Freedom From Religion Leads to No Freedom: Or so the Article Says

Freedom From Religion Leads to No Freedom 

Sorry for this rant: This phony reverend is seriously breeding confusion among his readers. Clearly, the separation of church and state should be absolute, with some allowances for harmless historical preservation.

Anyone who calls himself reverend and who puts himself above the people, is lost. All the saints are reverend, but not because of themselves, but because of the grace of God. To set up this phony clergy who is reverend while the laymen are not is just disgusting. Anyone who sits at the feet of a reverend must flee for his or her soul!

Back to separation of church and state. The first person to introduce separation of church and state was Jesus Christ who said His kingdom was not of this world. Therefore, we all seek the stability of a separation of church and state. Would it be good for individual leaders to have a conscience and act honestly and benevolently toward the people? Of course.

But an organized church fusing with a state is sacralism, dominionism, and may be acceptable for false religions, but is not the way spoken of in the New Testament.

Christians must support separation of church and state because even the officers of the early church were not in any way attempting to let the state speak for them or for them to speak for the state. All citizens of a nation have a right and duty to speak their minds where permitted about the state and policy. But remember, the zealots for fusion of church and state are not friends of the elect in Christ. And neither is the so called Reverend Creech. 


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