelier, Muxo.

N. Naim, Naira, Najar, Nájares, Najarro, Najera Nájeres, Naranjo, Narvaes, Narváez, Nasrallah Nasso, Navaro, Navarrete, Navarrette, Navarro, Navas, Nayap, Nazario, Nema, Nemar, Neyra, Grandson, Nino, Child, Noble, Noboa, Noel, Nogebro, Noguera, Nomberto Nora Noriega, Norza, Nova, Novales, Novo, Novoa, New, Nut, Nunga, Nunez.

O. Obaldía, Obanbo, Obando, Obares, Obellón, Obon, Obrego Obregon, Ocampo, Ocampos, Ocaña, Ocaño, Ocario, Ochoa, Ocon, Oconitrillo, Ode, hate, Odir, Odonez, Odor, Oduber, Oguilve, Ojeda, Okarlo, Oquendo, Olarte, Olaso, Olaverri, Olazaba, Olguin, Oliva, Olivar, Olivares, Olivarez, Olivas, Oliver, Olivera, Oliver, Olivier, Oliviera, Olivo, Oller, Olmeda, Olmedo, Elm, Elms, Omacell, Omodeo, Ondoy, Onetto, Oñate, Onoro, Oporta, Oporto, Oquendo, Ora, Orama, Oramas, Orantes, Ordeñana, Ordoñes Ordonez, Orduz, Oreamuno, Oreas, Oreiro, Orellana Orellana, Orfila, Orias, Orios, Orjas Orjuela, Orlich, Ormasis, Orme, Orna, Ornes, Orochena, Orocu, Orosco, Orozco, Ortega, Ortegon, Ortiz, Ortuño, Orve, Osante, Oseda, Osegueda, Osejo, Osequeda, Oses, Osorio, Osorno, Ospina Ospina, Ossa, Otalvaro, Otárola, Otero, Oto, Otoya, Ovares, Ovarez, Oviedo, Ozerio, Ozores, Ozuno.

P. Pabon, Pacheco, Paco Padilla Paez, Paguaga, Country, Countries, Paiz, Pajuelo, Palacino, Palace, Palaces, Palaco, Paladino, Palazuelos, Palencia, Palm, Palomar, Palomino, Palomo, Pamares, Pampillo, Pana, Pandolfo, Paniagua, Pantigoso, Pantoja, Paña, Papez, save, Standing, Parajeles, Parajón, Paramo, Pardo, Paredes, Couple, Couple, Paris, Parra, Parrales, Parreaguirre, Parriles, Grill, Mountainclimber, Pasapera, Steps, Passapera, Pastor, Pastor, Pastrán, Pastrana, Pastrano Patino, Patrick Paut, Pauth, Pavez, Pavon Paz, Pazmino, Pazos, Pedraza, Pedreira, Pedreiro, Pedroza, Peinador, Peinano, Peláez, Pellas, Pellecer Grief Penabad, punishable, Banners, Penón, Penso, Peña, Penaloza, Penaranda, Peñas, Peñate, Penzo, Rock, Peraldo, Perales, Peralta, Peraza, Perdomo, Perea, Perearnau, Pereira, Pereiras, Perera, Pereyra, Pérez, Perezache, Pergo, Pericón, Pearl, Perlaza, Pessoa, Peynado, Peytrequín, Pezo, Picado, Picasso, Picavea, Pichardo, Pico, Picon Stone Piedrafita stack Pilarte, Pimente, Pina, Pine Forest, Pinagel, Pinagen, Pinar, Pincai, Pincay, Pinchinat, Pineda, Pinel, Pinell, Piney, Pinillos, Pinkay, Pine, Painted Pinto, Tongs, Piña, Pinar, Piñate Pineiro, Piiieres, Finch, Pius, Pion, Piovano, Piovet, Pitalva, Piza, Pizarro, Pla, Pla, Pleasures, pleasures, Placido Placidón, Plaja, Platero, Settler, Poblete, Pocasangre, Pochet, Podoy, Pokoy, Pol, Polamo, Polo, Polonius, Poma, Pomar, Pomareda, Pomares, Ponares, Ponce, Pontigo, Pool, Porat, Porquet, Porras, Porta, Portela, Porter, Porter, Portilla, Portillo, Portobanco, Portocarrera, Portuguese, Portuguez, Posada, Posla, Poveda, Povedano, Well, Wells, Pozuelo, Prada, Pradella, Pradilla Meadow Prat, Pratt, Pravia, Clothes, Prendis, Pretiz, Prettel, Prieto, Prietto, Primante, Prior, Prioto, Privatt, Procupez, Bridge, Bridges, Doors, Puga, Puig, Pujo, Pujol, Pulido, Pulis, Pull, Pulles, Pupo, Purcallas.

Q. I remain, Queralt, Queredo, Querra, Quesada, Quevedo, Quezada, Quiel, Quijada, Quijano, Quinaz, Quinde, Quino, Quintana, Quintanilla, Quinter, Quintero, Fifth, Quinones, Quinones, Quirce, Quiroga, Quiros, Quiroz.

R. Raa, Raabe, Raba, Rabetta, Raga, Raigada, Raigosa Ramirez, Ramon Ramos, Randel, Randuro, Rangel, Raphael, Soaring, Raudes, Raudez, Raventos, Raventos, Raygada, Ray, Ray, Real, Real, Reazco, Recinos, Recio, Round, Scolding, Regidor, Regueira, Regueyra, Reich, Queen, Renderos, Rendon, reborn, Repeto, Repetto, Requene, Requeno, Requeno, Rescia, Resenterra, Restrepo, Retana, Reuben, Revelo, Revilla, Revollar, Revollo, King, Kings, Reyna, Riba, Ribas, Ribera, Ribero, Ricardo, Ricaurte, Riera, Rileva, Rincon, River, Rivers, Riotte, Rivalta, Rivardo, Rivas, Rivel, Rivera, Rivero, Riverón, Riveros, Rizo, Roa, Roba, Robelo, Oak, Oaks, Robleto, Roboz Rock Rocabado, Rocca, Roch, Rocha, Roda, Rhodes, Rodesma, Rodesno, Rodezno, Rodo Rodo, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Roe, Roig, Rois, Red, Red, Roldán, Romagosa, Roman, Roman, Romero, Roque, Rosa, Rosabal, Roses, Roses, Rouillón, Rovillón, Rovira, Roviralta, Roy, Royo, Roys, Rozados, Rozo, Ruano, Ruby, Blonde, Rubin, Rubino, Rubio, Rucavado, Rudin Wheel Rugama, Rugeles, Ruh, Ruilova, Ruin, Ruiz, Romoroso Russo.

S. Saavedra, Saba, Sabah, Saballo, Saballos, Sabat, Sabate, Sabba, Sabin, Sabogal, Saborio, Saboz, Sacasa, Sacida, Sada, Sadana, Sáenz, Saer, Saerron, Sáez, Safiano, Sage, Sagel, Sagot, Sagreda, Saguero, living Salablanca, Salamanca, Salas, Salazar, Salbavarro, Salcedo, Salcino Saldana, Saldivar, Salgada, Salgado, Salguera, Salguero, Saliba, Salinas, Salmeron, Salmon, Solomon, Solomon, salume, Salume, Salustro, Salvado, Salvatierra, Salvo, Samaniego, Sambrana, Samper, Samudio, Samuel, San Gil, San Jose, San Juan, San Martin, San Roman, San Silvestre, Sanabria, Sanahuja, Saname, Sanamucia, Sanarrusia Sanchez, Sancho, Sandi, sandigo, Sandino, Sandoval, Sandria, Sandy, Sanga, Sangil, Sanjines, Sanjuan, Sansebastián, Sansilvestre, Sanson, Sansores, Santa Ana, Santa Cruz, Santa Maria, Santacruz, Santamaria, Santana, Santander, Santiago, Mendizabal, Santiesteban, Santillan , Santin, Santisteban, Santoanastacio, Santos, Sanvicente, Sanz, Saraiva, Šaravanja, Saravia, Sardines, Sardinas, Sariego, Sarmiento, Sárraga, Sarratea, Sarraulte, Sarria, Sas, Sasso, Satjo, Sauceda, Saucedo, Sauza, Savala, Savallos , Savedra, Saviñón, Saxon, Sayaguez, Scriba, Seas, Seballos, Secades Secaida Dry Sedano, Sedo, Segares, Segovia, Segreda, Segura, Sehezar, selaya, Selles, Forest, Forests, Semerawno, Semeraro, Sepulveda, Sequeira , Sermeño, Serra, Serracín, Serrano, Serrato, Serraulte, Serru, Serrut, Servellón, Sevilla, Sevillano, Sibaja, Sierra, SIEZA, Siguenza, Siguenza, Siles, Siliezar, Silva, Silvera, Silvia, Simana, Simon Sinchico, Sio , Sion, Siri, Syrian, Siverio, Siz, Sobalvarro, Sobrado, Sojo, Sol, Solana, Solano, Solar, Solar, Solarte, Soldevilla, Solé, Solemn, Soler, Solera, Soley, Solis, Soliz, Solno, Solo, Solórzano, Single, Somarriba Somarribas, Somoza, Soria, Sorio, Soro, Sorto, Sosa, Sossa, Sosto, Sotela, Sotelo, Sotillo, Soto, Sotomayor, Sotres, Souto, Soutullo, Sovalbarro, Soza, Suarez Suazao, Suazo, Subia, Subiros, Subirós, Subisos, Succar, Sueiras, Sunyer, Sunol, Surroca, Suyapa, Suzarte.

T. Tabah, Tabares, Tablada, Tabor, Tabora, Taborda, Taco, Tagarita, Tagarro, Tal, Talavera, Taleno, Tamara, Tamargo, Tamayo, Tames, Tanchez, Tanco, Tapia, Tapias Taracena, Tardencilla, Tarjan, Tarrillo, Tasara, Tate, Tato, Tavares, Tedesco, Tehran, Teijeiro, Teixido, Tejada, Tejeda, Yew, Tellería, Telles, Téllez, Tello, Tello, Tencio, Tenorio, Terán, Third, Terrade, Terrientes, Terrin, Terrín, Thames, Theran, Thiel, Thiele, Thuel, Tíjeres, Tijerina, Tinoco, Toala, Tobal, Tobar, Tobe, Tobella, Tobin, Tobon, Toledo, Toletino, Tomas, Tomas, Tomeu, Toribio, Torijano, Tormo, Toro, Torralba Tower Torrealba, Torregresa, Torregroza, Torrent, Torrents, Torres, Torrez, tortos, Tortosa, Toruño Tosso, Touma, Toval, Tovar, trala, Traña, Traures, Travierzo, Travieso, Trediño, Treguear, Trejos, Treminio Trevino, Triana, Wheat Triguel, Bunting, Trigueros, Trilite, Trimarco, Trimiño, Triquell, Tristan, Triumph, Troche, Trocanis, Troncoso, Troy, Troyo, Troz, Trueba, Truffat, Trujillo, Trullas, Trullás, Truque, Tula, Turcius, Turcios.

U. Ubach, Ubao, Ubeda, Ubico, Ubilla, Ubisco, Ubizco, Ucañan, Ucañan, Ugalde, Ugarte, Ujueta, Ulacia, Ulate, Ulcigrai, Ulcigral, Ulecia, Uley, Ulibarri, Ulloa, Umana, Umanzor, Ungar, Urain, Uralde, Urban, Urbina, Urcuyos, Urdangarin, Urea, Urela, Ureña, Urgellés, Uriarte, Uribe, Uriel, Urieta, Uriza, Uroz, Urquiaga, Urra, Magpie, Urrea, Urroz, Urruela, Urrutia, Urtecho, Urunuela, Urzola, Usaga, Useda Grape Uveda, Uzaga, Uzcategui.

V. Vadivia, Vado, Valdelomar, Valderama, Valderrama, Valderramo, Valderramos Valdes, Valdescastillo, Valdez, Valdiva, Valdivia, Valdivieso, Valencia, Valencia, Valentine, Valenzuela, Valera, Valerín, Valerio, Vales, Valiente, Valladares, Vallarino, Vallcaneras, Valldeperas valley Vallecillo, Vallecillos, Vallejo, Vallejos, Valles, Vallez, Valls, Waltz, Valverde, Vanegas, Vaquerano, Vardesia, Varela, Varga, Vargas, Vargo, Varsi, Varsot, Vartanian, Varth, Vasco Vasconcelos, vasilica Vasquez, Vassell, Vaz, Veas, Vedoba, Vedova, Vedoya, Vega, Vegas, Vela, Velarde, Velasco, Velasquez, Velazco, Velasquez, Velez, Veliz, Venegas, Ventura, Vera, Verardo, Verastagui, Verdesia, Verdesoto, Vergara, Verguizas, The Lion, Verzola, Vesco, Vials, Viana, Viatela, Vicar, Vicente, Vico, Victor, Victores, Victoria, Vidaechea, Vidal, Vidales, Vidalón, Vidaorreta, Vidaurre Videche, Vieira, Vieto, Vigil, Vigot, Vila, Vilaboa, Vilallobos, Vilanova, Vilaplana, Villar, Villareal, Villarebia, Villareiva, Villarreal, Villarroel, Villas, Villaseñor, Villasuso, Villatoro, Villaverde, Villavicencio, Villeda, Villegas, Villejas, Villena, Viloria, Vindas, Vindel, Vinueza, Viñas, Víquez, Viscaino, Viso, Vivallo, Vivas, Vivero, Vives, Vivez, Vivies, Vivo, Vizcaino, Vizcayno.

W. Wainberg, Wolf.

Y. Yaacobi, Yanarella, Yanayaco, Yanes, Yepez, Yglesias, Yllanes, Yurica Yzaguirre.

Z. Zabala, Zabaleta, Zabate, Zablah, Zechariah, Zacasa, Zalazar, Zaldivar, Zallas, Zambrana, Zambrano, Zamora, Zamorano, Zamudio, Zamuria, Zapata, Zaragoza, Zárate, Zarco, Zaror, Zarzosa, Zavala, Zavaleta, Zayas, Zayat, Zecca, Zedan, Zegarra, Zelada, Zelaya, Zeledon, Zepeda, Zetina, Zonta, Zoratte, Zuleta, Zumba, Buzzed, Zúñiga, Zunzunegui. 

***So, what does this have to do with being a Christian? As I explained:

 Paul viewed descendants as a race, a line of people by blood. He spoke in terms of physical descendants of Jacob. In Romans 11 the Apostle did not put a religious test upon the descendants. That was revealed to him before any DNA testing existed by a couple of thousand years! The prophesy of Paul is being fulfilled at this very time in history! The elect are Christians, not followers of Judaism or they turn from Judaism to Christ, hence the emphasis by Paul of blood lineage.
If you know you are chosen, and Christ is revealed in you, no test is required. There is hope still for some Gentiles, as Paul held out hope for the Jews who had been hardened, that some of them would be saved. But if you think you are Jacob by blood, it is not necessary to test, as I have done it here. If you cannot afford it you have nothing to worry about. The time has come, and the prophesy is being fulfilled!
In Romans 11, the Apostle Paul is not talking about this or that individual being cut off, as the elect will continue in belief to the end of life. He is talking about Jews being hardened, and then Gentiles as a whole being hardened while Jews start to be called at the very end of time. We pray some Gentiles can still be saved by election but the focus of God is now upon those descendants by blood or by religion from the natural root. 
And it clearly appears that Paul is talking about a gene pool, not trying to pin down specific family tree relationships: 
 Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in, 26and in this waye all Israel will be saved. As it is written:
 “The deliverer will come from Zion;
he will turn godlessness away from Jacob.
27And this isf my covenant with them
when I take away their sins.”g

Jacob is Israel regarding this prophecy, although the invisible Church is the New Israel. He was the patriarch of all 12 tribes. His descendants, according to the vision of Jacob's ladder, would live to see redemption. The Apostle Paul says the elect from Israel, ie from Jacob, would be grafted in to the olive tree in the very last days.
Paul said in other places that all the world would be saved, meaning all the elect throughout the world. All Israel being saved is all the elect from the descendants of Jacob would be saved.
And here we are in the last days, just happening to have DNA as a way of verifying our genetic roots. It is almost as if Paul anticipated this ability, or at least God certainly did when he told Paul to write the inspired revelation in the book of Romans.
That means if you find yourself called to be a Christian by the grace and power of God apart from free will, you may be interested in finding out your DNA roots, not by endless dispute, but by science. It is not a test of faith. It is simply for your knowledge. The Y test with STR's is valuable for the projects, but Family Finder and/or Ancestry and/or 23 And Me Tests with SNPs are better to start, and can be uploaded for free to Gedmatch. Upload those tests to Gedmatch, and they give easy directions, and you can run the tests like you see below. 
Males in the family can take the Y. Do not let these results shake your faith. True Christians will not have their faith shaken and endure in faith to the end of life.

So, then, I am proof of that prophesy. God is calling those with Jewish blood to be Christians, as the Gentiles are being hardened into their false religions of Dispensationalism and Free Will and the like. See my doctrinal statement for clarification.  

The command is to believe. The power is by the gospel and Spirit, not in any way from man's ability or effort. If God has called you we can correspond. I have no idea how many who have carried the names on the list above will be saved. I just don't know. I know this, few Christians exist and few will exist at the end of time. How few is up to God.

I am adopted, so my natural father's line was on the list, as DNA proves my Sephardic connection. So, you may be adopted and don't have one of those names and yet are a descendant by blood of Jacob!

My email is bgamall4 at yahoo dot com. I pray for more elect, through the prophesy being fulfilled that Jacob's offspring would see the truth in the very last hours of time. With God a day is as a thousand years. We are in the last hours of the last day. The gospel is the power of God, rejecting law based/and or free will false religion like Protestantism, Catholicism with their Covenant Theology and Pentacostalism/Dispensationalism and other religion that is void of gospel power. Understand this regarding the power of the gospel from the 1646 First London Confession:

XXV.The preaching of the gospel to the conversion of sinners, is absolutely free; no way requiring as absolutely necessary, any qualifications, preparations, or terrors of the law, or preceding ministry of the law, but only and alone the naked soul, a sinner and ungodly, to receive Christ crucified, dead and buried, and risen again; who is made a prince and a Savior for such sinners as through the gospel shall be brought to believe on Him.John 3:14,15, 1:12; Isa. 55:1; John 7:37; 1 Tim. 1:15; Rom. 4:5, 5:8; Acts 5:30,31, 2:36, 1 Cor. 1:22,24.

See also doctrinal study of New Covenant Theology:

Migrations of Jewish people shown below in my DNA:

One recent test had shown I was Assyrian, and the Assyrian Empire was the ancient home of Jews who were in a diaspora that preceded the banishment from Israel that took place in 70AD. And then, the migration of many Jews went back through Northern Africa and all through the Mediterranean Sea:

Personal data has been read. 20 approximations mode.


HarappaWorld 4-Ancestors Oracle

This program is based on 4-Ancestors Oracle Version 0.96 by Alexandr Burnashev.
Questions about results should be sent to him at:
Original concept proposed by Sergey Kozlov.
Many thanks to Alexandr for helping us get this web version developed.

23 April 2013 - Oracle reference population percentages revised.

Admix Results (sorted):


Finished reading population data. 377 populations found.
16 components mode.


Least-squares method.

Using 1 population approximation:
1 french @ 7.677426
2 spaniard @ 10.572488
3 spaniard @ 11.531779
4 italian @ 14.496882
5 utahn-white @ 16.649788
6 hungarian @ 17.595961
7 british @ 17.715258
8 n-european @ 18.111269
9 utahn-white @ 18.598368
10 romanian-a @ 19.565971
11 slovenian @ 19.728794
12 serbian @ 19.797920
13 orcadian @ 20.688652
14 bulgarian @ 21.999350
15 tuscan @ 22.079170
16 tuscan @ 22.571392
17 puerto-rican @ 22.847885
18 tuscan @ 23.136276
19 spain-basc @ 24.138744
20 basque @ 26.143362

Using 2 populations approximation:
1 50% hungarian +50% spaniard @ 5.231975

Using 3 populations approximation:
1 50% n-european +25% sephardic-jew +25% spain-basc @ 3.416632

Using 4 populations approximation:
1 morocco-jew + n-european + n-european + spain-basc @ 2.904685
2 morocco-jew + n-european + spain-basc + utahn-white @ 3.046352
3 basque + morocco-jew + n-european + n-european @ 3.112451
4 morocco-jew + n-european + spain-basc + utahn-white @ 3.252414
5 morocco-jew + spain-basc + utahn-white + utahn-white @ 3.270380
6 basque + morocco-jew + n-european + utahn-white @ 3.289033
7 morocco-jew + n-european + orcadian + spain-basc @ 3.367745
8 british + morocco-jew + n-european + spain-basc @ 3.381293
9 morocco-jew + orcadian + slovenian + spain-basc @ 3.406312
10 n-european + n-european + sephardic-jew + spain-basc @ 3.416632
11 basque + morocco-jew + orcadian + slovenian @ 3.425118
12 n-european + sephardic-jew + spain-basc + utahn-white @ 3.450739
13 n-european + orcadian + sephardic-jew + spain-basc @ 3.473914
14 lebanese + lithuanian + spain-basc + spain-basc @ 3.478182
15 lithuanian + morocco-jew + spain-basc + spaniard @ 3.480666
16 morocco-jew + spain-basc + utahn-white + utahn-white @ 3.491871
17 lithuanian + morocco-jew + spain-basc + spaniard @ 3.504484
18 basque + lebanese + lithuanian + spain-basc @ 3.534094
19 basque + n-european + n-european + sephardic-jew @ 3.535562
20 basque + morocco-jew + utahn-white + utahn-white @ 3.538383


Elapsed time 3.5597 seconds.

Here is another link for even more Sephardic names


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l data has been read. 20 approximations mode.
Gedmatch.Com HarappaWorld 4-Ancestors OracleThis program is based on 4-Ancestors Oracle Version 0.96 by Alexandr Burnashev.
Questions about results should be sent to him at:
Original concept proposed by Sergey Kozlov.
Many thanks to Alexandr for helping us get this web version developed.

23 April 2013 - Oracle reference population percentages revised.

Admix Results (sorted):


Finished reading population data. 377 populations found.
16 components mode.


Least-squares method.

Using 1 population approximation:
1 french @ 7.677426
2 spaniard @ 10.572488
3 spaniard @ 11.531779
4 italian @ 14.496882
5 utahn-white @ 16.649788
6 hungarian @ 17.595961
7 british @ 17.715258
8 n-european @ 18.111269
9 …