DOJ: Govt. Can Force Doctors to Violate Religion - By Wesley J. Smith

DOJ: Govt. Can Force Doctors to Violate Religion - By Wesley J. Smith - National Review

This is probably the most stupid article in the name of freedom of religion that has ever been written.

Here are two reasons:

1. The author gives an example of Australia, where a doctor must perform an abortion or refer the customer to one who will. That is not a violation of a doctor's freedom of religion. He doesn't have to do the abortion. He is free not to do so. But the individual client has a right to information which the doctor must provide if he doesn't do the abortion. I see nothing wrong with the state requiring that. As long as it is legal to get an abortion in Australia, all people have an equal right to information on how to do that.

To digress, I have a personal opposition to abortion, but I can live with the concept that the state has permitted them. The alternative of state religion or churches making decisions for the state is for the state to allow what it allows separate from that influence. If enough people oppose abortion to change it, then I am concerned that those folks would not continue to seek the separation of church and state. That separation was taught by Christ, as he told us His kingdom was not of this world.

2. The author  states that people owning businesses should have the right to not include birth control in their health plans. This is absurd. The reason it it is absurd is that health plans should be based upon the rights of the individuals who benefit from the plans. The plans should be all the same. The doctor or businessman who provides the plan is not advocating how the plan should be used. There is no moral decision made by the plan provider at all.

Like I say, this Wesley J Smith is doing what idiot writers do everywhere, contribute to confusion and consternation among the community of phony Christians.


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