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Hollywood Couple Created 'The Bible' Mini-Series to 'Set the Record Straight' - Yahoo!

Hollywood Couple Created 'The Bible' Mini-Series to 'Set the Record Straight' - Yahoo! Using the bible to make money is not really what the Apostle Paul taught. He said he was approved of God because he did not sell the scriptures. And film is sort of a ridiculous medium to depict that which cannot really be depicted. If someone is compelled to do so ask for donations but don't sell it.  2 Cor 2:17 says in accurate translations:  Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God. (NIV)

DOJ: Govt. Can Force Doctors to Violate Religion - By Wesley J. Smith

DOJ: Govt. Can Force Doctors to Violate Religion - By Wesley J. Smith - National Review This is probably the most stupid article in the name of freedom of religion that has ever been written. Here are two reasons: 1. The author gives an example of Australia, where a doctor must perform an abortion or refer the customer to one who will. That is not a violation of a doctor's freedom of religion. He doesn't have to do the abortion. He is free not to do so. But the individual client has a right to information which the doctor must provide if he doesn't do the abortion. I see nothing wrong with the state requiring that. As long as it is legal to get an abortion in Australia, all people have an equal right to information on how to do that. To digress, I have a personal opposition to abortion, but I can live with the concept that the state has permitted them. The alternative of state religion or churches making decisions for the state is for the state to allow what it all

How to Go to Hell; Believe in the Three Uses of the Law

The doctrine of the three uses of the law comes from Augustine, the apologist for the false Sacral regime of Constantine. Christianity did not take over Rome. Rome institutionalized false Christian teaching. The three uses of the law were the culmination of Augustine's bad theology. These were adopted by Martin Luther, father of Protestantism, who happened to be an Augustinian monk. How convenient was that! Lets look at the three uses of the law one at a time: 1. The first purpose of the law is to be a mirror. On the one hand, the law of God reflects and mirrors the perfect righteousness of God. The law tells us much about who God is. Perhaps more important, the law illumines human sinfulness. Augustine wrote, “The law orders, that we, after attempting to do what is ordered, and so feeling our weakness under the law, may learn to implore the help of grace.”2 The law highlights our weakness so that we might seek the stren

Scholars seek to reclaim a dirty word: secularism | Religion News Service

Scholars seek to reclaim a dirty word: secularism | Religion News Service Scholars have little likelihood of finding the Kingdom of God, as scripture says few mighty in intellect and the gifts of this world, will find the truth. That is just the way it is. However, even plain logic, and these boys have logic, can hit upon the truth even if they are not called to love truth. And the truth is, secular can mean sanctioned. It isn't inherently holy, nor is it inherently evil. Separation of church and state was introduced by Jesus Christ. Holy is a spiritual concept, not a physical one. The New Zion is heavenly, not earthly, so holy things no longer exist. We don't want to go too far into gnosticism, for the physical bodies of believers are the temple of the Holy Spirit and He dwells there, not in some building made with stones. But that body will be redeemed, at the Last Day. This is the reality of the New Covenant. Government is no longer holy. Nor is government inherently

Freedom From Religion Leads to No Freedom: Or so the Article Says

Freedom From Religion Leads to No Freedom  Sorry for this rant: This phony reverend is seriously breeding confusion among his readers. Clearly, the separation of church and state should be absolute, with some allowances for harmless historical preservation. Anyone who calls himself reverend and who puts himself above the people, is lost. All the saints are reverend, but not because of themselves, but because of the grace of God. To set up this phony clergy who is reverend while the laymen are not is just disgusting. Anyone who sits at the feet of a reverend must flee for his or her soul! Back to separation of church and state. The first person to introduce separation of church and state was Jesus Christ who said His kingdom was not of this world. Therefore, we all seek the stability of a separation of church and state. Would it be good for individual leaders to have a conscience and act honestly and benevolently toward the people? Of course. But an organized church fusing with

Letter: Constitution bans any religion test � Knoxville News Sentinel

Letter: Constitution bans any religion test � Knoxville News Sentinel Why would the constitution of the United States get in the way of a sacralist fanatic? Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, and others are Dominionists, or Sacralists, believing that leaders of the nation must  be Christian. Yet even Christ said His kingdom was not of this world. That is important. It is a spiritual nation not dependent upon any physical nation for its authority or for its guidance. Dominionists like Palin are very aggressive, wanting to claim land of other nations in the name of Christ. This is a most chilling and evil doctrine.  There are few that believe, and most who think they believe also believe the USA is a Christian nation. They are sacralistic frauds. Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rick Perry and Herman Cain are sacralistic misfits, and are fraudulent Christians, who are not redeemed. If they reject sacralism, perhaps they would prove a true calling, depending on other views they have. Christians und

Celebrating religious education - Hannibal, MO - Hannibal Courier - Post - Hannibal, MO

Celebrating religious education - Hannibal, MO - Hannibal Courier - Post - Hannibal, MO Religious education is simply the blind teaching the blind. And these organizations that teach Protestant and Catholic doctrines are a trap, likely an eternal trap for the students in these religious mills. Anyone can learn values. Anyone can violate their consciences. Anyone can feel guilt. But few experience actual gospel conviction of unbelief. Most so called conversions to Christ are nothing of the sort, being based upon natural conscience. 

Of Course An Elemental Sabbath Command Is in the Ten Commandments

Of course the elemental sabbath command would be contained in the 10 commandments. Think about it, Israel was a physical nation in progress. The physical union of the nation was drawn together by this sabbath as a symbol of the rest of God on the seventh day. The argument that somehow the 10 commandments could not be touched by the elemental ceremonial requirements has no basis in logic or history except in the minds of many twisted theologians! So we see for the New Covenant, things have changed. The sabbath is not Saturday, nor was it ever meant to be Sunday, as that is an elemental aspect of religion that has no place in the spiritual Israel made up of Jew and Gentile believers as one new man. The sabbath is a rest of faith we strive to enter into by a further understanding of the way. The elect grow in love by understanding and by expressing their faith publicly. Here is what scripture says about the New Covenant sabbath:  4  Therefore, since the promise of entering

The Four Horsemen of the Legalists (Misuse of the Law of Moses)

Here are the four horsemen of the legalists in preaching their false gospels centered on the law of Moses having power that it does not have. My assumption is you already understand that salvation is by grace, by the will of God, and not by the will of man:  1. Law Preaching.  Preaching the law means that the preacher expects the guilt coming from failed deeds to count as gospel conviction. Yet, we know that gospel conviction relates to turning from unbelief (one manifestion is false religion but no religion is also a manifestation). Unbelief is the greatest sin, the one that keeps the non elect from hearing the gospel. 2. Outward Reformation before receiving the gospel. This evil doctrine was taught by Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon. It is similar to law preaching. Spurgeon believed that people need to stop a sin, such as drinking, adultery, etc, before they could receive the gospel. But Paul was assenting to murder and on the way to condemn more Christians when the gospel worked

New Covenant Theology: Gog and Magog in the United Kingdom (1000 Years)

New Covenant Theology: Gog and Magog in the United Kingdom The issue of the 1000 year binding of Satan is one that is contained in the link. The issue of course is when the 1000 years happened. I am not making my point of view here a test of faith. I am not premil, nor am I postmil, because those are incorrect, as there is nothing remaining concerning this physical earth, besides the perseverance of the saints, and the Second Coming of Christ. That leaves AMill and my view. AMillenialism is the view that there is no physical reign of Christ on earth before the end of the world and refashioning of the New Jerusalem. AMil says that the 1000 years is a spiritual not literal, space of time, or perhaps an unrevealed time in the past. I share a view with you that could be the answer.  Of course, Christ assumed the Throne of David at the Resurrection. The thousand years could be symbolic until Satan is released sometime in the recent past. Or, another interpretation is a literal 1000

Gospel Preaching

Gospel preaching is so incredibly misunderstood by people who claim to be preachers. These folks are phony preachers, without the understanding to know what they are doing. Charles Spurgeon was one of those men, who required that people give up their sins before being able to accept the gospel. It never occurred to Charles Spurgeon that if you could break the bounds of sin before needing the gospel, that you were not in need of a savior at all! And how absurd is that? Spurgeon said you had to give up sin, like drinking, before you could receive the gospel. This is an abomination, and yet Spurgeon is the idol of preachers everywhere who are making the same fatal error. The gospel cuts the sinner, as in Acts 2, as Peter preaches the truth of the murder and ressurrection of Jesus Christ. The gospel preaching with the Spirit of God is the Sword of the Spirit and is that which compells repentance. Yes, the gospel compells repentance in the elect. Problem is, there are few to be save

Messianic Jews Beware of the Southern Baptists

Messianic Jews, unless something changes, are mired in doctrinal error. They are either covenant theologians or dispensationalists, teachers of free will or law conviction. There seems to be something that illustrates their misuse of scripture, and the souls trapped in those fellowships are being blocked from the truth of the power of the gospel. The Southern Baptists are just another group of protestants who have horned in on Messianic fellowships. The Southern Baptists subscribe to the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689, which was an apostacy from the 1646 First London Baptist Confession. The Southern Baptists are protestant apostates, never called to the truth of the gospel contained in the 1646 Confession. So the Southern Baptists are just another protestant predator swooping in to put the Messianic Jews in continual bondage. The elect must escape all of this. Fellowship with me online at bgamall 4 at yahoo dot com and we can discuss these things.

The Sword of the Spirit Cuts The Heart, Not Law Guilt

As we have seen the Covenant Theologians taught that the law convicts of sin. They teach that Romans 7 is a saving conviction, when really it is the example of Paul as an unbeliever being condemned by the law for failure to keep the law. Whatever guilt that Paul felt was not strong enough to save him. Indeed, Paul said the law was weak and was unable to deliver him.    The sword of the Spirit, the word of God, word of life, word of gospel was the power that was strong enough to deliver where the law of Moses could not deliver. Below is a debate with Joe on a forum. I have quoted him here and have answered his arguments here regarding the Spirit's work of conviction through gospel alone:     "And acts 2 is not the barometer of the Gospel Gary. If you interpret the rest of writ through Acts 2 lenses your starting point is skewed." Joe, think about this. Acts 2 is the advent of the Kingdom of God on earth. So it is crucial to see how that advent too

The False Gospel and False Heroes of the 1689 London Confession

New Covenant Theology has been taught by many others in a way that allows men to remain Protestants, to remain within the historical "mainstream" of religious thought. I believe this view is not correct. I view New Covenant Theology as being gospel centered, that is founded on the power of the gospel in the lives of men. I therefore reject the notion that the law of Moses can convict of sin in a saving way. Most so called New covenant teachers retain the covenant theology doctrine that the law can convict the elect savingly.   I have parted ways with these fellows, namely John Reisinger and others of his camp, and W.R Downing and others who follow his teachings. I certainly am not here to make a final judgement on these folks, but do believe that the elect are not going to carry a false gospel to their graves. And law preaching is a false gospel!  Covenant Theology has always held to conviction by law. This is a quote from John Owens: "What is necessary to b

Replacement Theology from a New Covenant Perspective

Replacement theology is a dumb term that has nothing to do with real biblical understanding. In the New Covenant there is one new man, a Christian, a spiritual man. This man could be Gentile and he could be Jewish. There is no separate track for the salvation of Jewish people any more than there is a separate track for the salvation of the Gentile people. For Messianic Jews to rail against this truth is to live a misguided and bitter life. It is my view that few are saved, be they Gentiles or Jews. Since salvation is by election of grace, the Jews were hardened after rejecting the ministry of Paul. But Paul spoke of a hardening of the Gentiles, and the grafting in of the natural branches, with the descendants of Jews being grafted in after the fullness of the Gentiles. They don't have to be practicing Jews to be counted in this group. If they are blood descendants they are in this group. Paul speaks of this grafting in in terms of race, not religious adherence. Yet this gr

The New Law and Righteousness

At Christ's death and resurrection a change of order of priesthood brought with it a change of law. (Heb. ch 7) The old law of Moses was a law of works. By perfectly keeping the law one would establish righteousness for himself. No human, in God's sight could attain to this perfection. Therefore, Jesus Christ came to keep the law perfectly and to offer himself as a perfect and lasting sacrifice for His people. Therefore, the elect in Christ look to Him as their righteousness. The New Law of Christ operates on the principle of imputed righteousness . The command is no longer keep the old law of Moses perfectly and live, but is rather, have belief in the risen Savior and live. Since this belief is a gift of God, we can take no credit of believing. God works this revelation of Christ into the hearts of the elect making them desire His love, His commitment, His righteousness, that allows the chosen in Him to enter into the presence of God. The New Law of Chri

Charles Spurgeon Prince of Law Preaching

Charles Spurgeon in many places preached outward conformity before grace could be applied, as well as law preaching. View this exerpt from his sermon, The Need And Nature of Conversion. The link to the complete sermon is : " Is your way the way of the drunkard? Now, no drunkard can ever inherit the kingdom of God as long as he continues a drunkard, so you cannot be saved if you remain in that condition. Are you a thief? Do you privately cheat in business? All that kind of thing must be given up. It is no use for you to say, "I will do it, and yet go to heaven." You will be damned unless that sin, as well as others, be given up. Or have you been a blasphemer? Do you talk profanely or filthily? You must wash all that foulness out of your mouth if you would be saved: "Let the wicked forsake his way." Am I addressing any who have practised vice in unmentionable forms? Oh, how many there are who

Luther And Menno: Failure of Protestant and Anabaptist Doctrine

A serious problem with Protestant and Anabaptist doctrine surfaces in the writings of the most famous Anabaptist, Menno Simons, and in the writings of the powerful Protestant reformer, Martin Luther. It is clear that many Anabaptists opted for free will, while the Protestants theoretically viewed salvation as occurring totally through the power of divine election, apart from the power of some man generated free will. Nevertheless, in the area of law preaching, the agreement between the Protestant and Anabaptist positions was greater than any minor differences they might have had. The writings of Menno illustrate that for him, law preaching had a power to drive men to seek Jesus Christ. I have elsewhere tried to show that Martin Luther taught that law conviction was essential before gospel conversionn could take place. In "Luther and Menno" an article from the Mennonite Quarterly Review Magazine, july 1969, pages 200-213, Richard Detweiler concurs with my posi

Christ and His Ministry the Fulfillment of Daniel 70 Weeks

Daniel's 70 weeks is distorted by those who wish to use the prophesy to postpone the other prophesies of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The anti Christ becomes a future man in the false Dispensationalist teaching. The battle of Armageddon becomes a future event rather than continuing prophesy being fulfilled through the behavior of the continuing Roman Empire (the Anglo American Empire) as explained at . The establishment of the New and Spiritual Israel is perverted by Dispensationalism and becomes a future literal Israel instead of the glory of the present invisible and sparsely populated church. Israel is a sign, not a holy nation. Luke 21:24 All these Dispensationalist perversions are aimed to lead the non elect to their destruction. Here is the truth about the 70 weeks of Daniel: The prophecy in Daniel 9:24-26 is a very important prophecy. This prophecy was given so that the Jews and the