The Sword of the Spirit Cuts The Heart, Not Law Guilt

As we have seen the Covenant Theologians taught that the law convicts of sin. They teach that Romans 7 is a saving conviction, when really it is the example of Paul as an unbeliever being condemned by the law for failure to keep the law. Whatever guilt that Paul felt was not strong enough to save him. Indeed, Paul said the law was weak and was unable to deliver him. 
The sword of the Spirit, the word of God, word of life, word of gospel was the power that was strong enough to deliver where the law of Moses could not deliver. Below is a debate with Joe on a forum. I have quoted him here and have answered his arguments here regarding the Spirit's work of conviction through gospel alone: 
"And acts 2 is not the barometer of the Gospel Gary. If you interpret the rest of writ through Acts 2 lenses your starting point is skewed."

Joe, think about this. Acts 2 is the advent of the Kingdom of God on earth. So it is crucial to see how that advent took place and the events involved in the coming of the Kingdom.

"Calvin did not promote the power of Law in any aspect than exposing sin/transgression."

I maintain that CT does actually promote the power of law in giving it the power that the gospel is said to have in Acts 2. Do we believe Luke that the gospel cuts to the heart? Or do we believe CT that the law cuts the heart and makes one humbled in the presence of God? I believe Luke. You choose Calvin, I choose Luke.

"Now if you want to state the CT has the tendancy to blend oc/nc, I will agree with that. One of my MAJOR contention of mine is making ALL the NC blessings retroactive to OT saints. I believe the actualization of the event is much more profound than looking forward to Christ."

Joe, these are retroactive to just a few of the people in the Old Covenant. Only a remnant was saved by the gospel.

"But either way you slice it, all are saved in the same manner. And I have not found one CT state that one is saved by Law obedience. I will never state that the NC is not better than the OC. For I would be going against all of Hebrews."

Joe, to tout law conviction, one can reject law obedience although in practice they are the same. It just allows the CT to change the rules like Saturday to Sunday, circumcision to baptism, Israel holiness to England holiness, etc. Protestantism is the new circumcision but reformulated.

"You alos have to remember what they were combating also. I asked you to read the debate between Agricola and Luther. I dont know if you have, but Agricola said the Law had absolutely no use to the believer. He went to the extreme and a balance was needed."

I have not read that debate because I cannot find it online. Let me know where it is and I will read it. I would on the surface say that some statements were made that may be in context. For example, Paul said the law was weak. I say the law has no power. Same thing. In terms of regeneration the law has no use. I find the types and shadows and the acts of faith and the judgements of the law to be very helpful.

"Anyway, I still do not see how the Gospel condemns/convicts. I just do not see it in Scripture. Preaching Christ and Him Crucified points out my sins without mentioning trasgression Law? It just cannot be. A person does not know there need of a savior, unless covicted of why. The Holy Spirit has used transgression of Law to convict from beginning to end."

Listen to me Joe, I assure you that I am not lying to you. This divine revelation is at the heart of Lukes writings in acts 2. You know Paul was very aware, in Romans 7 that the law could not be kept. Yet he did not take that knowledge of law when he preached the gospel to the gentiles. Further he understood the failings of the inner man in a process that took time. Yet on the road to Damascus he was struck down by the power of Christ. That is an example outwardly, of what the gospel does inwardly. It was immediate, and it was cutting.

The sword of the Spirit, Joe, is not the law. Why would the Apostle say the sword of the Spirit is the word of God, ie the gospel of Christ? And the writer of Hebrews says in Heb 4:12 this gospel is counted as being sharper than any two edged sword. And in James we see in 1:18 that the elect are begotten or born by that word of life as well. And of course we have the example in Acts 2 of the gospel of Christ cutting to the hearts like a sword.

The following is a post I made at responding to comments I made regarding these subjects, 1. Covenant Theology, 2. Romans 11 and implications and 3. the sword of the Spirit:
Inchristalways states: "Hi bgamall. I don't understand all these terminologies you use. Protestants/New Circumcision?? NCT/CT? With multitudes of denominations out there, with different views/doctrines, and viewing themselves as the "elect" also, how does this address that problem? You stated in another thread that you were part "jewish" and even believed "us gentiles" may even now be cut off."

(My Response): I see most responses are along these lines so I will attempt to explain.

First, the circumcision tried to make the early church comply with the law of Moses. The Covenant Theologians have historically made people comply with a modified law of Moses, with Saturday changing to Sunday, and circumcision changing to infant baptism, and with holy Israel replaced with "holy" Geneva, "holy" England, "holy" Germany.

Second, with regard to Romans 11 I am not saying that individual gentiles could not be saved. What I am saying is that I believe Romans 11 is coming into effect as we speak. This has serious implications for Gentiles in general. Lets face it guys, this HAS TO HAPPEN SOMETIME. It is predestined to happen. My litmus test for Christians has always been that they are growing into an understanding of New Covenant Theology. I do not make any sort of litmus test concerning what percentage Jewish or any such thing. Paul said avoid endless arguments about geneology so I do.

Third. Hebrews 4:12 again repeats Eph. 6:17 by repeating that the sword of the Spirit is the word of God. You will look in VAIN to find where the apostles state that the sword of the Spirit is the law of Moses.


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