Messianic Jews Beware of the Southern Baptists

Messianic Jews, unless something changes, are mired in doctrinal error. They are either covenant theologians or dispensationalists, teachers of free will or law conviction. There seems to be something that illustrates their misuse of scripture, and the souls trapped in those fellowships are being blocked from the truth of the power of the gospel.

The Southern Baptists are just another group of protestants who have horned in on Messianic fellowships. The Southern Baptists subscribe to the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689, which was an apostacy from the 1646 First London Baptist Confession. The Southern Baptists are protestant apostates, never called to the truth of the gospel contained in the 1646 Confession.

So the Southern Baptists are just another protestant predator swooping in to put the Messianic Jews in continual bondage. The elect must escape all of this. Fellowship with me online at bgamall 4 at yahoo dot com and we can discuss these things.


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