Letter: Constitution bans any religion test � Knoxville News Sentinel

Letter: Constitution bans any religion test � Knoxville News Sentinel

Why would the constitution of the United States get in the way of a sacralist fanatic? Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, and others are Dominionists, or Sacralists, believing that leaders of the nation must  be Christian. Yet even Christ said His kingdom was not of this world. That is important. It is a spiritual nation not dependent upon any physical nation for its authority or for its guidance.

Dominionists like Palin are very aggressive, wanting to claim land of other nations in the name of Christ. This is a most chilling and evil doctrine. 

There are few that believe, and most who think they believe also believe the USA is a Christian nation. They are sacralistic frauds. Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rick Perry and Herman Cain are sacralistic misfits, and are fraudulent Christians, who are not redeemed. If they reject sacralism, perhaps they would prove a true calling, depending on other views they have.

Christians understand grace over free will, a spiritual church over sacralism and dominionism, and grace over law. Read my blog. I urge you to do so to see the truth about these matters. 


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