Are political campaigns attacking religion unfair?�|�Daily Trojan

Are political campaigns attacking religion unfair?�|�Daily Trojan

  I am no fan of atheists. (I was one myself before being called to Christ) The arrogance of atheism is obvious, in that they cannot say God's revelation within the elect is bogus. They have no way of knowing. The only way people can know is to follow the dotrine of folks over time to see if they are coming around to the full truth of the Way or not.

Having said that, Daffany Chan, in this University of Southern California news article, is trying to defend Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has no defense. She has proved by her beliefs to be not even close to the Way. She believes in Dominionism, the taking of land by force for Christ. That in itself shows that she is an imposter.

But the atheist Silverman won't be shaming these leaders because they have no shame. The conclusion is that they are all lost and if not saved by sovereign grace, will remain that way until the final judgement.


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