How the religious right is undermining education -

How the religious right is undermining education -

Both Salon and these religious right wingers are idiots. I say a pox on both camps. Salon is full of it by not respecting religion just because it does not respect the right wing fanatics. But Salon should be careful about throwing around the term "biblical" as being something less than important. When Salon says these right wingers are Biblically driven, Salon is wallowing in it's own corruption of unbelief.

On the other hand, the odious voucher people (there could be a few that are not odious) are filled with dangerous fusion of church/state doctrine and impulse. Their sinful impulses prove their unbelief as well. Christ said His Kingdom is not of this world and Christians come to this truth. The imposters don't believe. That includes people like Palin and Perry, DeVos and the Heritage Foundation.

So, I say, a pox on both there houses, as both sides are lost, because few are called and the politically powerful are not. Nice try Salon. But your efforts come up short. These folks aren't overzealous Christians, but rather are NOT Christians. 

See New Covenant doctrine and understand that faith is wholly a gift of God.


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