Article: My sober conversion to atheism -

My sober conversion to atheism -

Someone who is not elect, not called by grace, has to be either agnostic or atheistic. If by those terms one means "I don't know if there is a God" or in the case of the atheist, 'I don't know God', then those are honest responses. 

On the other hand, if someone feels the guilt of conscience. and thinks they are saved, they are deceiving themselves.

If the atheist says, "there is no God", he is a liar because he doesn't know outside of his own experience of not being brought to God. But that movement toward God can only be by the election of grace, by God's will, or else it is in vain. Man runs, man tries, but that is all for nothing.

Bible belt religion is not based on election, but rather on free will. The idea of the AA guy saying you pray but it isn't important that God hear prayers, that the faith comes from fellowship, well, all that is bunk. And as far as steps to God, there are no steps originating in man that can bring one to God. Not one step can bring man to God.

It is all of grace, and few are chosen, very few in these last days.


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