Scholars seek to reclaim a dirty word: secularism | Religion News Service

Scholars seek to reclaim a dirty word: secularism | Religion News Service

Scholars have little likelihood of finding the Kingdom of God, as scripture says few mighty in intellect and the gifts of this world, will find the truth. That is just the way it is. However, even plain logic, and these boys have logic, can hit upon the truth even if they are not called to love truth.

And the truth is, secular can mean sanctioned. It isn't inherently holy, nor is it inherently evil. Separation of church and state was introduced by Jesus Christ. Holy is a spiritual concept, not a physical one. The New Zion is heavenly, not earthly, so holy things no longer exist.

We don't want to go too far into gnosticism, for the physical bodies of believers are the temple of the Holy Spirit and He dwells there, not in some building made with stones. But that body will be redeemed, at the Last Day. This is the reality of the New Covenant.

Government is no longer holy. Nor is government inherently evil although it is capable of doing evil from time to time. Government generally keeps order and punishes evil. That is at least the job God has given it.

But it is not holy, as folks like Sarah Palin and Rick Perry,  would have you believe. That false teaching is a sure way for government to abuse the citizens under its thumb.

Those who make the mistake of believing things are still holy are guilty of false religion. Palin and Perry are religious frauds. Even the scholars know that. 


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