New Covenant Theology: Gog and Magog in the United Kingdom (1000 Years)

New Covenant Theology: Gog and Magog in the United Kingdom

The issue of the 1000 year binding of Satan is one that is contained in the link. The issue of course is when the 1000 years happened. I am not making my point of view here a test of faith. I am not premil, nor am I postmil, because those are incorrect, as there is nothing remaining concerning this physical earth, besides the perseverance of the saints, and the Second Coming of Christ.

That leaves AMill and my view. AMillenialism is the view that there is no physical reign of Christ on earth before the end of the world and refashioning of the New Jerusalem. AMil says that the 1000 years is a spiritual not literal, space of time, or perhaps an unrevealed time in the past.

I share a view with you that could be the answer. Of course, Christ assumed the Throne of David at the Resurrection. The thousand years could be symbolic until Satan is released sometime in the recent past. Or, another interpretation is a literal 1000 years. As the UK Gog and Magog link explains, the Roman Empire was destroyed in 410 AD, and the clone of the Roman Empire, the British Empire, can trace its roots to the City of London, and to the Roman Statues of Gog and Magog.  The Roman protectors were established in the City of London circa 1413 AD.

The 1000 years prior to the time of great deception may relate to the time between the destruction of the western Roman Empire with the sack of Rome taking place in 410, and the establishment of the Gog and Magog protectors in King Henry's reign, circa 1413, or the deposition of the final Roman Emperor in 476 and the establishment of the printing press in England in 1476, allowing unbiblical liturgical prayer books to be produced. 

Therefore, there are just over 1000 years between these manifestations of the Old Roman Empire and the New Roman Empire, the British Empire.

The gall of the Kings of the UK to seek a connection with the Romans, when it was common knowledge in the history of Eusebius that Rome was the Empire God HATED, is beyond comprehension. [Unfortunately, Eusebius was a carnal guy, who looked upon the triumph of Constantine as being the triumph of Christianity. Nothing could be further from the truth as Christ's Kingdom is not intended to by of this world, in a sacral government of any kind.]

Again, I can fellowship with AMillenials and seek to change the minds of pre and postmils. But the 1000 years could have been the gap between the Roman Empire and the heir to that Empire, the British. Gog and Magog are prominently mentioned in the book of Revelation. 


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